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Waleed (Canadian)
39 Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Seeking: Female 18 - 39
Note: Flexible to live anywhere 🌍, but have a home in Norway 🇳🇴 and Istanbul 🇹🇷 بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْمِ Let's talk about YOUR dream life! 🏡 - Do you want a man who dedicates his life to his wife, family, and their happiess? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 - Do you want someone who holds your hand in getting closer to Allah, while having a life balance and is easygoing? 👫 - Do you want someone who is always smiling in your face, saying sweet things, having intelligent conversations, and loves to use humour to communicate most life issues? 😊 - Do you like traveling around the world ✈🌍 with someone who has a successful online business, and has the freedom to be anywhere in the world: a tropical beach 🏖, a scenic mountain ⛰, a cabin in the forest🌳, or in front of a beautiful city skyline 🏙? - Do you want to be mentored by an accomplished life coach who knows how to make all your dreams come true in life, ambitions, and personal goals, or checking items off your bucket list? 📝 I'm very happy to be the man who will be everything for you and ever wanted insha'Allah! To draw a daily smile on your face every morning 🌞, to help you feel spiritually fulfilled and growing ☪️, to be your guardian angel and protect you from all life shackles and emotional fears 💪, and to show you places of the world that you never imagined to see before 😊! ♥️ Who am I? I try my best to do everything with Ihsaan (excellence) in my life, whether it is work, a hobby, marriage, or family relationships. No one is perfect, but our Prophet peace be upon him taught us to try. I also try to be extremely polite and respectful towards people and family. Most people who know me mention this as my first quality. Alhamdulillah, Allah also blessed me with many skills and blessings to make your life special and exciting. I'm academically accomplished as a PhD candidate 🎓, having an illustrious career, memorized 70 Surahs of the Quran and their tafseer as a frequent speaker in Muslim conference and on TV 🕋, and Allah has helped me to travel to over 100+ countries so far in all 5 continents! 🌎 (and I want to see the other 100 with YOU insha'Allah! 😊) I have too many hobbies to list: Travel is the more of all hobbies ✈, but also I love basketball 🏀, swimming 🏊‍♂️, photography 📷, rafting🚣‍♂️, reading 📚, and learning about other cultures, anime🇯🇵 You will never be bored with me insha'Allah, as I try everything Halal in life at least once! 😊 Do you want to eat delicious food every day? Alhamdulillah, I can cook at least 1 dish from each country 🍛, so I will make you taste the most tasty gourmet dishes from around the world insha'Allah 😉 Yes I'm a big foodie and I'm focused on healthy cooking! 🥗 (currently on a diet 😉) Where am I from? I natively speak both English 🇬🇧 and Arabic fluently as my first languages, and learned Spanish 🇪🇸 as a third language, but the best language I speak is smiling 😊. It's universally understood! :) Ethnicaly, my parents are mixed Arab Turkish 🇪🇬🇹🇷. I was born in the USA 🇺🇸 and became Canadian later 🇨🇦! Culturally, I'm Canadian 🍁 but I follow islamic teachings more than culture. ☪️ I have 3 passports and getting the 4th in 2022 insha'Allah. Ask me which ones! 😃 If you want to find more about me, my family, and my exotic life lol, you will have to talk to me and ask me about all of this insha'Allah! ❓😉 Don't wait. Life is short and we need to please Allah and live it to the max before we go to Jannah together insha'Allah 🤲😃
46 Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway
Seeking: Female 22 - 48