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28 Paris, Île-de-France, France
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
"The real, of extreme complexity, demands never definitive explanations that are rooted in postulates that are always questioned. Factual analysis involves the ability to anticipate events and structure their experience. In the entanglement of the phenomenal world, there is a framework, an underlying framework, which abstract laws determine. Everything revolves around a network of connections where each entity tends to lose its particular properties. The investigation leads to a progressive distancing of the concrete. The rationality of the world is at the octave of the indefinite complexity of the mind. You're a long-term realist. Patient, cautious, skeptical, thoughtful, you act only after exploring all the possible, seriously studying all the hypotheses and carefully evaluating the far-reaching consequences of your actions. The complex, ingrate, difficult situations, the obstacles that the real place in front of you do not scare you. A never dissatisfied by the certainties acquired and the explanations admitted, you like above all to deepen your experiences, to seek the secret mechanisms that determine beings, things and situations. Your experimental skepticism encourages you to check and recheck, test the outside world again and again before you express any opinion. For you existence is an inexhaustible reservoir of fruitful interrogations, a matter to be trituated to extract buried truths. Economical, meticulous and methodical, your common sense is dubious: Your careful and thorough observation of the things of life prompts you to think that nothing is ever acquired, guaranteed, definitive. You are never satisfied with anything or anyone. Suspicious, serious, introverted, meditative, above all you want to take distance from events, to maintain the necessary retreat for reflection. Basically, you remain reluctant to common opinions, to accepted laws and to simple certainties. Loneliness does not frighten you, it allows you to take the time to question yourself, to question yourself, to ask yourself essential questions. Withdrawn, sagacious, philosopher, taciturn, you are looking for an elsewhere and you easily abstract yourself from situations. Reserved, pudic, scrupulous, it is difficult to extract immediate acquiescence. Deep, serious, a bit pessimistic, you are thirsty to understand to stop deluding yourself. You carefully cultivate the virtues of lucidity, depth, detachment, indifference. Modest, impenetrable, without emphasis, you cultivate in yourself a background of chronic dissatisfaction that encourages you to be perfectionist and demanding, never to neglect the future and the unknown.
35 Toulouse, Occitanie, France
Seeking: Female 18 - 35