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44 Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Seeking: Female 20 - 45
I was working as Director with one of the top CMM Level 5 American based company. Worked as Technical Senior Program Manager for HP Enterprise. I am Anglo-Asian origin. .Everyone one should have good attitude to one another. At times if any any misunderstanding happens between, everyone should have posive attitude to to forgive each other and one can correct other in loving and positive way instead of rebuking that person. My Indian Christian mother Named Mary is only family I have and she involve in charity work activities in Church but my white english dad whose religion was Islam has died. I am looking for Wives who are caring , loving and non judgemental and understanding and give space to each other to grow.I prefer my wive to be business woman to continue to expand Business, highly qualified in Engineering to start new company and expand business, highly influential politically to build ecosystem for financial empire, Doctor with own clinic, Highly qualified professional in particular domain with decent pay and very modern in nature even though may be many kids which can be taken care through appointed governor . I am offspring of mixed religion Christianity and Islam.I respect all religions but believe in abrahamic God alone. I also expect my partners to be spiritually strong in prayer to bring best miracles that we can enjoy beautiful life on earth as well as in Heaven.Good lifepartners criteria are who can be very strong to get bigger miracles through prayers and also teaches me same to do get it from creator beside very spiritual in nature, very attractive, do prefer personally white skin color but I do not discriminate on skin color and also Honesty is very important relationship among life partners as expected .For example, I do not want to see my wives sleeping with some boyfriends ,its like cheating loyalty of husband..i can forgive for sometime but if its happening repeatedly even after politely saying to any wife or all wives for whom proof is found then divorce can happen but ofcourse Yes give them space to have friends for social gathering and meeting officially or travelling with them for some event or get toghther or functions but they should not take advantage of Husband trust in them.. Just like Abrahamic God is zealous God, I am zealous man too. .I am not a paid member as of now. I will be paid member sooner.I am simple and honest man need same kind of women for life.I am not dominating man .I never want to beat my wives but extreme cases become silent alone and within same day I will pronounce divorce to whom proven guilt is found repeatedly. I do not like moral policing. My wive can stay fashioable and wear short dress .no issue but main point to stay loyal with me by Grace of God.I do not smoke and drink for health reason and be to free from spiritually moral.I stay away from bad company of people who may have bad intentions to trap etc.However I have no problem with my partners habbit or morality as it is between them and God. God can forgive but we should avoid getting into any sins.
32 Hisār, Haryana, India
Seeking: Female 20 - 37