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67 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 40 - 47
Body style: Few Extra Pounds
انثى شرقية الملامح
52 Aţ Ţūr, South Sinai, Egypt
Seeking: Male 70 - 45
Body style: Few Extra Pounds
Look for a man who is more likely to look at my head than the rest of my body. They treat me as a man who has a heart and a mind and not a female just a bowl for his memory! I'm looking for a man who is holding a dialog with me and finding something to say. He discusses me and disagrees with me instead of delivering his undisclosed flavors, perhaps the oak will be symbolized. If you smile! Look for a man who believes that women are value added in society and not a burden. An enthusiastic man for women's work, women's ambition, and women's abilities in non-feminine and sisters! Look for a man who understands that love sex is the finest color of love, and that it is the crown of a human relationship that has reached this beach after a refreshing harmony and interlection and not an object to try! Look for a man with his mind, his nails, his scent, his scent of responsibility, his head on his chest, and I do not fear and taste the taste of reassurance with him because he is linked to a person, not just a female who gets his instincts into trouble! Look for a man who teaches me, does not train me, forgives me to make a mistake, gives me a drop of his experiences, becomes a lighting that lights up my shadows and a bike that I always carry in the way of life! I am looking for a man who tells me about his defeat before his victories, telling me about his suffering before his battles in which he triumphed and his opponents sounded. Look for a man, not a hero of paper! I am looking for a man who takes me from my own vengetions, shout me by my mistakes, points to my hyavati and hates me. All this is with the good of the Father, the tolerant of the beloved and the friendliness of the friend. Look for a man with a life experience that is my parachute and my prayers, not a flat man who needs to lead him! Look for a man who turns the warmth of our friendship into love and crowns love with engagement.
27 Meknes, Meknès-Tafilalet, Morocco
Seeking: Male 22 - 32
Body style: Few Extra Pounds
41 Sidi Bouzid, Sidi Bou Zid, Tunisia
Seeking: Male 32 - 43
Body style: Few Extra Pounds
You see i am this girl that we do not note by necessarily , the who knows remains discrete when it should be . The one who laughs all the time, that series of everything and for all, and even she, who laugh on its own jokes even if they are null . The one who is not afraid of the ridiculous, who said everything that passed him by the head. That for which it will be given when we are not going well, but the one that very little is known. The one who always says to go well, because we believe strong. The one who constantly positive, in any situation and who remains calm in most of the time. The one who knows how to check, who has learned to be silent when it was necessary. The one with which we can talk about the hours of all and of nothing, without it we judge, or we are criticized. And who in fact do critical almost nobody, yes because when she doesn't like someone, it is not interested in that person. That which the morning rises lulled by the music and always with a smile to the lips, which is placed and peignera, because it has to be well. That when it rains, simply takes an umbrella instead of grunting. Yes because you have to make do. That which has a huge smile as you get off the bus, in resuming its friends. That which is closest with the guys, that the girls enjoy in general hardly. The one who does not believe in the stroke of lightning, but to the hope of finding love. Yes because that is the one which is more often fall on the ground that in love. The one who has full of dreams and projects in mind. That which does not decrease the arm easily. The one who cried a good kick, and then after mouse. That which to the joy of living, the one who understood that they had only one life and we needed to know enjoy his own happiness :))



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