Algerian Women Who Read The Qur'An Daily Looking For Friendship

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1 - 35 of 100
33 Naama, Naama, Algeria
Seeking: 28 - 37
Read Qur'an: Daily
Reine silence (سفسيرة goodwill) fcb what most beautiful have everyone is asking about you that I stopped ........ Approaching you if lags far behind the most beautiful have in the minimum إنســــــــــــــــــــــــان you fear ... Your post يحــــــــبك ... Shares of joy والسعاده.....pain and how beautiful it is to integrate your souls together .....best troublemaker comes a heart and mind one exulted together.... تحزنون together anyway...... وتتألمون together the most beautiful have إنســـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــان improve probably you and forgive you missed.... You seek excuse to have offended the most beautiful that saves the thing : I see ... You defend... Crisscrossing the tongue speak to you the most beautiful have إنســـــــــــــــــــــــــــــان stresses what does it mean to be bigoted weakened the جبنت...instructs you missed what the most beautiful have إنســـــــــــــــــــــــــــان with silencer confidential............ .have maintained the Covenant faithful ............ Promise Fine Dining صاق tab, heart and if you have this person anyway...... You achieved by ......... It won the condenser by كعينيك thank god to complete His favor to you such a human being in this time in which we live is a treasure missing if it is found that it you lost in vain **************************************************** حكمتي life: Take القَنـَاعَةَ from your worldly existence and the * If you only body comfort , good planter kill beyond productive one *, envelops evil suspended weakness , the same enough for disobedience واكْتَسِبِي * really beautiful Maybe God يَرحَمُني , same وَيْحَكِ Toby واعمَلِي well * maybe تُجازَيْنَ after death and bad manners and then prayer on selected سَيِّدِنـا * what وَصَّـا lightning in Sham in Yemen, thank God, مُمْسِينَـا وَمُصْبِحِنَا * promising and amnesty والإِحْســانِ وَالمِنَنِ
36 Alger, Alger, Algeria
Seeking: Male 36 - 43
Read Qur'an: Daily
22 Laghouat, Laghouat, Algeria
Seeking: Male 23 - 37
Read Qur'an: Daily
36 Alger, Alger, Algeria
Seeking: Male 34 - 49
Read Qur'an: Daily
42 Beni Guecha, Mila, Algeria
Seeking: Male 48 - 65
Read Qur'an: Daily
27 Canastel, Oran, Algeria
Seeking: Male 28 - 35
Read Qur'an: Daily
32 Ghardaïa, Ghardaïa, Algeria
Seeking: Male 30 - 46
Read Qur'an: Daily



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