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Al Qāhirah

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53 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypte
Cherchant: Homme 48 - 55
I'm 53 years Muslim beautiful white complixion, kind, romantic riligous honest woman from good social level and have conservative values and good family relationship. I look much younger than my age 🥰 and hope to find my soulmate who looks like me 🙏 i am 155cm tall and 63 kg I have sense of humour. I am cultured and speak well. Wear hijab and well dressed. Love sports specially walking. I am divorced and didn't have kids . love to keep cats so i have 2 beautifful cats 🐱.but front keep dogs. I am graduated at Faculty of education but didn't work years ago. I like feeling as woman and take good care of myself and my health and my appearance 😍 My dad and om were general managers in Ministry of education before retirement. I have one brother who is a pharmacist and the owner of medicine company in Egypt and eaurope . One sister who is a doctor in Canada. I think that i am Eve as Adam desires 😊. I search for a real man who i dream to be my love, friend, and support.i want him to be generaos, romantic, riligous, hansome with good social level.don't smoke. Take good care of himself and appearance. His age between 48 and 55 years. A man who searches for love and happiness ❤ 💚 53 ans ❤️الطول 155 ❤poids 63K ❤licence d'éthique, je ne travaille pas actuellement ❤divorcée et ❤n'a pas eu ❤niveau social respecté et je suis le père et la mère de la pension, Directeur général de l'éducation et de l'éducation. ❤frère pharmacien ❤soeur de son médecin ❤blanc, tout ❤, et des Bédouins plus petits que moi, Cénier. ❤ dans deux pôles Chirazi, je me sente en douceur ❤, en douceur, en érudit, en très vive animosité, en raison de sa société, de son amour de la lisieet du régime. J'ai moi-même porté un intérêt à la question de la dialectique. Son grand-père et son hôte, Zero Hacher Atenin, qui l'a aigue, l'a aimante, quarante-neuvième et douze chevaux de vie dans le Qahr, l'Alexandrie ou son fils , ❤, et il a été associé à un homme âgé de moins de 18 ans ou d'un peu plus âgé et a une forme de plus jeune qu'il souhaite vivre avec les jeunes En temps voulu. Karim et Romansi. 😍collaborateur 😍 ❤ bonne ❤ne doit pas être âgé de 48 à 55 ❤ans et ne doit pas être le propriétaire de l'évacuation et des Serbes. ❤est un diplôme de haut niveau social respecté et respecté, dont la longueur est compatible avec un poids plus profond et plus créateur et qui assume ses responsabilités. Sans enfant et avec capacité, il est préférable de ne pas avoir un seul enfant 🙏ne pas avoir ❤ même niveau de vie et de vie sociétaux
27 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypte
Cherchant: Homme 25 - 37
Fb/mernaabualnas Years Muslim Aquarius Finished Faculty Of Arts Sociology Department No Bad Or Fake i hate people who don't respect their words, lying, cheating, know more than one girl, only give orders, not respect you, hide stuff, have no time for me, who don't give you without asking and the one who have a fake or bad personality. if it's meant to be it will come, if not something good for you will done, just wait that good something for only one, who can make the impossible possible with fun, make your wishes true with do what's right for you, happy ending always know in all stories in bookstores, but with believe and do they really come true in real world Screw. To just talking about maturity, good with bad, real, true, honest and principles we will take an age?! Nous Dieu et Dieu Sometimes you need a good person in this life. I guess religions, praying, loyal, pure, kind, humanity, true, honest, never cheating or lying at u and never leave u is rare to find! If you're lucky you will find him/her if not you will live alone forever! Some can't live with people who not good from inside. Unfortunately that's Me Can't live with bad person! You just need someone to love u so much without any conditions pure love for living you want feel you alive with someone who really understand you Ambassador Humanity to look after all people in war, poor, children, wife, safe humanity all over the world. I have no experience but I'm sure I'm perfect in my field. I love my field so please trust in me, Honest, Humanitarian, I respect differences, Kind, Treat people by who they are not by names, religions, colour or nationalities. Aquarius is an idealist who believes in true love. They are always searching for a best friend and soulmate in one. What makes you feel happy? Anglais (Accent, Movies,Music,Songs), Adventure,Blue,Dance,Dolphins,Horse, Kind, Sea,Sky,Strange Minds, Traveling. I adore Cello,Violin,Guitar,Ballet, Opera, Photographer,Gallery,Museums, Traveling, Tourism, Qur'an, Writing,Reading, Books, Quotes,Babies,Tulips,Sea,Sky, Space, Sociology, anglais, Humanity, Peace, Make People Happy Blue,Silver,Pink, Green, Red Charity Works, Running,Yoga, Horse Riding,Walking, Dancing, Honest, Hope Loyalty, Strange Minds Every person is different from the other and i know that i am different, i don't like to be traditional so i am mysterious,crazy and all the other recipe that you can use to describe someone strange, In short i'm Muslim girl, girl dreams and hopes, I really don't care what people say about me. I want my place in the world to serve the purpose of why i'm here ... basically, i'm ME MYSELF... Curieux de bons حنينة simple عميقةالتفكير عاشقةضحك intelligentes هادية شقية عاقلة مجنونة sociales spontanée explicites sensibles إنفعالية مزاجية عندية " moi tout حاجه et inverser l'habillement chaque حاجه p temps الصح " ne Dieu que Dieu سَيِّدَنَا Mohamed le Messager d'Allah And your Lord says, "Call upon Me; I will respond to you. " Le رَبُّكُمُ ادْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ vous إهدِنَا bonne voie droites dit Rasul initial de Dieu et une paix qualifiant حبه للسيده خديجه terrestre de Dieu par " Je رزقت حبها " ne تستعجلوا رزقكم est venue ... 3 de l'ouvrage à l'amour et الحياه d/ Mustafa Mahmoud " si vous avez dit que معجزه amour peuvent seraient un remède maladies quelle procédure pourrait être scientifiquement et si l'Amour n'يشف personne jusqu'à présent faisant n'apprendre à aimer... 3 سـلآآمٌ p أولئكـ qui s'estimaient جِـدآرَ روحكـ veut ينقـضَ .. أقـآموه. 3 You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you're doing, where you are, who you're with, and if you're OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy. - Love, Rosie Movie. "Be the change you want to see in the world", de Mahatma Gandhi
42 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypte
Cherchant: Homme 36 - 46
ربنا يكتب الخير انا بنت من أصول عربيه لدى تعليم راقى جدا وكان لدى عمل راقى ومميز ولكن ربنا لميريد لى استكمال فيه لظروف صحيه ومرضيه ليس لدى عمل منذ ٤ سنوات حيث اعانى من مرض مزمن يؤثر عليافى العمل اعيش بمفردى منذ ١٥ عاما بدون عائله للاسف عائلتى فى دوله اخرى ولا يريدون تحمل مسؤليتى او مسؤليهمرضى وصحتى لم اتزوج من قبل والحمد لله حجيت منذ ١3 عاما وليس لدى اى اصدقاء او علاقات مع اىجاليه عربيه فأنا معظم وقتى فى البيت اعتقد انى شخص غير اجتماعى ولكن هاديه جدا ومثقفه كثيرا ولا احب الزحامولا الضوضاء نهائيا لا اعتقد انى مستعده للانجاب فى هذا السن وهذه الظروف واتمنى احترام خصوصيتى الشخصيه حالتى الصحيه والاجتماعيهليست مشاع وتسالى للغير ابحث عن اكبر داعم لى فى الحياه ليساندنى فى بقيه عمرى ويقوينى على صبر المرض والالم فان لم اجده فلا اتزوج ويبقى الوحده والغربه افضل لى من ارتباط فاشل يؤلمنى كثيرا وتكون توابعه اكثر صعوبه ابحثعن الثقه والامان اولا فى سنى هذا اعطاء الثقه صعب جدا لان الخطأ تكلفته باهظه واعطاء الثقه لشخص خاطئ يكلفنىحياتى كيف اثق فى شخص عن بعد لا اعرفه وانا فقدت الثقه فى من هم من دمى لا اعلم هلهنا طريق صح ام خطأ فى التعارف ولكن انا شخص صعب جدا ان اثق فى اى انسان بسهوله ولا اعرفماذا افعل ربما عشت وحيده وسوف اموت ايضا وحيده عشت فى غربه وربما اموت ايضا فى غربه



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