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47 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 39 - 52
Smoke: Don't smoke
Asalaam Alaykoom, I’m hoping to discover a traditional Muslim man, with conservative values, morals, and manners. I am moving to Iran by May 10th, and going to renounce my American citizenship, and only keep my Iranian citizenship. I refuse to return to USA ever again. I’m only interested in a man who understands he cannot get US citizenship from me, as I will no longer be an American. I offer being a sweet yet very strong wife, resilient, and devoted to both my husband and traditional Islamic virtues. I am a caring, intelligent, and diplomatic person. I’m very loyal, like to stay at home mostly, domestically inclined, pray every day, and take my relationship with Allah very seriously. I also want a Muslim man who only wants to stay living in Iran. I want to live a very strict Islamic lifestyle, not the “anything goes, no morals” western behavior. I prefer to be a housewife, no matter how educated I am, I have experienced the whole career adventure and don’t like it or want it anymore. So you would have an intelligent, educated, devoted and HAPPY housewife, the very best of both worlds, literally enjoying cooking for you daily, keeping a very clean, comfortable, and cozy home for us. I would be very sweet and have consistent behavior, mellow, humorous sometimes, very capable of having intellectual conversation with you but also perfectly willing to keep it simple and quiet as well. The only conditions I have for you is zero violence, i refuse to be abused, ever. I will never tolerate it and have left a man in the past for even pushing me to get his way, I will always leave a man if he makes me afraid for my safety, as is my natural right to peace. That being said, everything else about me you will be so pleased and happy with. I’m not just reasonable, I am extremely generous in all that I am offering to a good man that will treat me well. I offer a life partnership and to be your very best friend, most devoted wife, bringing you emotional support as well as practical everyday comfort and joy. Your best alliance for providing a happy and stable home. I do expect in return caring for my needs as well, protection, devotion, and security. I’m extremely honest and also live and love you in a manner befitting a pious life and wife. I also save all of myself for marriage. If you want a good quality lady then please understand this proves and shows I am trustworthy and deserving of your devotion. Please know I am about 40 pounds overweight, definitely trying to continue losing weight, having every intention to shrink it down again. No surprises and totally truthful about it. I’m chubby for now, but not that ‘fat’ either. Please only write to me if you want to have a good life together as true Muslims, including going to mosque together, and i wear hijab, and you practice what is righteous in the eyes of Allah. I’m a lady and expect proper treatment, i can find predatory men anywhere, not interested... i only want a good man who is serious about living a beautiful and honorable life with me.
27 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 19 - 31
Smoke: Don't smoke
. r I am the only girl who wanted to stay nice and innocent....I don’t like to smoke or drink, I’m not interested in them. I haven’t slept with anyone in my entire life and I won’t do that. I like to behave as my religion says, “Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds”. So, you should leave me forever if you don’t like it. I like to be one’s bride, not one’s girlfriend… What do you want to know about me? I'm naïve - modest - kind - sometimes impatient and nervous - I love playing the piano and guitar and going to parties – I sometimes smoke a cigarette because of grief in my heart – I love having lots of friends- I love tasting different nations' food- When I travel, I'm always proud of my nationality, Iranian – It does not matter whether you see me bad or good– I myself matter and I know that I am good - I'm not hypocritical – I do not tell lies – I love Iranian classic music with a cup of tea and cubed sugar - I am Iranian. Even when I am away, I have Iran and Cyrus necklace on my neck and Iranian handwriting is the sign of my bracelet. There is a poem written on it: The children of humanity are each other's limbs that share an origin in their creator. I am talented in the field of computer. It is my major too. Sometimes, I am a model for fun. My best friend is my guitar. When I play the guitar, I forget everything. I love writing Persian poetry. My favorite music is the Korean Kpop music. I travel a lot. Wherever I travel, I record it with a camera not to forget all roads lead to Rome. I was born on 29 March 1995. I grew up without a father. My mom used to read the Hafez poems for me. This made me crazy about music. My mom showed me the wrongs and the rights. She is far away now, but I feel the more successful I'm, she is the happier... I want to be successful enough that she always laughs. My mom is my first love and my heart beats for the sake of her. Until the day, my heart is still beating and till the time, I am alive, I swear to be with you in all good and bad days I am always with you, I swear, I'm in your seconds, I swear To rain, to sea, to mountains, to this creation, to the Noah's Ark To the moon and the stars, to the seven sky, to my love, to a love up to the point of madness To the meeting moment, I swear, I swear again by repeating the swear To our made promise, I swear, to my being, to your being I swear )My lover: My mom)
22 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 25 - 34
Smoke: Don't smoke
28 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 25 - 35
Smoke: Don't smoke
33 Sanandaj, Kordestān, Iran
Seeking: Male 29 - 45
Smoke: Don't smoke
34 Mashhad, Khorāsān-e Raẕavī, Iran
Seeking: Male 32 - 36
Smoke: Don't smoke
29 Shīrāz, Fārs, Iran
Seeking: Male 25 - 36
Smoke: Don't smoke
30 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 25 - 36
Smoke: Don't smoke
40 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 32 - 44
Smoke: Don't smoke
44 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 40 - 50
Smoke: Don't smoke
43 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 33 - 45
Smoke: Don't smoke
28 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 22 - 32
Smoke: Don't smoke
36 Zāhedān, Sīstān va Balūchestān, Iran
Seeking: Male 28 - 30
Smoke: Don't smoke
31 Akbarābād, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 23 - 46
Smoke: Don't smoke
34 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 34 - 38
Smoke: Don't smoke
36 Kermān, Kermān, Iran
Seeking: Male 34 - 44
Smoke: Don't smoke
22 Ahvāz, Khūzestān, Iran
Seeking: Male 25 - 32
Smoke: Don't smoke
30 Bābol, Mazandaran, Iran
Seeking: Male
Smoke: Don't smoke
22 Qom, Ostān-e Qom, Iran
Seeking: Male 23 - 35
Smoke: Don't smoke
50 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 50 - 59
Smoke: Don't smoke
39 Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 40 - 52
Smoke: Don't smoke
27 Ahvāz, Khūzestān, Iran
Seeking: Male 26 - 41
Smoke: Don't smoke



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