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30 Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 27 - 35
Hair color: Black
Assalamualaikum everybody ❤ I am a Malaysian, Hijabi, an Aries. Against 'You need makeup to appear beautiful' conspiracy simply because I believe in natural beauty :) and a practical spender. (I will help you to save money to buy our first home :) I am the type of person who puts loyalty and honesty above everything in a relationship. Enjoy writing a lot as I studied English Literature. Cooking and music on Youtube has always been a thing for me. In fact, I love languages and find people with perfect grammar, cute. I choose a positive approach of facing life. So, I don't mind having long distance relationship. I am physically 'plus size' (Does not mean I am not trying to be better) , or apparently, that is how society describe someone like me. Not to mention I am a 'plus' in loyalty and deep conversation, too. So please don't reach me if you one of those guys who put restriction " 'No Obese' or 'No Fat' girls please" on your profile. Obviously, I am that (awesome) girl that you dislike. :p I find it funny because, as much as you judge a person based on their physical sizes, people are secretly doing it to you too, by scrolling past your profile. Because I love myself and appreciate her so much and I find it rude to tell people such a thing. Simply because we, too, never say " 'No Thin/ Not handsome guy, please" ;p ;p ;p On another part, friends describe me as funny, smart, good listener, open-minded, loyal, helpful, motherly and has a killer smile. Err. Really? ;) Daily translator and future writer. And people will ask me. What do a translator like I do on daily basis? I do translate articles and journals for international publications. Other than that, I translate websites like Lazada, Amazon, games, etc. It's fun and I am loving it ❤ Can't see messages. anis dot am nine one at yah ooo. On a serious note, I am a person who values depth a lot. I don't like shallow conversation and relationship as I am searching for a potential spouse. As much as an open-minded person I am, I do maintain boundaries so that it indicates how much I respect you. Ergo, if you plan to talk dirty, I will block you, for sure. 🌹



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