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37 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
Salam It's never gonna be easy to talk about ourself, but lets do this :) I am a simple person who want to love Allah more than anything in this world, at least that's the main aim of my life, that's what I always taught myself to do. I consider myself as a woman who is strong, not fear of anything (in the name of Allah), an independent single working mother who is able to do multitasking tasks, but also can be so sensitive that tears fall down every time I pray. My educational background is political science and international relations. I love to read, discuss and learn about islamic world, middle eastern study, sufism and old civilizations, those are my most favourite topic. I feel that I ve been living a fruitfull and colourful life with many lesson and experiences, and thats my own definition of success. I am a person who always avoid a conflict, i always offer mediation and willing to compromise to make everything right. My nature is a caring person, who always prioritize others over mine, my happiness is when i can share mine to others, and when I see happiness on other people eyes. I love being here, to be able to see other people in the same deen of Islam, this is beyond my expectation. I dont expect much, i feel that i came from a quite different background from most profile i see. I dont speak arabic or have any blood conection with any middle east countries. I see most of people here try to find a match within their region or country and its great, its the other way o silaturrahim. To all my brothers and sisters here, my family in Islam, I love you all in the name of Allah, it might be weird but for me being here in a platform than we can see or communicate each other it's just something beyond words, i pray that everyone will find the right match :)
30 Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 25 - 45
Hi Im kiki, just ordinary woman from small village in Indonesia. I feel embracing Islam recently, though I was born a Muslim and as far as I know, faith lies in peace of soul and clarity in thinking. I learn about Islam through contextual learning because I believe all solutions offered will become solutions if we realize something is wrong within ourselves and it is the hardest skill. and that opens the door to other knowledge about ourselves and further expands knowledge about anything including islam. i deeply loves islam because it's the only teaching that emphasizes critical thinking, thinking, and thinking. and I appreciate the approach with science to understand every decision of the Prophet and to cover the pearls in the Quran. i truly want to contribute to Islam, and I hope to have a knowledgeable husband because I lack knowledge, and he patiently teaches me, I will be devoted to him. I am a person who thinks still detail, because what I want is accuracy; if one definition alone is not correct, how do we expect to dissect other things? Sometimes, this becomes a source of debate, but I've started to manage my emotions and patience to accept people who simply want to be heard and blindayed. patience serves energy. If someone misunderstood about us, we don’t need to explain what we understand that they don’t understand or even don’t want to understand, because God is just. finally, the misunderstanding will be explained and proven, trust me we are all experienced. i indexed don't have any degree to least about because for me, it's not a source of pride, and I strongly avoid thinking about things that actually have no meaning or value; in my opinion, in my opinion. the right to pride belongs only to God, and we are nothing. For me, education serves as a role model, and the most important knowledge is recognizing the educational model that will serve as a role model for ourselves, as it will be the lens through which we see the world. Regarding the husband I want, he is religious, and a religious person is purely of good character; if their character is not good but they consider themselves religious, then ask yourself what religious truly means. ZAKIR NAIK, SHEKH FAWZAN, SHAYKH OF THE PIOUS AL UTSAIMIN AND ECT. I am at the point where, InshaAllah I am able to accept you as you are, as long as you are good heart. 🤭👍