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37 Karāchi, Sindh, Pakistan
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
ABOUT ME A Little Bit About Me : My Name is Tayyaba siddiqi. My date of birth is 29/2/1984. My education is B.A in arts. My height is 4 foot 11". My religious is islam. My maslak ( Cult ) is : ( Hanafi / barelvi ) Sunni. My pronvince is karachi, sindh, Pakistan. My hobby is reading news papers, outing, listening english, urdu and hindi romantic music, stories, watching films english, hindi and pakistani, Pakistani and indian dramas. I fond of paintings, listening nice romantic, classical, sufi music. I m humans, animals and fun lover. I am down to earth, honest, loyal, humble, respectful, non judgmental, ambitious, sense of humor, good and soft heart, fear of Allah, deen and family oriented, and very romantic personality. I am very foodie. I have 2 siblings. I m elder, then bro and then younger sis. My Mother side is Sayyed and Father side is Siddiqi. I don't like those peoples who doing smoking and drinking habbit ( occasionally or regularly ). Also in our culture is visits of grave (tomb) of saint (buzurgaan e deen / Aulia Allah. We makes nazar niyaz in Holy events (Rajab, Shabaan, Ramadan, Shab e Buraat, shab e Qadar, Shab e Mairaaj, Muharram). If anyone wants to know, chit caht and approach me, so plz tell me ur Real Name, whole date of birth, and cast. And if you are divorced, Anulled, and legally separeted so plz give me its reason clean, clearly and genuinely. My 1st priority is that after marriage I want to doing hajj and umrah with my husband, InshaAllah as soon as possible, when that year then marriage will be done, as soon as possible.
28 Karāchi, Sindh, Pakistan
Seeking: Male 27 - 44
I believe that the better you with your self will be the better you with other people. I am honest and loyal, so I expect the same I believe it also means you respect to yourself. I believe in Islam and living a halal life while enjoying what the world has to offer, but keeping focused on the goal of attaining jannah. I really want a marriage where my hubby and I love and cherish each other, take care of each other's needs, and are always there for each other. Keep knocking, keep knocking on Allah's door, no matter what you have done, and never stop knocking and you'll find doors opening for you that you didn't even know were there, taking you to places you didn't think possible. People who truly love Allah, both by deeds in addition to words, they are the people who love others like them who also love Allah. They love to be in the company of the righteous and distance themselves from those who are not and feel no remorse or regret over doing so. They are people who do not fear nor do they grieve, they do not get overly depressed nor are they anxious or apprehensive. They are at peace and feel calm and happy because they feel secure in the knowledge that their lord is always watching and will take care of everything in due time. Only those who love others more than Allah, those who are primarily focused on the dunya get very depressed or grieve excessively or feel stress or worry because the love of that which is temporary will always cause anxiety because the heart is longing for the permanent in a temporary world, it cannot find satisfaction that way. When the time come and I love someone, I m kind of person who will give you all, you can hurt me as much as you want with that. I am just expecting you will never use that. I am an overthinker, I fight so hard and i love so deep. I trust the process. I also Iearn to pause : Pause when i am angry, pause before judge, pause before assume, pause before accuse, pause and remember love.
23 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Seeking: Male 25 - 52