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53 White Plains, New York, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
42 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 45
So I’m going to tell you a little bit about me, cause my stories very long… I will give you a brief about me, but you will learn about me a lot more if you follow my site, believe me, it’s worth it. I was born in Chicago I was given the name Goldo, which means fat in Spanish, my father gave me this name, cuz apparently I ate everything in sight. I moved to Puerto Rico for a little bit. I have a very shallow memory of me in Puerto Rico, all I can remember my mother washing the floorboards, I know crazy. All I remember is being happy. so I moved to Pennsylvania, I remember I didn’t know any English, which is funny now I speak more English than I speak Spanish. I remember this foul odor, cuz I moved in the countryside I was born in the city of Chicago, and then the mountains of Puerto Rico, this was a new smell to me… I surrounded by cornfields … it was not easy growing up. My uncle use to abuse me. Any used to let my brother watch things that he’s not supposed to watch, and what that did was the domino effect on the siblings. It Staind my sister head and mines… but after a while, we caught on, I and my sister became very close! I went to Upstate New York I learned how to sell drugs there, I was addicted to the life, cuz I can have my cake and eat it too, I can enjoy friendship, and making money to afford the things that I want to buy. no more depending on my family. unfortunately Involved, myself a Puerto Rican gang Called Netas, But it’s funny, I never looked at them as a gang… more like family even though I had family that was in it. got in big trouble… let’s say I did something that I was not supposed to do, almost cost me my life. The only thing I could do is just run away, all my life Trouble Follows me, but today I see it a little bit more different. I followed trouble because this is what I thought I was Design for. I went back to Pennsylvania… from New York, I found out that my father was selling drugs. and my mother and father got back together. this was like a dream come true, us as a family again, and my sick thinking… I thought it was cool that my father was a Kingpin. Through my previous years, of doing drugs, I finally got off the bandwagon and combined forces with crackheads. I was really bad because I had unlimited access where I end up hasn’t unlimited access 2 crack cocaine. I end up becoming crazy because the amount that I was smoking beating on my brain… But one day I got sober for 18 years, and I fell one more time, but I don’t regret it… I am here blogging with you now because of my relapse. I lost so much, but I went to jail on June 2nd, 2016 around 7 in the morning, I had a lot of thinking in jail, August, I went to a rehab Unfortunately I got into a big fistfight, that place me into the hospital my right side of my face needed plastic surgery. ever since that day my life has changed. I am a better reader now, I understand what I read, I’m a lot smarter… some people call me an accidental genius. I say, that God gave me another chance and open my eyes… that fight almost killed me. even right after that fight I got into another one that leads me into a wheelchair for almost a year. That’s when I it’s up that I wanted to study Islam & Christianity… I was not playing any defense or offense. I kept as a free agent trying to configure what is the real religion to join, now I teach Islam as the best that I can, please ask me why did I become Muslim salaam alaikum
40 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 37
(The following was C&P'd from a questionnaire. I just can't write an "about me" in earnestness. It's accurate but don't take the answers too seriously.) I split my time between Michigan and New York with work. I appreciate people and I think that makes things work out in ways I can't predict. Does that make sense? If you have personality, are outgoing, interested in the world around you, we'll get along. Kind, trustworthy, loving, fun, empathetic and caring too? Surely that isn't so rare. Being down to earth and not taking life and myself too seriously are important but so is being responsible and accomplishing things. We all have our types. I've dated the prettiest girl in the room which may be a character flaw of mine, but charisma, confidence, big personality and how one carries themselves are important rather than simply appearance. Oh, and a little crazy is great, just be still functional, brilliant crazy not the bad crazy. Try it with me, being full of life, not sweating the small stuff, ready for a new adventure at any moment (-that was stolen, but it summarizes everything). I like to laugh, I'll jump into help.. I'm happy at the Tikki bar, happy being pulled along by the hand by a laughing woman... I'm pretty blessed; educated, financially well situated, in good shape physically, and have a circle of good friends and family. To cherish above all things the person who loves me and their love, especially if I love them is the biggest lesson I've learned in life so far. Female friends talk incessantly about too many guys being really "basic" and blah, tasteless, so I try not to be. Boring, mousey and overly-reserved isn't good in either sex. I know you can't always wear make-up, do your hair, get a tan, wear a dress or gown- but do you want to be all utilitarian ALL the time? It's great to workout and diet but it's also okay to get sun, eat and drink too and to look like ya do. My suggestion? Sing, dance, be loud, silly, sweet; engage people! Have fun with your hair (go big or go home?), wear big sunglasses or wear the sexy choker. Wear a flower in your hair and hand it to someone... send the sexy pic or recording of you singing to the guy you love... send it to me if you're Haifa Wehbe. What I’m doing with my life... I'm simple and I know what I want. I want good conversation, a good laugh, good food, good sex, good health, a good workout or dancing or whatever... to know business is good, to know I did a good deed, and to know people I care about are good. Above- to be loved with full commitment. If that happens and with some variation, I'm happy. To me, the best thing that can be said is that I'm a good person and friend- I hope I'm that. My family roots are mostly from Cuba and Lebanon (which means I really dance well. Not really. I do debka and salsa occasionally and soca too and I'm passable)... It's rare for me but I'm no stranger to hookah lounges, I will smoke a cigar on a special occasion with a bourbon or mojito at an event or even arak - it is no more bitter than life itself. You're welcome to join me but it's not a must. My household was religiously mixed, our practice intellectual more than ritual- religion does play a part of my life. Um, I did an MBA/MPA at NYU and Cornell but left law school though I loved it - gotta grow up sometime. By the same token I wish I had just used the money and years to do something else, just don't know what. So work is at an international consulting firm dealing real estate, financial investment and management, immigration (business and professional related especially) and legal issues. It's fine for now but... I also work at a university and do some college admissions /financial aid advising- pro bono at times to keep up the good karma. I formerly worked in international policy so I'm always up for a discussion of international relations, policy, sociology, etc. Whatever you do I'm fine, and whatever your goals and dreams are, I wanna help. It's an odd quirk. I enjoy helping people "potentiate" I think the word is. I'm in suits or jackets during the week but I'm happy to be casual, wear guayaberas, be at a tropical beach, hike, fish, etc, BBQ, DIY hobbies. (Once lived on a farm). I’m really good at: Projects. Being of help and improve the lives of other. Having information that may or may not be useful? Good convo. Excellent at fixing problems, often by using lateral thinking. Calculated risks. More than anything, being a good friend. Favorite books, movies, shows, music, food and art: Authors; F. Scott Fitzgerald, Guy de Maupassant, Nizar Qabbani, Evelyn Waugh, Elizabeth Nunez, Nick Hornby, Frantz Fannon, Ghassan Kanafani, TS Eliot, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gore Vidal, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Pierre Bourdieu ... This is silly, a favorite book list for me would just go on too long. Films: Criterion Classic type of films but also Wedding Crasher type of films if that means anything. Horror films with someone else. I've seen the "deep" and "make you think" films (Ingmar Bergman I'm looking at you), so I'm a little more light comedy and silly right now. Shows: I don't get to watch much television these days but I guess Frasier, Masterpiece, First 48 Hours, South Park once in a while if I'm vegging out, or a business as background when working? College sports, especially Michigan teams, New York teams. Food: Thai, Comida Criolla, Lebanese, Moroccan, Mexican, Argentine and Brazilian BBQ, BBQ in general... Salads, salmon, fruit smoothies and a weird love for pistachios pretty much is what usually happens. Tacos. Really it's easier to list what I don't like. I don't like pho. The word annoys me. Music: Everything- Acoustic, R&B, Trap, Electronic, Rap, Reggae and Soca/Calypso, Classical, Classic Rock, old Country, Arabic, Latin (Salsa, Rumba, etc.) I'm very analytical but I also love art and culture and being creative and expressive in a non douchey, non pretentious way. That can be painting, clothes, food, music, photography, interior design, architecture, sketching. I spend a lot of time thinking about: Enjoying now, preparing for the future, people who I love. Planning a vacation. And too often I think of what I messed up by being stupid and insensitive but I've learned the lessons and am better for it. You should message me if: You want to get to know me. And if you consider yourself caring, sweet, open, energetic, confident, loving and loyal. If you look like Haifa Wehbe, nothing else matters, just immediately contact me. Just want to give you heads up with that. ;-)
31 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 21
(FYI, that first pic is when I was 21, 2nd one is current).... For now, here is what you should know about me: I'm an entrepreneur. I run multiple businesses. I'm EXTREMELY determined to get what I want. I only make friends with successful people. I stay from negative people who just complain and whine all day LOL. I NEVER GIVE UP and I never stop pushing myself to the next level...I'm talking about an extreme level of high standards that the average person will not be able to bear with. Those standards are in everything I do, including religion, family, business and social interaction. I don't like being an average person...I have hardcore work ethics. I have MAJOR goals in life. I don't waste time hanging with losers and people that have nothing to do but to gossip. I take my time very seriously!! I'm also a very calm and relaxed person...I don't get upset or angry very easily...it takes a whole lot just to make me even think about getting upset. Overall, I just refuse to live an average life with an average job. I like to be in control of my own time. That's why I never had a job since 2009...because I'm just NOT the type person who lives according to someone else's terms and follow orders.....I run my own business now under my own rules. However, I'm sincere in my approach...I understand everything I have is given to me by Allah, and He can take it away from me anytime. I'm passionate about giving back to the community and those in need because showing gratitude to Allah is the least I can do. Religion, family and business is the most important thing to me...although I don't consider myself to be very religious. I pray five times a day but I'm not anybody holy lol. I guess this should give you an overview of the way I am.