Malaysian Women With A Bachelors Degree Looking For Friendship

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Bachelors Degree

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42 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 34 - 55
Education: Bachelors Degree
Hello gentlemen. I have decided not to seek for a husband on this site. We cannot run away from our fate. My husband does NOT need to advertise himself nor I myself. Do you all not see the beauty in this? Your wife could be your neighbor or the lady in the park if YOU would simply just have the balls to speak to her. I know cultures are different, but women are the same. We want a courageous man who is brave enough to take a risk and speak to us. I love Islam because it protects a woman's aura so she is respected for her essence and intellect rather then her sexuality. The western world objectifies women as objects used to sell stuff. This sight makes me feel a bit like an object on display. So for this reason, I'm not coming on here again. Bless you all. And I hope you men have the courage and the faith to follow your heart. Fun, spirited, direct, whimsical, well traveled, artist, teacher, and student. Sofia has lived all around America - (Born an Oregonian (Tree Hugger to my core!), Washington (On a Sail Boat in Port Townsend), Georgia (tail gater!), North Carolina (Rocky Mount Represent!), Arizona (heat stroke!) and then the world. She built a school in Africa (speaks a tiny bit of French). Was a nanny in Belgium (Hares do exist). Did nails in Norway (Skooooooool!). Surfed and drank coffee in Costa Rica. And settled in Malaysia (Allahu Akbar!). Sofia has a degree in Speech Communication from Northwest Christian University. She worked for a short time as a drug and alcohol counselor before finding her true calling in arts and education. She now runs a holiday art program in the Jungles near her house and takes joy in witnessing the transformative power that creativity brings into children's lives. If Sofia was given 10 Million dollars today, she would establish a children's eco-camp where kids learn to grow their own food, build furniture, bridges, tree houses, blow glass, work a potters wheel, paint art, cook, and play an instrument. She sees the world disconnecting from the foundational source of inspiration....mother earth. Sofia seeks to reestablish that connection in the next generation. Sofia married a true Malaysian Knight and lived in enlightening love until he died suddenly 2 years ago. His light can still be seen shinning brightly in her son and daughter's eyes. She embraces every single day with a commitment to her prayers that sustain her gratitude and hope.
35 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 22 - 40
Education: Bachelors Degree
BismilLahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum wbt. Alhamdulillah. I found this website and I think everyone knows why we are all here in this site. To be honest, I am not really good in writing. Especially when writing in English as English is not my mother tongue. Anyway I wil try my best. InshaAllah. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Samihah which means true,kind-hearted and tolerant in Arabic. I hope my name really represents myself. I have graduted in one of local outstanding universities in my country. I have a bachelor degree majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity. I have also have a little knowledge in Islamic Education as it was my minor course back in the university. I am a teacher. I teach QUran, Science, Mathematics in a primary school in my place. I am very grateful that God has chosen me to be what i am now. I have lots of interests and hobby. But for now I enjoy swimming, badminton, and cooking. In my leisure time I love to watch movies,listen to musics and play with my nieces,nephews and my granny! (shes 86 and alhamdulillah shes still has the opportunity to spend good times with family. I am not an artistic person but I love art. I really love kids. I just cant wait to have my own kids. Lol. I also love cats,gadgets and foods. Unfortunately, I am not a good cook. Haha. But I promise to be a better one. I live with my mum and shes a great cook. I always can be her protege. huhu. I am the one who appreciate relationships. No matter if it is my family members, friends, neighbors, lecturers, just whoever, I will always try to have a good bond and not to ruin it. Because I believe, no one enters my life with no reason. I like to I ask my friends to write on paper what she/he thinks about me or if there is anything that they dont like about me, just anything and no need to hide even a little. This is a kind of post mortem of myself. So I will know myself better and will change for good if there is a need to. Sometimes people around you can read you better. Now I will tell you my badd criterias. Its a long list. im warning you. huhu. - Clumsy, low self esteem, gullible, talkative,fussy and jealous. I I think you will figure it more once you know me. Im sorry. Just to be honest. But dont worry. I also have good traits. Haha. - Tolerant, helpful, patience, loving, always find the good in people. So, nothing special bout me..just a simple girl who loves her family n friends so much.. One who wanna have her own family..but need to find a man to b her husband first..a right man..then get kids..wanna raise them by myself..insyallah we together in Jannah.. ameen..



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