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41 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
38 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 37
55 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 39 - 58
I am slim, 5.7 tall, active, intelligent, VERSATILE (University Lecturer, Businessman, now Immigration Consultant), well-educated, having acquired the following qualifications in my academic pursuits: B.Sc. Honours (London University), postgraduate Diploma in Education (E.A.), M.Sc. via botanical research (E.A.), Dip. Electronic Engineering (ICS), Interprov. Red Seal in Electronics (SAIT, Calgary), Immigration Consultant Diploma (Ashton). I have taught all the way from kindergarten, junior through high school as a teacher and as a University pre-med Lecturer. I am focused, goal oriented, easygoing, energetic, thoughtful, kind, considerate, sharing, trustworthy, generous, loving, caring, affectionate, sensuous, romantic gentleman, ready to love and be loved, with a good heart and a good sense of humour. I am the type of guy who digs in when the going gets tough and always stands by his sweetheart as I am a problem-solving confident guy. I like movies, museums, walking, hiking, travel, bicycle rides, swimming, dancing, music, healthy food, NATURE (mountains, waterfalls, oceans, beaches, rivers, lakes, woodlands, forests, African Savannah, clouds, moonlit nights, starry nights), stimulating conversations, cozy atmosphere, and am happiest with a compatible companion. I dislike crowded and noisy places. I love to go out and have fun, but am equally comfortable staying at home with my sweetheart and just relax. I don't particularly like the cold weather as I prefer warm sunny places like Malaysia. I can dress-up (suit and tie) or down (jeans, casuals, khaki shorts, swimming trunks, etc.). I respect different cultures and people. I believe in mutual chemistry and compatibility (emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual), the equality of genders and mutual respect. I am well-traveled and proud of my life-experiences in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania), Europe (Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France), the U.K., Asia, USA, Costa Rica and Canada. I have lived in Calgary for about 30 years and am very much a Calgarian. I have no family in Calgary.
49 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 29 - 35
Here we go describe my self Although it's hard for a person to describe her/him self in few words, I will take this challange for presenation purpose only. Something has been said about me that I am so picky, and detials oriented....in some aspect of life it is good, however in others it's not.... What i do belive is that If you know your self very well, people will not find it hard to know you.....I belive very much in healty style of living . . and time management....its not alwyas work out but i try my best to achieve that........i also belive that each person in this big world has different dictionary, means what is right for you may be its wrong for others.....respect is very important to others opinions.....I was thinking that if we all in this world think the same how our life looks like....there will be no competition and we will never get what we got......every thing has been created for a reason.......and the differences are ment to be....for the benefit of huminity. Ok enough being too serouies...... I also can lugh and joke .....but If I found my self in moody enviroment that would discourge me.....I like sports and be with people...and i like my family to have the same direction. I like independent, determined woman, who like success and doesnt like to fail. I belive impossible doesnt exsist, if you belive in something and your heart in it you can acheive it. I am fond of nature and art. I am romantic clasic and like the bueaty touchs in my staff That's short describtion......Ask me, I will answer your question with open heart
62 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 48
Assalaamu Alaikum to all! smsfarouk would like to wel com you to my yahoo and to extend a heart of appreciation and kindness in accepting me into yours' and of course your life if you find me the deserving one for you. Insha Allah!Am an airlinemaintenance/safety & quality engineer licenced and very professional - culturally and otherwise. I am very matured, simple, loving, romantic and understanding; my hobbies are too numerous to mention but i can assure you of flexibility and adaptability to all factors of human endeavour that is halal - culturally, historically and religiously. I hailed from indian extraction of a heritage from India thence to Guyana thence to the Caribbean and then later to Canada, U.K. and the USA. Left Barbados and now in Trinidad seeking a new contract, Also a Health Advocate as a certified IBO for AMWAY products;f/time sunjet969 to learn more.I do visit Canada regularly where most of my relations are residing.Anyone interested can contact me; am simply a very plain muslim who adores a life style of simplicity, fun, adventure and religious ethics and morals that is reasonably high and exemplary for the young ones in a family. Appreciate your time and thanks for allowing me to at least enter into your heart of love, beauty, kindness and understanding. Insha Allah! May Allah - SWT bless us, help us and protect us and continue to guide us all unto the Straight Path. Ameen! Wassalaam and hope to hear from someone, whoever you are and wherever you may be! Insha Allah! Left Toronto to meet smsfarouk and communicate at yah who dot com and now in Edmonton at skyp sheik farouk seeks only one spouse for life until death with u.. I do have a USA visa and willing to meet with anyone in the USA to Nikka and settle. Insha Allah.Feel free to make your choice and i promise you to be faithful, loving, caring, sincere, honest and true in every respect. Why?Because i am a Believer and i fear my Lord! Oh Allah, please help us all on this website to find our suitable spouse and bless us to fulfill our Deen for the pleasure of your eyes and for the greater benifits of all humanity! Ameen! Jazak Allah Khairun. Wasalaam and Allah's blessings to all!



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