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22 Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 21 - 33
Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh """",if you interested from the deep heart because Allah please read carefully !! this is important words.. & Iam looking a men who is loyal if you seriously ,hard to contact here this is my ig Sherifah_2020, text me. Bismillah"""""", Iam Muslim become 21 years old, i can't do haram way before iam married so i just always want we do always far from haram way or haram things & never do dzinah before marriage, so even you come to meet me in my real life i want halal way as syariah muslim, I'll very respect you as well as good muslim,, meet my mom, my family also walk around on my city with my mom while we also talk or discuss about seriously things. I love traveller i hoped i could traveling to others country with my husband after married. I never ever have bf,i never make special relationship yet, because I just want to married only, therefore reason i only want always do halal things, exactly halal way & i hoped you still virgin because iam very very virgin and this holy only for my husband after married who can be good imam take my hand for jannah! I believe in miracle about faithfulness one true love,make me sure does true love is exist? I want seriously for future life.. If you treat me like a queen I will treat you like a king,You know that as a good muslim A Women in islam just like a Queen not every man can touch them. Who ever you are my future husband you'll be my first love and endless love. Its hard find a seriouse men in this app, i don't like waste my time, i don't like chit chatting i dont have time for flirt!
30 Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 28 - 32
a simple girl from simple family background and an ex-art teacher who was decided to resign and start new life at new city to get peaceful life and get more free time to learn Islam. I take Islam seriously as way of life and trying my best to living my life in islam way even society make it hard. I do not dream an extravagant marriage life, I just want simple marriage life where is Jannah as my goal. I really understand my duty as a wife in Islam, Insya Allah. I agree that women should be educated, not to have competition with men but to educate her children because mother is the first teacher for her children. Smart women will give birth smart children that's why I keep learning until now, learning is a lifetime process. I do not plan to be a wife who working outside home, if my husband allow me to work I prefer to have a job that I can handle from home without leave my duty as mom and wife. I dont mind to be full time mom and wife because children is valuable asset that's will held accountable in akhirah and they are amanah from Allah that's will ask our responsibility. It does not mean I do not have the desire for a career out there but I chose restrain my ego because I pretty understand that being a mother and wife is the greatest career for women. I used to be an outdoor person, I did travelling, hiking, camping etc. I do really enjoy it, after learn Islam deeply I stop it for a while because if i want to do it again, I will do it with my halal life partner. Do everything for the first time with him. I wish to find a pious man who want to teach me Islam or willing to learn Islam together. Marriage in my view is like sailing in the ocean, and every sailing should be have destination or the ship will just adrift aimlessly. My destination is to bring my marriage till Jannah. And in sailing husband is a captain and a wife in charge of supporting her husband in every aspect so he can lead the journey safely. In every sailing there will be storm if we are not prepare for it and follow the manual book (Qur’an and Sunnah) the ship can be sink anytime. So for that husband and wife should be prepare themselves with knowledge of Islam and always learning together in the journey. And marriage is not upright because of the beautiful appearance or treasure but it is upright with deen of Islam/ knowledge and akhlaq.



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