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46 Bengkulu, Benkula Province, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 50 - 58
PLEASE REVIEW AND READ MY COMPLETE PROFILE BEFORE CONTACING/LANDING ME. THANKS! I am the mother of my two orphans the sher and the sham. Inshallah 🙏😍 simple, in all cases, I am a hard worker 💪 and a skilled cook 🥞🍳 so I will not let my husband and son hunger. 😄 Thank God Almighty for the Usawhich God has put away, the enough for us to live. I have Faith, Tath and perseverance are also afraid of the God SWT. I want to perfect worship by worshiping and serving in a priest responsible to me for both my sons, "the one who knows us Ta,what was agreed on you. ☺ If I am your choice, I will do it. We both ask God SWT.🤲😊 kalo still have my wife do not want yaa. 😄 I am not a woman as a ""man who wants on honey 🤫 if she is still a wife please don't chat ok🤝 the soup is a shame when it turns out to be dismantled and people 🙏 I am 46 years old and look for a husband who is above me between 48-60 years old. I don't like my friend's credit, so I won't spend your money on branded stuff, just to get my big credit. I love the money, that's why I want to bring my money to death. 😁 with the neatsof the orang" in need, Also the pen helped the children education " orphans 😊😃 while my two children are able to fund😃 I'm helping the mosque building at pesantren hafik Qur'an where my son is hyacinth 🤲🤲Aamiin Yah rob 😉 I love listening to the story of the " doen sharing story and I will share it One advice that needs my help or advice. 😍😊 my dream is to build a homestay for orphans and Dhuafa. ✌🏻Aku wish to sit next to paradise with our Prophet (saas) this is ✌🏻 will you build a House for us? 😄 Youuk we build 🕌 Mosque for us😉 be my prayer friend Share a shared story, fill the day with quiet worship, a praying that specials exchange studies from our Study Teacher. Be someone who wants to support and help me in the Tvoice and intercession in executing the SWT commandments. 🤝Kosong,t-lenliveis set to sembilan6 p.m.,kosong8kosong set-on-set-up,🙏