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30 Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 27 - 35
Assalamualaikum everybody ❤ I am a Malaysian, Hijabi, an Aries. Against 'You need makeup to appear beautiful' conspiracy simply because I believe in natural beauty :) and a practical spender. (I will help you to save money to buy our first home :) I am the type of person who puts loyalty and honesty above everything in a relationship. Enjoy writing a lot as I studied English Literature. Cooking and music on Youtube has always been a thing for me. In fact, I love languages and find people with perfect grammar, cute. I choose a positive approach of facing life. So, I don't mind having long distance relationship. I am physically 'plus size' (Does not mean I am not trying to be better) , or apparently, that is how society describe someone like me. Not to mention I am a 'plus' in loyalty and deep conversation, too. So please don't reach me if you one of those guys who put restriction " 'No Obese' or 'No Fat' girls please" on your profile. Obviously, I am that (awesome) girl that you dislike. :p I find it funny because, as much as you judge a person based on their physical sizes, people are secretly doing it to you too, by scrolling past your profile. Because I love myself and appreciate her so much and I find it rude to tell people such a thing. Simply because we, too, never say " 'No Thin/ Not handsome guy, please" ;p ;p ;p On another part, friends describe me as funny, smart, good listener, open-minded, loyal, helpful, motherly and has a killer smile. Err. Really? ;) Daily translator and future writer. And people will ask me. What do a translator like I do on daily basis? I do translate articles and journals for international publications. Other than that, I translate websites like Lazada, Amazon, games, etc. It's fun and I am loving it ❤ Can't see messages. anis dot am nine one at yah ooo. On a serious note, I am a person who values depth a lot. I don't like shallow conversation and relationship as I am searching for a potential spouse. As much as an open-minded person I am, I do maintain boundaries so that it indicates how much I respect you. Ergo, if you plan to talk dirty, I will block you, for sure. 🌹
44 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 29 - 56
I'm a Malaysian. Looking for the right relationship that leads to marriage... I will only reply to those who have pic because I think its fair to reciprocate the same thing. I like to have a conversation on understanding reasons why people doing or behave certain ways. How technology or systems works in a particular place. Why certain countries have a very hard survival rate and others are not helping them. Suggest solutions if there is an issue that would help my friends in their time of need. Planning the next travel itinerary with my travel buddy as we travel on our own. I am here to find love and give love in return. I like to watch a thriller movies that would trigger the questions of why it became that way in the first place. Watching a movie based on true story to know either it going to be a sad ending or happy ending.. Having a massage and swimming is one of the ways that relax my mind and body... because of the sensual touch of the hands and water underlying my skins.... I value the most people with high standards of manners, integrity, principal and honor. I like to hang around with people with high positive values and knows how to appreciate every aspect of their life My believe... I believe when becoming someone wife, she should be sticking around through the good and the bad times. I don't mind to follow him where ever he wants to bring me along as his wife. Relocation is not a problem to me. I believe nothing is more romantic than someone who wants you as much as you want them. I believe good looks fade but a good heart and manners keeps you beautiful forever.
56 Kota Baharu, Kelantan, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 46 - 59