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30 Alexandria, Al Iskandarīyah, Egypte
Cherchant: Homme 29 - 48
33 Al Kharţūm, Khartoum, Soudan
Cherchant: Homme 33 - 40
I live in Khartoum Sudan ✋ _ I am a Sudanese girl _ simple _ ambitious _ beautiful _ cultured _ positive _ very ambitious _ educated _ commissionate _ I love change and renewal in life _ serious _ decisive _ I love to know and develop myself always _ I love my work _ I love my family very much _ and I hope to marry the right partner soon, to share our beautiful life together. I am a graduate of the architecture of the Sudan University of science and Technology - I work in the field of marketing and sales and I have developed very much in this field I worked in many companies in different fields thank God I have excellent experience in management And recently I chose the real estate field and I hope in the near future to have my own company in the field of real estate development, on the other hand I am working on establishing my own brand, because I am interested in design and fashion. Every human being has faults and advantages. There is no perfect person - but the most important thing in our generation, especially in the matter of marriage, is that you meet a person who bears you with your faults, more important than he loves your positives and advantages, Because all people appreciate you love your positives and advantages, but not all people can love you or bear with you in your worse cases or understand your true nature, and this is the basis of the relationship, Parce qu'il garantit sa continuité avec le partenaire _ I hope que je finis le lot de la vie soon, la personne I peut faire part de l'acceptation, de la compréhension et de la sérétique et de tous les détails qui la conduisent à se marier.
سلام عليكم
26 Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Maroc
Cherchant: Homme 23 - 34