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42 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 34 - 55
Hello gentlemen. I have decided not to seek for a husband on this site. We cannot run away from our fate. My husband does NOT need to advertise himself nor I myself. Do you all not see the beauty in this? Your wife could be your neighbor or the lady in the park if YOU would simply just have the balls to speak to her. I know cultures are different, but women are the same. We want a courageous man who is brave enough to take a risk and speak to us. I love Islam because it protects a woman's aura so she is respected for her essence and intellect rather then her sexuality. The western world objectifies women as objects used to sell stuff. This sight makes me feel a bit like an object on display. So for this reason, I'm not coming on here again. Bless you all. And I hope you men have the courage and the faith to follow your heart. Fun, spirited, direct, whimsical, well traveled, artist, teacher, and student. Sofia has lived all around America - (Born an Oregonian (Tree Hugger to my core!), Washington (On a Sail Boat in Port Townsend), Georgia (tail gater!), North Carolina (Rocky Mount Represent!), Arizona (heat stroke!) and then the world. She built a school in Africa (speaks a tiny bit of French). Was a nanny in Belgium (Hares do exist). Did nails in Norway (Skooooooool!). Surfed and drank coffee in Costa Rica. And settled in Malaysia (Allahu Akbar!). Sofia has a degree in Speech Communication from Northwest Christian University. She worked for a short time as a drug and alcohol counselor before finding her true calling in arts and education. She now runs a holiday art program in the Jungles near her house and takes joy in witnessing the transformative power that creativity brings into children's lives. If Sofia was given 10 Million dollars today, she would establish a children's eco-camp where kids learn to grow their own food, build furniture, bridges, tree houses, blow glass, work a potters wheel, paint art, cook, and play an instrument. She sees the world disconnecting from the foundational source of inspiration....mother earth. Sofia seeks to reestablish that connection in the next generation. Sofia married a true Malaysian Knight and lived in enlightening love until he died suddenly 2 years ago. His light can still be seen shinning brightly in her son and daughter's eyes. She embraces every single day with a commitment to her prayers that sustain her gratitude and hope.
49 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 44 - 50
IM LOOKING FOR A NICE SINCERE CARING ROMANTIC HUMBLE MUSLIM GUY, . Im looking for a friend, a soulmate, a husband. IM NOT LOOKING FOR OLD MEN & GRANDFATHERS AS SOME OF U R SICK WRITING TO SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE AS OLD AS UR OWN DAUGHTERS. ANY GUYS AGE BELOW 43 YEARS & ABOVE 51.. PLS DONT WRITE. PLEASE UNDERSTAND.. GOD HAS GIVEN ALL OF YOU EYES TO READ, SO PLEASE READ.. GUYS LIVING IN INDIA & PAKISTAN, PLS DO NOT WRITE 2 ME AS I DONT INTEND TO LIVE IN INDIA OR PAKISTAN ON A PERMANENT BASIS.. ONCE IN A BLUE MOON HOLIDAY, NO PROBLEM. Pls understand simple English. TQ I am a simple fun loving romantic kind of gal who has always been putting her family 1st than herself but one who has gone thru a lot of hardships in life since young till now, so i do know the VALUE OF MONEY. Im simple but im also quite stylish, my dressing is from asian to western & i love perfumes, Estee Lauder to Van Cleef & Arpels. Enjoy a variety of food, love seafood, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian, all things nice but it must be HALAL, love drinking juices & eating ice cream but not always :), I love Shah Rukh Khan s he is damn hot, sexy & seductive;). enjoy watching cooking shows like Jaime Oliver, just love his hse with such a big garden, planted with vegetable, fruits, herbs & flowers.... Love all of that. I would love to have a nice, lovely huge big garden like Jaime Oliver's, with all the berry plants, fruit trees, have a nice herb garden, beautiful flowers & all things nice... Im not a bad cook but will still like to learn more on cooking & pastry making, & would also love to have a husband who knows how to cook as we can share & do things together, cook together at times & all the ROMANTIC STUFF. I love nice cold places & i have a younger brother whom i truly love & adore. My very main concern is always for my mum & my younger brother. Im willing to relocate, maybe to Australia but my options are always open. I speak more Punjabi than Urdu but im always speaking English & that really annoys my Mum;) I would love to have a husband who's kind, loving, romantic, caring, humble & forgiving. I want a husband who is not egoistic & arrogant but someone who's polite, sweet, caring, humble & honest.
41 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 29 - 40
Salam & Bismillah, I never thought I will end-up here to find my other half. Let see what my result will be. My intention is sincere & genuine to find a decent husband who can complete me. To be my strength & my pillar. I hate liar, arrogance & selfish kind of person. Trust & communication are main chore in any relationship. I like things to be simple & easy. No unnecessary hassle if possible. Just a quick note about myself: - Born from mixed marriage parentage (Muslim Malay dad + Chinese mum) - I’m improving myself to be a better Muslima. I perform my salaah daily. I fast during Ramadhan. I read Quran occasionally. - I describe myself as a simple easy going person, happy go lucky, sensitive in a way, soft hearted, funny, independent, loyal, loving, caring, romantic - I loves kids - I’m a clean freak (most of the time) & organise type of person :D - Love to look good & dress well Brothers, if you plan to marry me as your second, third or fourth wife I would not be interested. I know & aware polygamy is halal & allowed in Islam but I’m very selfish about it. I don’t share my MAN with another lady. Thanks but no thanks. If you not really serious about getting married as yet, just surfing around kindly not initiates anything. I’m only looking for someone who serious about marriage. Drop me a message & we will see how far it will take us. In shaa Allah :) Otherwise thanks for your time reading on my profile. I shall wish you luck in your searching. May you found what you desire for.



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