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24 Anniston, Alabama, United States
Seeking: Male 26 - 42
Hello my name is Catie. I am age 25. I am Currently residing in Alabama, and no not everything is sweet here lol. I am a self made author/editor/publisher under my own copyright. I am also a part time artist and aspiring musician. I do freelance modeling. I am also multi race. I have Turkish/Arabic/Palestinian roots and yes I am also a Palestinian rights activist. I am updating my profile as I have recently taken my shahada and its a long story how I decided to become a Muslim. I do not marry reverts. That is mainly because I have met reverts who use Islam as a trend and are also uneducated about it. Plus I do not do overseas relationships. My preference is only in men of my ancestorial race, Arabic, Turkish, and Palestinian race. I do not do well with those who take love as a joke or some type of game. I am very simple minded, very well educated, but I do not tolerate disrespect or dishonest behaviour. I am the youngest adult well respected by both reverts and born Muslims of my community. I am known for my knowledge of the Qur'an since before taking my shahada. I have no children but want children but I also won't just settle for just any man. I prefer if my future is with a Muslim man from Palestine. I was married before but my marriage was automatically annulled not to long after as he and I did not get along. We had talked about having kids he refused by making up some nonsense foolishness. Eventually his verbal threats also caught up along with his excuses. That and his lying. So I said wallah bye to him and knew if I got married again my future would be brighter again with the perfect husband and my own children who I'd call my pride and joy. Also duly note I will not be responsible for your ex wife's children if you have any. If you co parent in my future marriage it is not my legal obligation for yours and her children. Thus therefore I prefer to have my own kids. Also no reverts from America. I am not into westernized men that are not of my culture being Arabic or Middle Eastern. So do not I repeat do not try your luck. Also no I will not be your second or third or fourth wife. I am a one woman to one man type of female. USA only.
26 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Male 33 - 33
36 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Male 25 - 45