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23 Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 23 - 40
Hello😊 I have joined this app with the hope of finding a guy on here. I've always had the dream of finding a soulmate and I am hoping on here at least someone will want me back. I pray someone somewhere will want me, as I'd love to have some to care about and talk with. I am 24 years old, simple, happy, caring, and honest. have a degree in Accounting. I'm Indonesian, in my country Indonesia has great nature and many culture here, I hope you will enjoy it if you visit Indonesia, I enjoy cooking and making Indonesian cake, named is "putu ayu". What you should know about me is my family is really important to me. I've been raised with morals and principles by my Mother as I am a Muslim, and I like reading Qur'an. As I have a big heart, I am sensitive to emotions. I don't drink alcohol. I always believe it's important to keep a positive mind and enjoy life. I'm hoping to find someone on here who will be sincere to me and love me forever. I always try to help people around me, when they have problems I like to work out solutions. I like romantic love pop power ballad songs. I am on here for a serious relationship, no games. I believe honesty, and openness is the best. I am firm in my believe that romance is key for a relationship and I hope to find my soulmate through this website. Generally I'm quite emotional with my feelings, I just want someone to give all my love too and build something happy with. I am not a second or a back up option. There are so many nasty people in the world, please don't be mean. I believe if you love someone, you love them forever.
40 Serang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 34 - 48
39 Serang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 37 - 38
Khahlil Gibran free to said, "The earth is like a beautiful bride who needs no manmade jewels to heighten her loveliness...", but in Ummi heart and mind belive ..... " the earth is more than beautiful bride, which resembles as drupadi, or cleopatra, or even Bilqis Queen. who will certainly require the sparkling jewels of tenderness and compassion from Insaan able to carve as human who have morality, virtue, caring, and love to enhance the beauty of light. Because one day, she will be honored and holy woman on divine presence " "may deceive people like me such so easy, but be careful, karma and azab will be poignant feel" Assalamualaikum Ya Akhii... in our Islam life... Before into next step, kindly notice, iam not Indian, Not Pakistani, Not Bangladeshi, No Marroco or even Not Arabian, mostly iam not , just one women who was born from Indonesia, and im live in Indonesia. For some who was see me, directly at home or from cam . i would say thankyou, but kindly dont prise me to much. For some who just want beautiful supose... kindly move from here. Coz im ugly, mouty, short women. And i belive you can search supose, gf, wife who beautiful as models. But im not kind of type. and really forgive this widow, regarding for some married propose which so many things reasons... Iam picky person... because i know, and realize, my daughter opinion... its one of important thing for me... for some honorable men who thinking that my past life its such a drama... well , i just can say, this life its our drama, the different is, no fake no script and this is not the end yet... so .. its depend how you be willing to accepted someone lifes, which never ever be same like yours. might your life is fun... but mine is full of kind. for you mybe happynest , but mine its just of one feels of a life. cause life defenetly colorfull... a moment ago, some people finally showed who his true identity. be honest at the beginning of the communication, the better, rather than betrayed the trust of the widow and this yateem child. kindly dnt do big sin, by lie, gave fake promise, who already you breaking it in same times. Coz Allah will never like a lie , even though you feel love this widow and her daughter. For that, kindly save your eyes, your mind, your heart and your tounge before contact me. I warning , coz i help you also to avoid do a big sin and azab....kindly dont ever try to do dzholim to widow and yateem. hm and about go to another country, not because of this i will use you to complete it. if you not willing to do, then dont do, and if you willing to ... but doubt why i want run away from my own country, be honest i just want build my new life far from my past life. So, finally, who iam exactly...? this is me...a ordinary women who was born from a very simple family. Im become widow when 28 years old, its because ALLAH love my husband much, so HE take him back on HIS side, he pass away because heart attack. May ALLAH gave him mercy and better pleace in jannah. Now iam, employeed, but still found a new job , previoysly iam working in garment factory as costing staff . And i can say Struggle its part of my life. Iam not beauty , defenetly far from beauty,but not ugly also (as my friend said) if im wrong please complain me in this point, The fact im include the fat women and yup, iam fat. thats why my friends called me chubby lady, or moti... So, if you looking a barbie slimy sexy women, well, surely you can pass me ;D .... Be honest Im not so good at cooking yet, but always trying to offer the best to serve meal for my own family , dont be worry, insha ALLAH, the meals which made by me can make you more healty. , Im far from genius, but never gave up to learn ofcourse. I love kids, baby , girl or boy for me are same, cause they are blessing and amanah. mybe coz iam a mother... i do not like excessive preening, well im not munafik, i like gold, diamond, pearl, but even i like jewerly, Alhamdulillah not to much. i love hijab not only for cover my self from bad sight of another men. But mostly i just want deserve for my husband , i like reading books. sometime i can act childiss and easy jealous specialy when i feel want my beloved one beside me, I'm just an ordinary person who wants to love and in love because ALLAH.... because I can not guarantee, if we are married and living together, will always be happy, far from the fighting, penance understand, and jealous. But I can assure you, that we will get through it, because I am and you are one. And I will not promise, that if we can prevent fatigue, boredom strikes when we are together or apart because of the distance that exists. however I'm sure, if you were my husband one day, only you can make me fall in love again, again and again ... We are both, in fact can never, foster love, caring, honesty, commitment, without trouncing flow of life, which can sometimes destroy, or even more tightened. But I am convinced, I will continue to add patience, fortitude, and strength to forgive. because my husband is not Muhammad Rosulullah, not the Caliph, or the companions of Prophet. My husband only male of end this universe, which certainly will never be perfect. Because I was not perfect either. but I am convinced, with me, we will complement each other, until the time limit be permitted by ALLAH. And Kindly dont easy to hit that pink button, if you not really interest. Jazakumullah Khair.... PS : :) im explain all, not for selling my self, so for you who infrom me like that privetly in inbox, please re-check... did i put the PRICE on this??? keep save your lisaan...
31 Pondok Aren, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 34 - 47
40 Serang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 40 - 51
43 Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
25 Serpong, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 20 - 28
45 Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 39 - 45
28 Rangkasbitung, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 25 - 38
26 Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 23 - 28
28 Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 26 - 44
27 Banten, Banten, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 24 - 36



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