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38 Al-Kuwayt, Al `Āşimah, Kuwait
Seeking: Female 18 - 51
(Life is simple, do NOT COMPLICATE it ) (This profile will not seem fun, since I’m NOT here for FUN ) ,,, I am a POLYGAMIST husband; id appreciate if you’d please NOT waste neither your precious time nor my time nor my current and future family time .... I’m a Man of Religion, Rules, Morals, Principals, Ethics, Respect and Responsibilities at the same time MAXIMUM FUN and JOY within Resonable fair Boundaries, IF you are looking for a custom (puppy or servant or flower or Mr. Perfect charming Angel) Just don’t continue reading, also if you are looking for boyfriend or checking your chances as a “Waste of Time”also don’t continue, If you are looking for MARRIAGE from a TTRUE HONEST FAIR MAN then please go ahead;;; First of all I’m addressing “Normal” human beings that are NOT “Selfish” “shallow” “judgemental” ((If you have any doubts or questions please Do Not Form YOUR own judgements that are from YOUR own thoughts)), you can simply ASK “me” and I’ll happily give you my opinion and prospective that is based on proper understanding of facts, proofs and evidences according to the subject..... DEAR ALL I simply want HALAL clean genuine RESPECTFUL life not only for myself BUT for YOU as well as my current and future Family,,, I really don’t care where is she or “they” are from, I care about mutual understanding and respect, I care about outer and inner decent beauty, I care about her to be “satisfied” with what Allah has given and will give us& that will keep “drama” out of our lives, and to be willing to accept and stand by “the family”, Most of my previous, current and future life Inshaa Allah are Serious, fun love feelings come within and all of them are built by actions and time, I’m Straight forward, self confident, lots of ups and downs throughout my life, very sensitive, always do my best to be fair to everyone regardless who they are, I started my Professional carrier since 1999 as an external auditor ever since I’ve worked in many professional fields till I became a well recognized consultant in various fields, currently for the past 6 years doing my best to stand on my feet and be a successful business Man, very serious when required and friendly down to earth when required love Allah and Islam and doing my best to get closer to him day by day, have no time to waste, married to a beautiful loving, patient and understanding Europian wife and have a beautiful 6 years old daughter, I have already fulfilled lots and lots of my goals and dreams, yet I still have many more and one of them is a dream of having a big united family, I’m doing my best in “good faith” after studying and researching (Polygamist Family Benifits) to “ALL” its family members for about three years in the light of “Islam” ((Christianity)) “Judaism” “other religions” AND guess what Recent Latest (((SINCE))) researches as well To find out if it’s a right decision and step to take or make and I’m certainly and definitely sure it is... I have confidence and trust in Allah not you or anyone, i have genuine pure intentions and I’m that SERIOUS to an extent that the moment I feel that you are a genuine kind person and we have straight forward understanding we might get married in a matter of days “literally” , NO TIME WASTERS or UNCONFIDENT or JUST CHECKING their luck people please...
38 Al-Kuwayt, Al `Āşimah, Kuwait
Seeking: Female 25 - 36