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42 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 25 - 38
Respecting Women Is Very Important Because They Are Our Mothers,Sisters,Wives & Daughters. A woman is soft, kind, and loving. When you are in danger, she is always ready to sacrifice herself to save you. So never forget to respect her.LOVE & RESPECT HER AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Please don’t send me messages for Friendship,Because I am not here for Friendship or looking a girlfriend,I am here only for Halal Marriage,So don’t ask me my cell phone number or what’s app number or my E-mail address, Thank You for understanding, Ya Allah Grant Me Someone Who Will Hold My Hand To Jannah. I don't like Parties or Dance Clubs,Drinking Or Smoking, I would rather stay at home all alone or watch English Movies or Pakistani Dramas. MARRIAGE IS NOT ABOUT AGE IT'S ABOUT FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON. I AM A VERY SIMPLE And a Nice Guy,I Belong To A Middle Class Family,But I Can give a Good Life to My Future Wife,Because I have a Full Time Job here in Canada. I can Speak Lots Of Languages such as(English,Urdu,Chinese,Hindi,Punjabi,Saraiki,) I love Kids very much,I love my niece so much,She is 3 years old,She was born in Calgary, Canada,She is very very Cute MashaAllah,I want almost 3 Children in the future,And I have a plan to Raise my Children here in Canada with the help of my Future Wife,Because of their better future,And we will go to Disneyland Park California,USA every year with our Children InshaAllah . I BELONG TO A VERY NICE, SIMPLE & EDUCATED Family,Alhamdullillah I was raised by my Parents. Me & MY ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ARE LIVING IN CANADA.I Pray Five Times a Day,I do Fasting during Ramadan. I visited many Countries in the world,Such as UK,China,UAE,Pakistan,Maldives,Saudi Arabia & Canada,Now I am Planning to go for Umrah or Hajj with my Future Wife after Marriage InshaAllah. I Consider only Halal Activities,Even I am living in Canada ,But I never make a Girl Friend Or (Female Friend)in my Whole life. I don't have anyone in my life yet,I don’t have a girlfriend ,I don't need girlfriend as well,I need only a Loving & Caring Wife & She will be my Best Friend InshaAllah,And I am still searching for her,that's why I joined this Muslima Site,And I believe in Allah,One day he will give me a Loving wife through this site InshaAllah. And it will be the most Happiest Day of my Life InshaAllah. My Qualifications. MBA (Master’s Of Business Administration). Master's Degree In Economics,MA (Economics). I have a Plan to Start my Own Business,InshaAllah. Diploma In Hotel & Tourism Management Nursing (HCA)Calgary (Canada) Certifications For Security Professionals,Calgary,Canada Nationality:-I am a Dual National (Pakistani Canadian) I WOULD BE VERY SINCERE & LOVING FOR MY FUTURE WIFE INSHAALLAH, ITS MY PROMISE WITH HER. I will be her friend first and then husband,InshaAllah. I will give her a Security & Protection, When you marry someone, though, you are making the promise that you will be crossing any bridges you reach together. You will do it whether you are walking side by side holding hands, or whether one of you is pushing the other in a wheelchair. You will cross each bridge you find along your journey with the quiet confidence that your partner is going to be stepping onto the other side with you. I Promise to Stick by you through tough times, I Promise to kiss you even when you have bad breath sometimes (😜😘🤦‍♂️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦). I Promise I will keep things Exciting, I Promise I will do my best for our Children, I Promise I will take care of you aswell. THANK YOU.
35 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 25
I have a sweet and passionate heart. I am a well educated engineer. I teach Arabic in my free time. I am looking for my other half. I am looking to complete my deen. I am looking for that companion that will live with the sorrows and joys of life together until we apart from this world. I am fair, tidy, funny and humorous in my nature. I can be romantic with the right person. All those who know me praise the girl that I will marry as I will live a special life with her. Message me if you feel we can be a good couple together :) عن نفسي، لبناني الأصل، أعيش في كندا بتواضع منذ 10 سنوات، قلبي طيب و حنون مرة، مثقف، محافظ، مهندس، مرح، اريد الستر بالحلال عن الحرام، مغترب و لكن قلبي معلق بالدول الإسلامية كلها. عادل، منتظم، إجتماعي، وجهي بشوش، كريم النفس، مقدر للظروف و الأحوال، مراعي للتغييرات النفسية. أغلب من يعرفونني يمدحون نصيبتي في الحياة و جميل حظها فيي كثر ركوزي و طيبة قلبي. أحب العادات العربية الأصيلة و أحب الاختلاط بمجتمع جديد. ان شاء الله أكون عند حسن ظنكم و ظن أهاليكم. انا سعيد بوجودي هنا و أتمنى من الله أن يجمعني بنصف عمري و بفتاة أحلامي عن قريب بإذن الله.
32 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 28
*Only from usa or canada * I am very passionate about life and live it to the fullest whenever i can . believe that compromise gives a relationship a better chance of survival. l am very confident, self- motivated, aggressive, open minded, understanding non judgmental and mentally fit.My finances are stable, which allows me to live independently. I'm a gentle, loving and caring person with a marvelous sense of humor, love to laugh and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. I am bluntly honest, loyal and expect the same from others. I have my personal shortcomings and issues, as we all do but nothing serious . can be spontaneous, but l prefer planned events. I am seeking a partner whose beauty comes from within and in her manners, must be genuine, responsible, confident, assertive, independent and open-minded. I am looking for someone who wants to be Happy and is motivated to work hard to achieve her goals in life and wants a good man to share that with. I am looking for a friend, a companion and a lover. I believe that communication is the Key...keeping it simple and being truthful all of the time. A person needs to understand that happiness comes from within and no one can make you happy until you are happy with yourself. A person must be self-accepting and understanding that in order for a relationship to succeed,each person has to be complete within themselves. Relationships fail because one partner takes the other for granted, or make the assumption that the relationship will run on auto-pilot. We are accountable for our own actions roles in our relationships, be it friends or more, and maintain a mutual respect and concern for them ,embrace life, Love, and enjoy the moment.. One final thing that I would like to mention is am a SELFLESS person, which should not be interpreted for anything less or more than what it is... This does not mean that I am a sucker for a smile or anything else its just those little things make me happy and its meaning everything i am always thought of.
43 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 22 - 37
1 if you don't have a profile picture , there is no need to contact me. Si tu n ' as pas de photo sur ton profile , ne me contacter pas du tout Truth be told : inviting a relationship into your life can be a daunting experience , but it is worth it .It has a big reward for every individual when you end up being with your life partner !!!!!! Let me put it in very simple words. I am new to Calgary .I have been here for almost 6 years . my driving force has been my heart desires and dreams .I am originally from Morocco and I have lived before in the States and Egypt as well . I am a citizen now , so I do not need anyone to help me stay here . I do work in the field of education and I take so much pride in what I am doing and how much difference I make in people 's life every single day . The only missing thing is that I am trying to find my pace in a place where it is all about how much you make and not who you are and what you appreciate in life . I need to share my achievements and my journey with someone and this is the missing piece of the puzzle , but I won't give up .forces beyond my control can take everything from me except one thing is the freedom to choose how to react and respond to such a situation. I am very perseverent and persistent .I have a great job which I enjoy doing very much .It is my passion .Even if it is time and energy demanding .I still can find time to do things I like to do when I am not work .I would like to met someone and hang out with , have a great conversation or watch a movie , have coffee together , why not a good meal as well . Are you willing to take a chance on special person .There is still a lot of good in humanity. I know a relationship is a work in prgress and it takes time and a lot of energy , but I am positive that we might find someone and get to know each other and have a life together . I am a down to earth person , I have strong value , I know what I want in life and I am very outgoing , kind , loyal , funny , loving , caring and stubborn . I like to do a lot of things when I am not at work I like to go to the movies , play soccer , go shopping , go jogging , go to the gym and I like to go hiking as well ... I am interested very much in learning languages and meeting people from different cultures. I am looking forward to meeting someone here and taking it from there . Here I come to you with open arms .I am taking the risk and not afraid of being heart broken or disappointed , so won't you take a chance on me .I am great man with a big heart . I still want to learn a lot of stuff with the other person .I won't hesitate to try out new things . ." A la recherche de celle qui saura me rendre heureux et à qui je pourrai rendre ce même bonheur" se decrire est tres difficil, je n ai que des qualités forcement lol, non des defauts aussi comme tout le monde, a vous de decouvrir une homme vrai, entier avec bcp de caractère, mais gentil qd mm



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