Indian Women Who Does Not Wear A Hijab Looking For Friendship

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30 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Seeking: Male 25 - 33
Wear a Hijab: No
Ãssalamualaikûm, Alhamdulillah... Taking refuge from shaytaan.. Praise due to ALLAH, the most magnificent & merciful... I'm 26yrs old.Born & brought up in Mumbai. I really don't know what to say about myself. First & foremost would like to inform sincerely that I have been given the Surname "Sayed" because of majboori (means Constrained) at the time of my birth. Truly speaking when I knew about it in my college years I was shocked... At that time I decided whomever I marry inshaALLAH I would make sure to make it a first point to know about myself to my woul d be husband. Family Background: I live with my granny (mom's mom). I'm only child to my parents. My parents got separated during my growing year's and left me with my granny. So from childhood I have no contacts with them. My granny is my abbu, ammi, bstfrd and nani all in one.. ^_^ Education: Faithfully saying, I was not much in deen; but from past few months striving to be better Muslimah; having basics islamic knowledge, but willing curious to learn more about deen. Lastly(worldly) duniyaawi qualification H.S.C(Higher Secondary Certificate) from Science stream and having Diploma in teaching course E.C.C.Ed (Early Childhood Care and Education)of 2yrs in 2011. Work: After completing my education I started my career as a pre primary teacher in 2012. Hobbies: Reading books, Cycling in my building society,chitchat with friends, masti being bubbly. Aim: To make ALLAH and my RASOOL (SALLALAHO ALAIHI WASALLAM)proud.And also my granny.To prosper in deen , dyniyaa &hereafter... (inshaALLAH)..Ameen Favourite Author: Sidney Sheldon Favourite Food: Pulao & Sheerkurma /Chocolates. Favourite Colours: Pink, Red, White,Black & Purple. Learning: Cooking,American Accent English from mobile applications... (*_*) Alhamdulillah..I'll be guided to you if I'm benefit to you and inshaALLAH by his will..I'll be guided to a spouse who is benefit to me....,,                    IN-SHA-ALLAH                   (ALLAH CHAHE TOH) First question asked MAHTAB (SECT) : To be very clear in that aspect; I'm from AHLE SUNNAT WAL JAMA'AT. Popularly/Famously known as DAWAT E ISLAMI Alhamdulillah...:)
38 Panaji, Goa, India
Seeking: Male 30 - 35
Wear a Hijab: No



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