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39 Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Male 36 - 40
First at all I want to say, Im not interested in western men. Mine-yours-culture in a husband and wife relationship, no need pls don't have another me with your texts. And why you are in a Muslim Platform if the Islam rules are like slave rules to you. Don't waste my time. Thank you. I wear black Islamic clothing. It would only be a match if you also live an Islamic life yourself and appreciate the values. And you should definitely pray. Without that, I can't have a serious conversation. And no, I'm not going to lead you there, you have to bring this requirement with you in any case. And please no inquiries from non-Muslims who are just looking for Muslim women here. women are not allowed. It is not permitted in Islam for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim. First you get engaged, then you get married. You would also need to be able to fulfill the Mihri because that is also Sunnah. So everything according to the Sunnah. However, if you want part Islam part non-Islamic values, then I'm not the one. The internet is full of promises. It shouldn't be a problem for you, because as a man you can also marry a Christian and a Jew (but not an atheist). A woman can write and reply, but does not have to. You have to understand that this is a social network. That's why most women on the platforms who are halfway intelligent don't feel like it, because many men here take everything personally and are disrespectful to the women here. Doing some work on your Ahlak would be good. Anyone who thinks Allahu Teala doesn't see me on the internet is a bit mistaken. Unfortunately, you are not able to show respect to a strange woman, how is it going to be with the woman you want to marry. Simply to say, Allahu Teala didn't plan it, then I look further on the net, but most of them don't make it. I'm also not a psychologist to solve your problems with your ex or with your estranged wife or other women. This platform is not intended for that. Of course you can tell roughly later about your circumstances if you are specifically asked about it. Furthermore, one does not talk badly about women, regardless of whether they are exes, still-wives or strange women. This is also shown by certain Ahlak of the man. I don't prefer countries that I can never visit. Moving within Europe, America, Canada, etc. would only be an option if the person in question has the same level of education and is polite and has an Islamic lifestyle. Ahlak mostly exists. For those men who are unhappy and seeking solace with the next woman by wanting plural marriage, please just understand what plural marriage was for back then. And no what you imagine is not meant for that. So, I am not a visa applicant. A woman is not a refuge because one is unhappy. If you want to live in the West and actually think women shouldn't be taken care of right away, you haven't understood Islam. If you don't have the means, you can't marry a woman anyway. It's not child's play. There is no such understanding in Islam. I try to live by Islam as much as possible. Who you're getting married to is already written, so no one needs to take it personally if a woman doesn't write back or show interest. You would have to believe in "Kadr". In Islam, the woman does not have to work and it is also not allowed to work under or with foreign men (except brothers, father, grandfather, own sons etc. or husband) who are not halal (mahram). If you have a non-Islamic view or non-Islamic lifestyle, please do not write to me. Everyone can live as they want. There are enough that can compromise. Everyone has to know for themselves. Please don't have another me Every lid has its pot in life. And if not, that's the way it's supposed to be. Why a man who is looking here does not post a picture of himself is beyond me. Include a picture of yourself. I can't hear it anymore when men always write the same thing: I'll send it to you, tell me your number. What sensitive woman gives every stranger her number. None. Only if I could see it, then we can write to each other via Telegram or Skype and if it suits, maybe see us in real. Why should one spend the time pointlessly here beforehand if I don't know what you look like. That too has to fit. I ignore every brother who still texts me without a picture. After all, you're not a woman. I am not looking for a man here who already has a wife, dear brothers from some countries. You understand second marriage as a sexual balance. I'm sorry that's disgusting how you use Islam for that. Living in the Ottoman Empire95% of men with wives, so what better way to do it than these believing men who settled for a wife when financially they could have done it. They didn't reduce women to just one thing. You don't even have the financial means. Actually you have no difference between western men who have many girlfriends. But if you have the same thinking disguised in hypocritical thinking, dismissing it would be Islam. No, it was not intended that way. Primarily to protect single women who were left without husbands and/or unable to support remaining children. You can save your stupid statements that it would be Sunnah. A woman is not a sex object, even for you smart Muslims. Our images even say it's better to get along with a wife instead of bringing stress into the first marriage. But you are only talking about sexual background and that is not Islam. Getting two or three women to marry to satisfy your lusts. Why else do you come with me 35, 40 or 50 on this idea and not already with 20. Before you stood a woman who knows what she is talking about. You don't even know what Islam means. An exception would really be, as a man, you happen to meet a very educated single woman in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and are interested in her. That would be something completely different and ca condemn that, since the interest here arose primarily by chance, since one was not searching. But looking for a second wife via this platform Muslima.com or other dating sites shows exactly what I mean, you are not satisfied with the first wife. You are not honest and think every woman on the net is stupid and would be okay with that. Then write in profile he would be up for polygamy, well good luck in your search. Then why are you bothering me? Where does it say that I am interested here. Nowhere. Ugly comments in ego trip man. Don't have another me about that, please go away with your silly comments. A woman is not an sex object. Islam give you not the right to see us as a object. Disgusting what some man write on them profile as that the woman were a object. Please do that with the women who see you as a visa application and would participate. Disrespectful and tasteless how you look down on women and reduce them completely to just one thing. To send me disrespectful comments cause I dont answer your messages here? Waw this is ugly from some man. Yeah that's why you guys didnt get a wife. Allahu Taala knows what you guys are. Get a bit ahlag.
30 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Male 23 - 39
Am this mixture of imperfections. Never thought of accessing such a platform .. It is quite arduous to explain yourself at times, but I’ll try to. Am a soul that aims to achieve its purpose about Life, not consume food and information, then pass away just like any other creature on Earth. Having a partner, raising a family, even a cat can do that. There should be a purpose, a real vision to work on and share as human beings. I believe we shall not inherit the label 'muslim', we shall become it and look for it. We have been blessed by having this mind selectivity and we therefore shall make use of it to grasp and serve Life. I perceive Islam as not just five prayers a day, it is far deeper than that. And it is in this Depth that I want to dive. Questioning, wondering, wandering, digging and searching are not ‘complicating Life’ as some might consider, but instead are what most likely make of us Humans. I want a soul that can taste with me the little details about Life and share the real purpose of living, not just existing. Have been into gymnastics since a very young age, play a musical instrument for my own entertainment, hooked on being into the wild (Speleology in particular), keen on reading books & trying new recipes and mostly fond of helping others (especially those with special needs + being involved in Red Crescent). {At times, mom hires me as her poetry editor for free haha, and i quite enjoy helping her in that (in everything, actually)} Am not looking for 'just a husband', i mean not a consumption of daily foods and bodies. Am wondering if there could be a deep soul that does not fear its nature of depth to dive into it. I nearly turned off feelings for males just because of the stereotype thinking of only 'female,kids,work', but then said ‘give yourself the chance to open up even virtually. As long as you’re trying to be pure inside, you would definitely attract pure things from outside’. And yeah, most importantly, I still keep the heart of a child. PS: it is evident that plenty of humans are here but this does not mean it is a restaurant menu to swipe and mix dishes randomly. All the faces that appear in the pics will definitely change in time, only the content lasts. So, dig into this content carefully and maturely. If you seek the right woman, make sure you’re being the right man. Do not act as ‘special’, be it. Am not my body (it can be ruined in less than 3 seconds accident), am not my job or my salary, am not my clothing style and am not my degree (‘cause Science/Knowledge evolves continuously). Yes, I may have qualities, but values are what eventually count and last. It makes no sense to get involved with more than one person at a time. Do not make of this virtual area a store of humans behind screens. Be and treat people the way you aim to be treated. Learn how to taste things, not consume them. And most importantly, question yourself why making a family and how would you contribute to the continuity of Life?
24 Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
Seeking: Male 24 - 99
ayan mahamed
21 Höchstadt an der Aisch, Bavaria, Germany
Seeking: Male 22 - 35
22 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Male 20 - 30
45 Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Male 45 - 54
38 Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Male 35 - 50