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36 Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 28
I am a single father of 3 boys. I was born and raised in United States of America and my ethnicity is Yemen. I am a teacher and work fulltime. I love the outdoors, working out, traveling, movies, shows, and learning more about Islam. I am romantic, caring, family oriented, hardworking, charismatic, and ambitious. Self driven, optimistic, social, funny, great sense of humor, serious, on time, dependable, flexible, considerate, empathetic, strong, courageous, protective, and professional. I am loyal, noble, live my life with dignity, honor and self-respect. I am always looking for everyone's best interest not just my own, I am not selfish, and supportive. I love learning beneficial things and enjoy Islamic historical shows like Ertugrul, Payyatat Abdulhamid II, Omar and many more. I am very active about giving dawaa on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube. I do volunteer at the local Mosque and part of the outreach committee to teach non-Muslims about Islam. عندي 3 أولاد. أنا ولدت في أمريكا وعايش في الولايات المتحدة طول عمري ولاكن أصلي من اليمن. أنا مدرس إنجليزي وأعمل بدوام كامل. أحب الهواء الطلق ، والسفر ، والأفلام ، والعروض ، ومعرفة المزيد عن الإسلام. أنا رومانسية العناية الموجهة نحو الأسرة ، يعملون بجد ، الكاريزمية ، وطموح. الحكم الذاتي ، متفائل ، اجتماعي ، مضحك ، بشعور كبير من الفكاهة ، خطيرة ، في الوقت المناسب ، يمكن الاعتماد عليها ، مرنة ، مجاراتهم ، متعاطفة ، قوية ، شجاعة ، واقية ، والمهنية. أنا مخلص ، النبيل ، أعيش حياتي بكرامة وشرف واحترام الذات. أنا أبحث دائمًا عن مصلحة الجميع ، ليس فقط مصلحتي ، أنا لست أنانيًا وداعمًا. أحب تعلم الأشياء المفيدة والاستمتاع بالعروض التاريخية الإسلامية مثل Ertugrul و Payyatat Abdulhamid II و Omar وغيرها الكثير. أنا نشط للغاية في إعطاء الدعوة على Facebook و Instagram و WhatsApp و YouTube. أتطوع في المسجد المحلي وجزء من لجنة التوعية لتعليم غير المسلمين عن الإسلام. إسمي حسين أحمد شريف صالح ألذرحاني أصلي من اليمن ولاكن مولود في امريكا وعايش هونا طول عمري أنا رجول وليس ذكر أمين وفي مؤمن بالله عندي ثلاثه اولاد. لما اقول رجل اعني هو لي صريح بحب الخير للجميع بالذات اهلي او اهل بيتي وانا اشتغل مدرس انجليزي في امريكا فيني شجاعه و قوه اراده رجل حر قلب سالي رومانسي ورجل اعمال ومتعلم وبكره الظلم والظالم وكمان محترم و احب الاحترام انا نشيط الدعوه بحب ادرس الدين وكمان بحب افلام او سلسله عن تاريخ الاسلام وعظماء الاسلام بحب الرحلات زياره المساجد و الاشياء البسيطه
37 Sacramento, California, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 48
Hello everyone, I'm new to this online dating stuff. I'm more of the traditionalist, meeting women other than online. But what the heck I thought I would give this online dating a chance, who knows things might just workout. I recently got divorced a little over a year ago after a 17 year marriage, so now I'm single looking for a respectful women for friendship or possibley something more serious. l currently reside in Northern Cali, I work in a Hospital as a Doctor of Pharmacy, specifically a Clinical Pharmacist. I was born and raised in California, but have lived in Boston, MA while attending Pharmacy School, and in Harlem, NYC while doing my Residency in Clinical Pharmacy. But Cali is my home and always will be!! I'm down to earth and easy to get along with, with an openmind and great sense of humor coupled to my empathic competent intelligence. I would define my demeanor as laid back, relaxed, but appropriately serious and professional. Adventurous, outgoing, optomistic, postively contructive, creative, spontaneous, very competitive, compassionate, funny, happy, intelligent, caring, postive attitude, and being well cultured is how I am sculpted. I am a sports maniac; basketball, football, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, cricket, fishing, boxing, MMA, etc., you name it im into it!!! My favorite teams include the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, and the San Franciso Giants, all bay area BABY!!!! I played College Basketball at San Francisco State, thus, I'm a nerd and an athlete wierd combo huh? I'm a health freak and a workout fanatic in addition to my workaholic life style. I'm in excellent shape and I always keep my self clean and well groomed all around. I love to travel, I have been to Kenya in the African Continent, Dubai in the U.A.E, Paris France, Canada, Pakistan, Japan and China. I once volunteered at a Presbytarian Hosptial in Kenya, Africa as undergrad pre-med student it was mind blowing!!! Probably or yet definitely the best experience of my LIFE!!!!!
41 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 39
Big Fact: I’m an intelligent, funny, hardworking father of one. Established business owner. Likes: Allah, my son, travel, music venues, sprawling vistas, Air BNB, leisurely strolls near large bodies of water, cruising with the top down, fine dining, honesty, packing my lunch, saving and investing Dislikes: opportunist, game players, fake people seeking social media fame, calories, poor grammar and speech, doing dishes, cooking for myself, people who can’t think outside of the box ! What I’m currently doing with my life: Raising my six year old don as a single dad, building new homes throughout Philadelphia, getting back on my workout routine, looking for a quality companion to spend my free time, (not a friend with benefits) Work: Graduated from realtor/contractor to full-fledged Real Estate Developer. I believe in making the city I live in a better place. I am very passionate and believe in what I’m doing …isn’t that what counts the most? I am Really good at: making stupid jokes, spending huge sums on things I like, planning and reaching goals, pleasing my significant other in and out of the bedroom, sleeping, wearing my heart on my sleeve, though sometime I wish I wasn’t so good at it, partying, solving puzzles on wheel of fortune, answering the questions on jeopardy I spend a lot of time contemplating: How come so many people look at my profile but don’t send any messages? Where to go for my next vacation, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? But nah I seriously think about: ways in which I can financially secure a good future for my son, creating a legacy that outlives me, how to help others and myself at the same time. You should message me if: You’re as likely to spend a Sunday lazying away in bed as you are to be playing games and enjoying the outdoors, but no matter what, there will be an excellent brunch. Food is always the key to creating a good Sunday; you want to teach me something new *Disclaimer* If you are intimidated by this profile's content, please place finger on your screen and swipe left. I celebrate my success since I earned it. It was not given to me nor inherited. I'm not ashamed to be successful. If I'm a boss, and you still a worker bee, you shouldn't be hating, you should be participating!