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45 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
37 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 28 - 48
If you dare to know my chapter book, get comfy and prepare... Il share life lessons so buyer beware, haha that's my humour for you, anyways got two main goals, one for the dunnyah n one for the akhirah everything else is just nafsee stuff... I am one who has submitted to the will of Allah in life's tests and handled them in deep patience, clung tight to my belief in Allah's words that after hardship there is ease and the promise is two fold. So that being said, could you be that ease for me or are you another part added to the trials of life, alhamdullah ala kulli haal. I seek to find a partnership that beams with noor, your conviction to your islam will prove how great of a leader you are to hold hand in hand to Jannah. Your abandonment of sins and firmness upon acts of ibadaah not broadcasted but done in such a way that truly its just the noor of Allah that shines and beacons me to you. Your love to study islam and be able to implement what you learn in kindness and not harshness will soften my heart to being obedient as your spouse. I want to study more and take time off in a life of working to just burry myself in Quraan and ibadaah. Now if I get there through a single monogamous mariage or poligamy Allah alone knows what trial is best for me. Key goals learn Arabic, study Quraan and hadith and find myself in the lands of Islam where I can hear the athan called. Any thing else about me well you would be blown away with how Il find my way to your heart through your tummy, but again we know the worse vessel to fills your tummy so portion control in shaa Allah lol. I'm a Maa shaa Allah cook, no man gona out do me in his cooking skills. Lots of other Things Allah has blessed me with, but if we count the blessings of Allah we could never finish so just like Ontario, I'm yours to discover Hahaha if your smart you'll get the Jk. android is upgrading yet again so you better be a smashing upgrade in shaa Allah
36 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
39 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Male 38 - 48
READ PLEASE: - I am not 36 but 41, I can't change this ! I look much younger but I wanted to mention it ;-) - don't waste your time nor mine ! My professional projects in France are leading me to North America. I have the choice between Canada (where I am temporary living actually) for the raison of international agreements with France. What about me ? I am international open-minded , usually told 'a beautiful lady, kind and funny'. After a long period traveling and working hard, I feel ready for a continuous love story with a kind, family-values, romantic, happy, good-looking and a serious man who wants to share similar aims, enjoy life and may build a lovely family. I want to settle and have this new life in Canada because this country is very open to international exchange and can offer funding to my PhD research study that I am trying to accomplish since many years. Yes, I am A big challenger and a very active person :-) I like looking after my loved ones and care about a healthy life. I also like helping people in need via charity and several associations I am involved with, because I can't understand how can people die of hunger while others waste money and food ! Very often, I think about others before me. But this time, I am really determined to focus on the most important thing: find the one to spend the rest of my life with and who will share my hobbies (travel, art, music, cooking, massage therapy, sport, books & documentaries). I also have some dreams (flying, sailing and having horses), as well as learning and discovering the maximum of new things, but not alone, no more ! Life is very beautiful but without love, it's like a world animated by the others. If you feel like my description is written for you, please just send me a message: who knows where our destiny will be going to ? P.S: English is my 3th language, so be indulgent with me please ;-)
25 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 23 - 34
I first of all I am crazy into sports , I am a competitive crossfitter. I'm a very adventurous person. I am without a doubt an adrenal junkie. My dream jobs although unrealistic are a cia secret agent, forensic anthropologist, and psychologist. However ,I am pursuing physiotherapy. i would consider myself both an introvert as well as an extrovert. Once I get to know a person I'm really outgoing and talkative ; although coffee talks have their time which i also enjoy i much prefer doing something Crazy and just trying new things. I am not ur typical girl that just loves to sit and talk about makeup , i enjoy the fun things in life so be assured we will be best friends bec believe me if its something u like ill prob like too whether thats video gaming, going to gun ranges, hiking all over europe, or jumping out of a plane ! Finally i could get along well with anyone if we share common interests. guess my dream guy would be someone who is a romantic bec I am a very romantic person.someone who understands me and is caring. Someone who views me as an equal and not just a useless housewife. Someone who doesn't expect me to be a house wife and just clean and cook and take care of children (which fully plan to do but its the expectation that thats all i will do) . I am very open minded and would like my husband to be the same. Money isn't a huge concern for me as i am not a very materialistic person i dnt care fir a fancy house and car or expensive jewelry as i enjoy more fun outings and suprises or that money be spent on things such as nice trips and vacations
31 Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 27 - 35
*I am 26 years old. I graduated from Algonquin College from Office Administrator with a diploma. In June i graduated with honours from Early Childhood Educator. *I like to read and play different types of sports. I used to play basketball and volleyball with a community team, but my school and job got in the way of that. So as you can tell, my job is important lol. *My goal is to own a daycare centre. I love kids, i love teaching them about different things. I currently work as a nanny for two beautiful twins. Also, I worked at several daycares as a toddler/pre school teacher, so that I could gain more expierence. *I am kind, caring, smart and funny. Ive been told that I have a great sense of humor, and I agree lol. I like to make people laugh, so I tend to make little jokes about things. I want people to feel comfortable when they are around me. Also, my smile is my best feature :) * I've recently started going to the gym again. Go as often as I can which is 2-3 times a week or when I'm Not busy with work. Trying to gain sometime for myself. * My family and friends are the most important people in my life. They are always there when I need them and I dont know what I would do without them. So getting to know someone who values his family, is a bonus. * I would really love to do more travelling in the spring/summer inshallah, but a few places I've been include Saudi Arabia, Boston, New york and Niagra Falls. Staying locally these past few years but I would love to see eroupe. Some of my top places to see include Ireland, Greece and Australia. Well thats all for now, but if you want to know more dont be shy to leave me a message :)