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39 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 36 - 45
I prefer a single man. Sorry I'm not interested to a man who wants to a find a second or third or fourth. I don't want to be involved in a complicated marriage life. I just want a peaceful life. I'm Indonesian who works as a lecturer & currently doing PhD. An ordinary woman who wants to be a good wife for future husband & a good mother for future children. If we are compatible & I've to move to follow you, I'll obey the future spouse's decision (will be discussed later on). I belief if both sides (husband and wife) can hold these “things”, the marriage life is happy ever after. 1.Have a commitment It is not love that can make long lasting marriage. Our feeling is changing or up and down toward spouse. It is a commitment (since the beginning of the marriage) which is based on religion and worship Allah the creator that can hold it. Anything happens during the journey of marriage, when both sides have commitment and remember that this marriage is because of Allah, both will do their best to treat their spouse and be patient in educating their kids in the future. 2. Empowering the spouse Both husband and wife should empower or grow together, not only the husband or vice versa. Therefore, both side feel comfortable and have good connection like do reading together, respecting spouse’s feeling and keeping health together. I will support my spouse’s skills or talent and I belief people will happy if she/he grows with her/his talent. 3. Able to manage the conflict No marriage life without a conflict among husband-wife. The problem is how husband and wife manage the conflict to reach the win-win solution among them. It is true that husband is a leader in a family; however, a good leader is someone who can give win-win solution. He is not selfish or win-lose solution. For example in polygamy, it is OK a husband to do it. But the problem is, is it a win-win solution or make win-lose solution? Therefore, a wife feels disappointed and sad. Another example, when one side gets mad therefore, one should control emotion. Don’t do physical abuse and easily warning or say divorce. Better keep quiet or leave the war. Because some problems can be solved as the time flies (when finally, both husband and wife do the reflection to improve/ be better. 4.Be spouse’s friend A happy and long lasting marriage is a marriage which has husband and wife relationship as a partner and friend. Both husband and wife cry, laugh, share, have fun, joke together. Even, deliver the advice in a joke, so the spouse will not feel hurt or feel insecure. Overall, affection and romantic are built by both sides.
26 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 22 - 32
Nur Shahira Binti Husmadi is my name. I'm a 26-year-old Malaysian residing in Penang. Thanks Allah SWT,  I'm proudly, a Muslim girl . My mother, father, and four siblings, plus myself, make up my family of six people. Moreover, I have an Arabic-mixed (Arabic Yaman) from my dad sides. I'm a food technologist majoring in food science at the local university right now, and would doing my internship soon in F&B Company (March 2024) Well, I'm not exactly beautiful. I have somewhat dark skin. My weight is around 55 kg, and my height is almost 164 cm. I exercise at home when I have time, so I keep in shape. I can be a little sensitive and soft-spoken, but I can also get along with people after that. patient girl who is also kind. I think positively as well. When someone makes me laugh, I laugh to make myself laugh. I'm also a laid-back person. If I care about someone, I'll do whatever it takes to make them happy. Even though I may be shy when I initially meet someone new, if I feel at ease talking to or chit-chatting with that individual, we will get along. Depending on how I'm feeling, I can be clumsy myself occasionally with certain things. If I'm depressed, I weep and prefer to be alone myself in order to forget the pain and heal myself from other people since I get a headache when I cry and my eyes get red. I enjoy cooking when I have the recipe, but I'm still trying to improve my ability to offer tasty meals. In my spare time, I enjoy making videos and editing posters for my YouTube channel (I'm still learning), as well as hanging out with my loved ones at the beach, parks, or shopping centres. I enjoy celebrating Islamic cultures and forging enduring ties with family and close friends.