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68 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 52 - 65
As salaam alaikum..... Welcome to my world, how do i begin. I am not so good talking about myself maybe because there is alot to talk about myself. :) :) Am down to earth, easy going and handworking. my friends call me the dream chaser because when I aim at something I always accomplish it no matter what. I am a tolerant person (liberal) and I treat people the way I want others to treat me. Am glad to be where I am today because i have been through worse time trying to accomplish what I have always wanted "success" My hobbies are, swimming, sight seeing(visiting new places) . I Also enjoy being around true friends and family. The most remarkable thing about me is that family is very important to me...also, I love to spend good time with someone valuable. I really love the very simple things in life and I have been brought up by my Mom to respect everyone most especially women, because if not for them i won't have been here. ahahaha. I love nature especially whenever it calls for good. i.e: The shooting stars, rainbow, waves in the sea, the birds whispering and particularly the beautiful flowers we see. I am a bold man who is ready to unleash the great things life has to offer. Moreover, life is too short to be lonely.I need an affair but not just an affair but someone to trust and to hold on to. basically, I believe in action not just words and I believe in reality not fantasy or fairytale. anyways if you really want to get to know me, just feel free to write and ask any question you would love to know... I am an open book
38 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 20 - 34
Hi, im Danny. I`v been single for a good while now and getting bored of being alone 3/4 of the time and to be honest my lil kitten is seriously starting to wish i`d get someone coz she`s about to have a "cuddle overdose" lol :-D (Btw; Mogwai,my little kitten/Soul mate/guardian angel is extremely important to me and anyone who I date will have to at least not be rude to her,she snuggles up A LOT at night so no throwing her off the bed,,i just happen to have a very deep connection to that cat. :-) so if your not one of those girls who`ll end up throwing a jealousy fit or going sour over a cat then; hey,im danny and I take it that your a cat person too lol,the cat`s name is Mogwai-Magnotta lmfao and she`s the cutest silliest little gizmo ever. ok so a lil aboot me I guess lol; 1)I cook fn` amazing and im a bit O.C.D on the cleaning ect, so yeah im one of those French frogs who likes to do it all around the house,dunno why,cooking,laundry,dishes ect all just seem to relax me and allows me to think about things (as if I don't think enough already lol) 2)im a HUGE metal-head, I think I know about like over 200-300 bands from all over the world,my favorite metal bands are: (BRUTAL TRUTH/ NAPALM DEATH/ OTYG/ TOOL/ BEHEMOTH/ TODAY IS THE DAY/ CRADLE OF FILTH/ SEPULTURA/ DEFTONES/ KORN/ i also listen to a lot of world music (Mongolian shamanic chants/ Asian music/ Kenyan tribal chants/ Japanese bamboo flute/Islamic nasheeds/ Tibetan Buddhist chants ect ect 3)Im a recent convert to Islam so im not into games and dishonesty I want someone pure for something pure. I like a women who can think for herself,not a slave coz that actually disgusts me.