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British Columbia

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63 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 46 - 56
45 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 40
I'm a lover of all sorts. From photography, cooking, reading right to lying in the grass star gazing. I find deep connections with music and nature. No, not that Wiz Khalifa garbage but rather music that touches the soul. Be it Zakir Hussain, Angus and Julia Stone, or anything that has depth. I do enjoy hip hop (more old school), rnb, trance, electronica and indie but it's really based on what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. I like exploring Spotify or YouTube finding hidden gems. I would love to learn an instrument one day (guitar, sitar, tabla, flute or piano). As far as nature goes, I'm originally from Canada therefore was used to snowboarding, hiking, biking, rollerblading, canoeing and camping. I've always felt closer to God when I'm far away from the city lights and engulfed in his beauty. I would take star gazing over a night out any day! Unfortunately being in Texas doesn't allow me to elope as often as I would like therefore I feel this sense of restlessness. I've traveled to a few countries but still have a long list of places I want to explore (Greece, Italy, Maldives, the Northern Lights to name a few). I would like to do a marathon at least once just to say I did one. Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro is another one. I do have my eyes on skydiving, I just have to make some time and go do it. I'm a very passionate person and find motivation through my passion. That's probably why I don't like things only at surface level. I enjoy conversations that have substance not the typical "hi, how are you? how was your day? what did you eat? blah... I tend to analyze a lot and that doesn't always work to my advantage. Sometimes it's best to jump right in and take things as they come rather than dotting every I and crossing every T. Not only do I want to pursue adventures but I want to accomplish things that I can leave behind. Philanthropy is important to me. We often overlook the littlest of things we're blessed with and therefore I want to offer opportunities to those that would have have one otherwise. I'm an IT professional working for a company I co-founded. I got tired of the corporate life. I'd like to put my effort into something I can watch grow and hopefully this will allow me to pursue my philanthropy. I'm a devoted father. My son is everything to me. Although I've been separated for almost 2 years now, I try and see him everyday regardless of my schedule. I do not want him to ever feel abandoned in any way. I'm usually out swimming with him, playing soccer or biking. Now that he's grown out of his bike seat, I'm trying to get him to learn how to bike on his own so he can bike while I run. Our weekly ritual was to pack a lunch, go to White Rock and bike. There was no better feeling to see him sitting between my arms with his eyes wide open enjoying the moment. It broke my heart that he outgrew his seat and can longer sit with me. Oh, how fast they grow! On a lighter note, I love to laugh. I'm a clown by nature and always cracking jokes over silly things. I enjoy having my alone time and being in the mix of friends. I love people who are optimistic and always smiling regardless the difficulties they face. That actually motivates and helps me get through with whatever I'm dealing with. It reminds me that it ain't all that bad :) Naturally I'm a giver and the character types I mesh well with are funny, optimistic, intelligent, humble, a giver, generous and open minded. I want relationships in my life that will make me a better person. I like surrounding myself with people I can learn from and mutually share things that we are passionate about. As for the separation. There are some legal matters we are waiting on before we can proceed. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about. Rumi
55 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 29 - 44
Assalam alaikum....I am a 49 year old single man....6th tall 220 pounds with green eyes. I am university educated and a freelance writer. I would consider myself a member in the Party of Ali (Shia)....but would date a Sunni who was not a Wahabbi or Salafist. I am an outspoken critic of Zionism, the West, and globalism.....consequently...I have a lot of admiration for Hasan Nasrallah and for the integrity of Hezbbolla. I do not believe that Islam is incompatible with the modern world....I do not believe that the Koran demands the full hijab for women....or that they are forbidden from driving a car or walking alone without male supervision....nor do I believe the official Zionist accouny of 9-11: true Muslims would never do what they did that day....and the events defy the laws of physics....buildings do not collapse into dust without explosives. I know a lot about the Middle East..the history....and various schools. I am very easy going, funny, romantic,, and affectionate...And I would like to meet a practicing Muslim woman for marriage and who is eager to begin a new life with me in Canada....and help me be a better man. Love, loyalty, and friendship are for me the most important elements for a successful relationship.I want a traditional woman who is eager to please her husband....In return...I am not unfaithful...nor do I lust over other women. I have 2 older teenagers from a previous marriage Who I see frequently. Serious inquiries only....please do not contact me without a photo or with expectations of easy Canadian citizenship ( do not insult my intelligence: I am a smart man). Thanks for reading my profile.



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