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Jawa Tengah

1 - 35 of 100
40 Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim "And women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity." (Quran 24:26) I believe that Allah is the best matchmaker. I realized that I was not perfect and had a lot of flaws. And I pray that Allah will allow me to be in a relationship with a pious Muslim, who loves Allah and the Messenger of Allah PBUH, loves the Qur'an and makes the Qur'an & As-Sunnah guide in his daily life. For this reason, I tried to solidify myself so that before Allah I deserve to be in a relationship with a good Muslim who is Allah-pleased. Alhamdulillah Allah makes it easy for me to do prayers 5 times and also other sunnah prayers (rawatib, duha, tahajjut, witr). May Allah make it easier for me and all of you to be able to istiqamah in doing it every day by hoping for the blessing of Allah alone. Amen I'm looking for the love of whoever loves Allah and the love of those deeds which would draw me to attaining Allah's love. I'm still learning about my deen and how to become a better Muslima. I like outdoor activities & sports: yoga, pilates, swimming, hiking, jogging. Keeping fit, stay in shape, maintain health as gratitude to Allah. And I love love love and respect mother nature. I love gardening and have pets.. parrots. Ou, I talk to my parrots, my trees, my flowers too... ahahaha. Sounds weirds, huh? I know. But it's calming and very relaxing. I love those beautiful creatures and somehow they help me become more balanced person. They taught me about unconditional love, patience and the beautiful process of "growing". And nature only response to clarity and I really don't like hypocrites and hypocrisy. There are beautiful reasons why Allah created plants & animals first than humans ... and I feel Allah's love is so great to us. MashaAllah I hope I can married to a true Muslim. . a family man gentleman who fear of Allah soon. As I'm 37th now (38 soon) and I'm still want to have a healthy & beautiful kid. You, the one who can be my Imam, my partner in life, partner in love, my bestfriend.. and most of all be my partner to Jannah. Let's grow old beautifully and raise our children together in sakina mawwada warahmah family. InshaAllah



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