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32 Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 25 - 35
Just got my bachelor of psychology, love children, concern in special needs children and unlucky children. Romantic girl.. I know how to take care of my boyfriend/husband, funny, full of humour, care, open minded, a good manager at home, prefer to save money for future, always try to be a good mom and wife, talkative, good listener, i had some experiences to take care a baby or 1-4 years old kid, Don't like shopping, really love travelling, and meet a lot of new people and do a lot of experiences, i like to learn new culture from others country, learn their language also.. I had learned francais, japanese, hausa, and dutch.. but i always speak in english and Bahasa Indonesia, I love beach, mountain, hill, like to spend my time for social activities.. and i know how to treat my husband in everything..*wink* my bad habit, laugh too loud.. Fussy.. I cant cook.. But i want to learn how to cook with my husband.. It would be romantic... Well, another thing that I can write are about my educations.. I attended some seminars about pregnancy, children development, etc.. Now, I'm joining IIWC (Indonesia International Work Camp), It's about voluntary service.. I was One of The Finalist of English Essay Competition National Grade in 2006.. and my paper was choosen by more than 1000 papers from all Indonesian Students.. I was not the winner, but our President awarded all the finalist as "The Smartest student in Indonesia".. and when I was in senior high school, my teacher always sent me in English debate contest, English speech contest, etc.. In Univeristy, I was not really smart.. But, I always tried to improve my knowledge by attended a seminar or discussion.. or sometimes my lecturer sent me as the Master of Ceremony in the seminar.. I also have Certificate for Training in Early Childhood Education, I got A.. Alhamdulillah.. And almost all my subjects about Children Development and Education, got A and AB.. Alhamdulillah.. Even though, I love kids, and mother figure.. I can be silly also.. I can be romantic.. and doing something silly, just wanna make my friends shy.. Thats Me,, I'm flexible :) Can be romantic, silly, and as a mother figure.. It depends on the situation.. Oh ya,, I love outdoor activities.. but, i cant do heavy sport.. Running fast, biking for long time.. because, I got accident 2 years ago,, and my leg was broken.. and there are some bone pieces still inside my leg.. So, when i got tired on my leg, it would be pain.. maybe i can do biking and running, but only for 1 hour.. but in slow motion.. I'm full figured, it doesnt mean I eat alot or laxy.. its because, I had to bedrest for 2 months.. only could slept and ate.. because of my broken leg.. and i got so many injections and vitamins..that caused me being fat :( Well, thats all about me.. Hope, you can imagine how is Amelia in real.. "Take me to your place, where our hearts belong together.. I will follow you, coz you're the reason that I breath.. I'll come running to you, fill me with your love forever.. Promise you one thing, that I will never let you go.. Coz you are my everything" "I don't know why you're so far away but I know that this much is true.. We'll make it through and I hope you are the one I share my life with.. And I wish that you could be the one I die with.. And I pray that you're the one I build my home with.. I hope I love you all my life.."
55 Tegal, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 43 - 55
Hi...Anda yang Baik... Aku menarik,modis,menyenangkan,pengertian,peduli,penyayang,penuh kasih,terbuka[bicara apa adanya].suka bercanda,bisa dan mau menghargai orang lain,bisa dan mau menghormati orang lain,bisa dan mau menjaga perasaan orang lain. Terhadap suami dan anak-anak aku sangat sayang. Aku memiliki cinta sejati untuk pasangan hidupku.Aku akan mencintai pasangan hidupku dengan sepenuh hatiku dan sebatas kemampuanku. Akan kubangun cinta yang kokoh bersama pasangan hidupku untuk bernaung dalam membina kelangsungan hidup bersama pasangan hidupku yang dilandasi kejujuran dan kepercayaan,ketulusan dan kesetiaan,keteguhan hati dan berpegang pada prinsip. Akan kurajut,kutenun benang-benang cintaku bersama pasangan hidupku dan kurenda menjadi sulaman kehidupan yang indah dan menyenangkan yang akan membawa kebahagiaan bersama. Pasangan hidupku adalah belahan jiwaku,tambatan hatiku,sandaran hatiku,sandaran cinta dan hidupku,curahan isi hatiku,serta penyemangat kerjaku. Aku ingin cinta dan hubungan yang nyata yang diakhiri dengan pernikahan.Disini aku mencari yang serius.Menjalin hubungan cinta kasih tanpa diakhiri dengan pernikahan hanya akan membuat sakit hati. Hi...Anda yang Berhati Mulia.... Beri aku alamat e-mail Anda pada pesan Anda ,supaya aku bisa menghubungi Anda.Jika Anda berkirim pesan ,tolong profil Anda jangan dimatikan dulu sebelum aku membuka dan membaca pesan Anda.Jika fotoku sudah muncul pada profil Anda,itu tandanya aku sudah membuka dan membaca pesan Anda.Hal ini barangkali saat Anda berkirim pesan,aku lagi OFLINE sehingga pada saat aku online aku masih mendapati pesan Anda. My Skype : [ iis. triyani ]. My Facebook : CHINTA AL ZHENA.
36 Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 28 - 40



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