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38 Jiddah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male
For science this is my word I wrote in another location because I do not have long enough time to write again, but every word I wrote from my life is explicit and I hate vagueness, and although being a woman in our eastern society always lacks clarity, but I am still an open book This is my personality, and I do not fill my short understanding , so my purpose is to satisfy the satisfaction of God and the good and strong people only because satisfying people is an unconscious purpose, so my Lord and his righteous servants are blind. And I do not disappoint those males who "are guilty", and yet they are disgusting and do not show their truth , we are here to search for an ideal partner, not for the purpose of chasms and friendships, and if you are serious, then show your real photos and data, but you are not. Although yesterday I was crying after having to register and for the first time on an Internet service to marry after my little one was rash in finding a dream knight and I never thought that something like this would happen to me, All fear of those who might be able to represent face-to-face, so how, then, behind the Internet curtain! I would like to recall that no matter how much the dismay of the macarists, they will not believe in Allah's disbelief and will overcome them with his power, so be a master of Allah, so you say, if not a well-known saying, there is no need for it. And my Lord calculated and enough of him, and yes, but that is the year of God in his creation that women have a husband and children, they may be among the people of the true support after the Father, God bless him. I always dreamed of stability and love, but the winds do not come as much as the ships would like to forgive the choice and we may find it possible to wait for a mirage with a water that was considered by the oppressants about five years ago, depending on my desire after I endured the Juan, my Zwaji lasted only seven months and did not produce. If my fear dissipates, and they fear that a bitter experience will force me to take my skin as before to be called the ultimate second, then I will be subjected to injustice or oppression, or that I will remain so frightened that I will not marry until the family formation train I miss my bitter meanings, but I have recently left my family and I am a parish on Allah and a satisfied with my fate whatever it is, but I am a shining man in God's honor and his good that he compensates me with a man who will help me and will tighten my azry as much as I miss. I know that consent is good enough and bad for faith and Islam, but God loves the righteous slave by praying and charity may change the judiciary. I have assumed responsibilities and burdens that outweigh the potential of the great majority of people, affected my family and those who married him in the past, and made it clear that I would give up many rights that Egyptian society imposes on women sometimes, with which God has revealed authority. It is difficult to talk about myself and my specifications, but it is shameful to review them, as if I were a commodity that can be seen or selected, and I do not recommend myself and no one to God, but I am a religious person, despite my prowess, I do not believe in my sins, and I hope from God, guidance, and all Muslims I am an educated, emotional, sensitive, warm-hearted and well-hearted figure despite moments of weakness that sometimes afflish me from feeling insecure, especially after my father's death, may God have mercy on me, which led to my involvement in moments of depression and social disaffection. A long black poetic white I would like to limit it a little between a period and another and to grow again. I am not sure if I am not going to be in a state of the art, but I am going to go back to sport, swimming, health, and improving my mood a little," he said. I love listening to the Qur'an but sometimes music and songs, I have been drawing since my childhood, reading and writing poetry, prose and essays, but I soon stopped practicing my hobbies since I was engaged in work and fatigue. They say that I am beautiful in form and the Spirit enjoyed the admiration of people and success in my work, patient and cargo, and I love to attract the hearts of people even those who hate me in application of the gracious verse that was always what my mother hesitated to forgive me in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful: Pay with my best, then the enemy between you and him is as if he is a close guardian. The great Allah has believed , and follow our love, the prophet of the worlds, the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, where he ordered us to woo, mercy, and love in Allah and fraternity, and to forgive and debauchery in the adversaries, and that it is one of the attributes of the hypocrites. However, after repeated attempts to try to get the person involved or to continue to be an offspring or a kowher, then I can only avoid that quality, stay away and be free, and not be ready for psychological conflicts, so what I want is psychological peace. I am ignorant of the things of art and artists, and I do not receive films, series, and no songs, but I like to follow cultural and religious programs and to tell the world that I waste my time in lies that are washed away by traps and evaporated in the values of society under what is called art. But that does not prevent me from sharing my guests and my family what they like and enjoy that. I can rarely see half an hour of Gulf, Syrian, historical, something new to Ahmad Helmi, a song by Kazem Al Saher, Magda Al Roumi, something noisy, Magd Al-Eng. or others whose names do not come to me, and this is only rare. I love to travel.
45 Jiddah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 39 - 47
25 Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 26 - 48
27 Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 28 - 45
26 Jīzān, Jizan Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 26 - 44
29 Jiddah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 29 - 47
23 Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 29 - 48
29 Tabūk, Tabūk, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 29 - 47
22 Jiddah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 23 - 45
Hayate Ahmad
27 Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 28 - 45
25 Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 26 - 48
31 Jiddah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 28 - 48
22 Al-'Ulā, Medina Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Female 20 - 42