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24 Paris, Île-de-France, France
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
"The real, of extreme complexity, requires never-definitive explanations that are rooted in assumptions that are always questioned. The analysis of the factual implies the ability to anticipate the event and to structure its experience. In the entanglement of the phenomenal world, there is a structure, an underlying structure, which abstract laws determine. Everything revolves around a network of connections where each entity tends to lose its particular properties. The investigation leads to a gradual distancing of the concrete. The rationality of the world is at the octave of the indefinite complexity of the mind. You are a long-term realist. Patient, cautious, skeptical, thoughtful, you act only after you have explored everything possible, studied seriously all assumptions, and carefully evaluated the distant consequences of your actions. The complex, insate, difficult situations, the obstacles that the real place in front of you do not scare you. A never dissatisfied by the certainties acquired and the explanations accepted, you like above all to deepen your experiences, to seek the secret mechanisms that determine beings, things and situations. Your experimental skepticism encourages you to check and recheck, test the outside world again and again before issuing any opinion. For you, existence is an inexhaustible reservoir of fruitful questions, a matter to be biturated to extirpate buried truths. Frugal, meticulous, and methodical, your common sense is dubitative: Your careful and thorough observation of the things of life encourages you to think that never anything is acquired, guaranteed, definitive. You are never satisfied with anything or anyone. Wary, serious, introverted, meditative, you want above all to take distance from events, to maintain the hindsight necessary for reflection. Basically, you remain reative of common opinions, accepted laws, and simple certainties. Loneliness does not scare you, it allows you to take the time to ask yourself, to challenge yourself, to ask you essential questions. Withdrawn, sagacious, philosopher, taciturne, you are in search of an elsewhere and you abstract easily situations. Reserved, pudic, scrupulous, it is difficult to snatch an immediate acquiescence. Deep, serious, a pessimist strand, you are thirsty to understand to stop making illusions. You cultivate with care the virtues of lucidity, depth, detachment, indifference. Modest, impenetrable, unemphases, you cultivate in yourself a fund of chronic dissatisfaction that encourages you to be perfectionist and demanding, never to overlook the future and the unknown.
47 Paris, Île-de-France, France
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
I am a serious man, I like to travel, the music, the movie, the good cooking. The person on the photo, this is not me, but all the world is said me that I resemble for him a lot, personal, I do not find, to you to judge. I am a man more soft, calmer, more attentive, magnet life, I like to please all those that I like. A very important thing to know on me, I am very family, my parents are very important for me. Not easy to find the person so to look for, one has sometimes the fear of not to do the good choice, but this is also the time that passes, the work, the destiny, one has not the time to meet world. On this site, I am says myself, why not, this is as to throw a bottle to the sea. One like a person, this is not because she is beautiful, or rich, or that his family is popular, or because she knows to cook or the household, no, one like for none of its reasons, besides, there is not reasons. Who does not have to dream to fall in love crazy? that does not have to dream to find the ideal person? we all, one has all this dream in head. But there is not ideal, the human being is not completes, and one has a lot of defects, but sometimes, its small defects are also qualities. This is the complementarity that one look for, the other that is different of us but supplementary, the man and the woman, the couple, the life to two. One wants only an alone thing, not big thing, just to have a happiness strength, with the person to like, at last, the person that one look for, and that one wants to like. When one this brides, this is for life, and I do not look for a woman that this says that love will come with the time, for this is not true, be one like at first, be one like not. I life between Europe and algeria. I do not like the materialist one, but that does not want to say as far as I be miserly, on the contrary. It is simple, a woman brings up his husband, or the descendant, behind big each men, there is a woman derriere that the supports. I do not like the lie and the lacheté. I like the courageous women, that likes appaiser the things, that she be comprehensive, and that know to take good decisions when it is necessary for it. I have horror of the women that does not stop any this to pity and to cry all the time. Some to summarize, I research my moitier.



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