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Tayyaba Siddiqi
37 Karāchi, Sindh, Pakistan
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
ABOUT ME A Little Bit About Me : My Name is Tayyaba siddiqi. My date of birth is 29/2/1984. I am down to earth, honest, loyal, humble, respectful, non judgmental, ambitious, sense of humor, good and soft heart, fear of Allah, deen and family oriented, and very romantic personality. I am very foodie. I have 2 siblings. I m elder, my younger bro and then younger sis. My Mother side is Sayyed and Father side is Siddiqi. I don't like those peoples who doing smoking and drinking habbit ( occasionally or regularly ). Also in our culture is visits of grave (tomb) of saint (buzurgaan e deen / Aulia Allah. We makes nazar niyaz in Holy events (Rajab, Shabaan, Ramadan, Shab e Buraat, shab e Qadar, Shab e Mairaaj, Muharram). My education is B.A in arts. My height is 4 foot 11". My religious is islam. My maslak ( Cult ) is : ( Hanafi / barelvi ) Sunni. My pronvince is karachi, sindh, Pakistan. My hobby is reading news papers, outing, listening english, urdu and hindi romantic music, stories, watching films english, hindi and pakistani, Pakistani and indian dramas. I fond of paintings, listening nice romantic, classical, sufi and romantic music. I m humans, animals and fun lover. My 2nd id is permanently suspendid. Sorry if anyone wants to know me so plz this id is here for you. If anyone wants to approach, chat and know me so plz tell me ur Real Name, whole date of birth, and cast. And if you are divorced, Anulled, and legally separeted so plz give me its reason clean, clearly and genuinely.
35 Laukaa, Western Finland, Finland
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
Always the hardest part when I have to say something about myself... well people have lots of good things about themselves but I think the bad things are the ones that actually matters when it comes to relationships. So here we go: I'm very stubborn woman when it comes to something I really believe in or think that's its right to do. I care so much about animals and nature and everything between that sometimes I think my self as a superwoman and it can be for others very annoying. I'm a big nerd when it comes to math and science because of my study and it makes people around me sleepy when I get so exited talking about them, specially physics, I really don't understand why🙄... I have learned to do everything from cutting hair to fixing electronics and electricity, building stuff, woodmaking, farming and everything I need in the house to be done, so it make the man feel that he is useless sometimes. I'm very hard worker and hate to be lazy and can't stand lazy people, it's good thing, but with a partner it can be a little bit challenging if he is not as hard worker as me. I live a healthy life, I eat home food and I work out and my match have to have same habits. I'm very clean and tidy! In stress people can eat or spend money or drink, I clean, which can be pain in the butt. So my partner have be clean to handle that. I care a lot about how I dress and look and I always dress and look like a lady because how we dress is part of who we are, so I expect that from my partner too with less jealousy because where ever I go people stare at me because my exotic looking. Im a mixblood and I look different in every country, so I'm used to that people are looking and staring but for the man I'm with, it can be very hard and overwhelming. So he have to be very comfortable with himself and confident, otherwise there is no point to be with me. I'm very confident and strong woman, a little bit old fashion with good manners, which mean, that my man have to be a gentleman with good manners and know how to treat woman well. I'm old kind of a feminist not modern feminist, for me is just too much, which mean I believe that man and woman are equal but like a yin and yang, everyone have their own jobs in life so together we can get our responsibilities done! I have it very hard to ask for help, because I used to do everything by myself and I love to do stuff and durt my hands, no problem. I can be very logical the most of the times, so if something doesn't make sense to me, it just doesn't, but that make me look like I'm a robot with cold feelings which I'm not.. I'm just logical person who don't make decisions out of anger or feelings.. I'm self employed translator and working on my degree in astro- and geophysics, it might be a good thing but we can be a headache and people avoid us for some magical reason.. So if u didn't fall a sleep yet and after all these if you match my profile and you still are here and didn't escape and still interested, you can send me a msg 😋 And please don't send me a msg just because of the pictures and without reading my profile, because I will simply not answer.