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آلاء خطاب
32 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 31 - 36
Well, I'm a religious person, however liberal. I'm religiously very tolerant and looking for the same. I have friends from both sexes n from different religious/ non-religious beliefs, still religious, do 5 prayers daily, read Quran quite daily, fasting ramadan and nawafel, and have my spiritual thriving life. I love to have my personal time and space, cus I work a lot on myself to be the best version of me, and totally respect if my partner needs the same. I see myself smart, beautiful, attractive, reliable, strong, confident, funny and sarcastic, and independent, and looking for the same. Many men, and women, out there despise romance, either were taught that in upbringing or they're just incapable of that! No matter how many they're n what they say about romance, I'm a romantic person and can't imagine the relationship I'm looking for without it! I love flirting, especially spoken/ written n can claim I'm a mistress in using my Arabic language to flirt with the one I'm in love with! I work on myself to eliminate my overthinking, I think a lot about the future, I think a lot n hesitate be4 making decisions, but once made up my mind, I do everything thing to make it happen. I'm above-average saver and spend the money I earn wisely n learned to give away elhamdulellah. I work also on getting nervous and angry sometimes due to stress or repeated discussed mistakes. I work on my habitual lateness lol, if we're to date, I wish you've got some patience to accept some tardiness lol. I work a lot btw. I love my work, love what I do! I also love to control how the place I'm living in is organized and designed, but thank God, learned to give roommate freedom to do changes and so, hehe. I'm relentless actually, however flexible in same time, it's all about how much your argument is valid. I hate to argue when I'm mistaken, have no problem with saying I was wrong and I'm sorry. Another big thing I'm working on is that I'm skeptical till I give others my full trust. I have career and family goals and all my daily challenge is to strike the balance among my different lives, physical health, spirituality, intellectuality, career, family, love, friends, ..etc. I think a lot about and search a lot for the meaning of my life and the meaning of everything I do. I see marriage as partnership, a very strong one that is set upon friendship first, mutual respect, trust, love and romance, and support. A partnership that fulfills each parter's needs, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. None in such partnership is a follower to the other, neither the woman, nor the man. And if it's to end, then must end with same love and respect!
54 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 50 - 58
I am over 50 y in numbers 😍 but I am 40 at the mirror 😍 if you come closer you will discover a 30 years old girl 😍 hope to find my match 🌹 مطلقه ولم انجب. (متدينه الى حد كبير ) بيضاء ،جميله انثى لزوجى حيوية . انيقه جدا داخل بيتي كما خارجه وأكثر . 🌹اهتم بكل تفاصيلي واهتم بزوجى جدا . بحب اعيش حياتي كشاااابه واتمسك بالسعاده وبثوابت الدين في نفس الوقت. وأرغب في زوج يحب يعيش شباااااب مع زوجته بسعاده ويهتم بنفسه (ولايفرط في ثوابت دينه ) وغير مدخن 🌷سنى فالبطاقه كام و 50😍 وشكلى 40 😍 و الروح 30 😍. هل اقدر الاقى رجل مستوى متكافئ راقى متدين مهذب كريم حنون سنه فوق الخمسين وروحه روح شباب ؟ 🌹انا من اسرة محترمه .متدينه محجبه مثقفه رومانسيه انيقه عندى طموح فى الحياه . 🌷الطول ١٥٥سم سم والوزن ٦٠ك و غير نحيفه 🌷مؤهل عالى لا اعمل 🌷 .مستوى اجتماعى راقى. 🧔متطلباتي في شريك الحياه السن من ٥٠سنه ولايتجاوز ٥٨ سنه مقبل عالحياه . ملتزم دينيا محافظ على صلاته . مؤهل عالي. مركز محترم. يعيش في منطقه غير شعبيه. متدين مرح رومانسي غير عصبي وكريم ويتحمل المسؤليه قولا وفعلا. حنون مطلق أو ارمل ولا أقبل التعدد لأي سبب لا مانع من الاقامه بالقاهره او الاسكندريه
40 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
23 Tanta, Al Qāhirah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 23 - 41
22 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 22 - 35
43 Cairo, Al Qāhirah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 40 - 53



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