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39 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 28 - 47
If you dare to know my chapter book, get comfy and prepare... Il share life lessons so buyer beware, haha that's my humour for you, anyways got two main goals, one for the dunnyah n one for the akhirah everything else is just nafsee stuff... I am one who has submitted to the will of Allah in life's tests and handled them in deep patience, clung tight to my belief in Allah's words that after hardship there is ease and the promise is two fold. So that being said, could you be that ease for me or are you another part added to the trials of life, alhamdullah ala kulli haal. I seek to find a partnership that beams with noor, your conviction to your islam will prove how great of a leader you are to hold hand in hand to Jannah. Your abandonment of sins and firmness upon acts of ibadaah not broadcasted but done in such a way that truly its just the noor of Allah that shines and beacons me to you. Your love to study islam and be able to implement what you learn in kindness and not harshness will soften my heart to being obedient as your spouse. I want to study more and take time off in a life of working to just burry myself in Quraan and ibadaah. Now if I get there through a single monogamous mariage or poligamy Allah alone knows what trial is best for me. Key goals learn Arabic, study Quraan and hadith and find myself in the lands of Islam where I can hear the athan called. Any thing else about me well you would be blown away with how Il find my way to your heart through your tummy, but again we know the worse vessel to fills your tummy so portion control in shaa Allah lol. I'm a Maa shaa Allah cook, no man gona out do me in his cooking skills. Lots of other Things Allah has blessed me with, but if we count the blessings of Allah we could never finish so just like Ontario, I'm yours to discover Hahaha if your smart you'll get the Jk. android is upgrading yet again so you better be a smashing upgrade in shaa Allah Just in case you have some. Cheezy pick up lines or Ur ready to close Ur profile just know I can smell a narc very easily and other personality issues. I don't respond to faceless profiles, beard less men and cheep flirtatious words Il immediately think Ur full of crap because in real life no body comes walking up and flirting if you have any form of self respect. I don't have time to waste chatting and throwing all my attn on a useless app. If Allah wants something it will be easy.
43 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male 40 - 49
Assalamu Alaycuum Wa'Rahmatullahi Wa'barakatuh: I hope you are well my brothers in Islam. I am a Muslim since birth. I have been searching for quite awhile for a compatible husband. To be very honest, it is not easy. I have a strong mind when comes to learning about things around me and despising haram things. I would refuse to except the fitnah (Things that have a test and trial in it), and that is the practice of good faith. I am straight forward, and I don't like to hide anything. I am very social, so if you do not like to talk much, then I won't be convenient for you because I love to learn new things, and especially about Islam (Sunnah and Qur'an). I cannot say I know everything as that is impossible. Allah knows everything, and I am learning everyday as I do go along. Please don't think I am a bad Muslim because I don't know as much as you expect me to. I am open to information by reference, and not Bid'ah (innovation). I would like to visit the husband I do choose to get to know you better face to face. I love to travel and visit the places in which shows the nature and history, it takes the stress away from seeing the same thing in my own city. I love to have a joyful time and I would hope you would love to do the same as well because this very important to me. I am not much of a spender. I do usually like to buy things that is necessary and that is about it. I have grown up in Canada my entire life and I would hope that you do understand that you would have to try to be patient with the idea that where ever you are from comes with the culture that brings up the mind in which you and myself have, so this "might" cause some dislike, however, not to those of whom are relaxed. I do only get along with patient people, so if you are not patient, then I will not be compatible with you. My education level is: Graduate of College Diploma for Micro Computers & Business Applications. Certificate - Security Professional Level 1 at George Brown College. My Imaan is always growing, by getting involved with Webinars from the UK, praying my 5 daily prayers, reading Surah Al Baqarah everyday or every 3 days. Reciting Adkar after each Salah prayer. Practice of Sadaqah, on a daily basis and to especially doing it in secret which will clear my sins (As referenced in Surah Al Baqarah). We all sin day and by night. Astaghfar is my favorite. It makes me feel closer to Allah. Saum (Fasting). My personality is great. I am down to earth. Independent, knowledgeable about my city I live in and communication. I really feel that if anyone thinks perfection is in any relationship, then your mind set is wrong and you will not find a relationship. It's better to get to know anyone face to face. I love to cook, and learn new dishes from different cultures. I am a good listener and I love to suggest ideas to help you out. I love to joke with a great humor and participating in joyful activities for adults. Please don't take me offensively because I love to joke, however, in a respectful and limited way. It's good for the health and relationship. Overall, positivity, and the practice of Islam (Qur'an and Sunnah) in the house will keep the Shaytaan (Devil) away. If you are looking for ultimate beauty, family, and her money, well good luck because all of these 3 don't come with faith all of the time unless Allah wills it. Success is with Islam ultimately. The mind and the heart that is open to Islam is more successful in relationships, and that is what I have, and the beauty as well. Insha'Allah - Please say - Allahumma Barak Laha as Shaytaan attacks everything you like. Assalamu Alaycuum :O)
62 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Male
I am an optimistic person who believes the best in people. graduated from the University of Toronto and currently living in Turkey. I grew up and lived most of my life in North America. I consider myself loving and caring. People regard me as responsible and kind. I like to travel, but also, enjoy a cozy happy home. I would like to think that I have gained the best of the Eastern and Western cultures. I am a good giver and a good listener. I am well established and successful at what I do. I like to stay active and fit and like to go for walks on the waterfront. I enjoy colorful sunsets as well as watching a good movie from time to time. I do not get upset quickly and I do not hold a grudge for too long. The right words help get me back to my normal state of mind quickly. Having a sense of humor is important to me. I believe that having a laugh or two, on a daily, basis is healthy, for both the individual and the relationship. I like to live and enjoy life to the fullest within the framework of Islam. Excelling in this life as well as the next life are motivating drivers for me. In this regard, I strive to practice, and enjoy, my religion without being too strict. Since I cannot say everything in one short message, those are some highlights about me; other good stuff you have to discover yourself. After all, I do not want to take all the fun away. How does the above sound to you. What am I looking for? I am looking for a partner who would be the closest and dearest person to me.