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71 - 100 of 100
وسام الحب
30 Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Seeking: Female 20 - 35
The woman is that strange object in everything, charming, chastisement, vague, exhausted, beautiful. When a woman loves her aloud, and expresses her love with the picture and voice that the woman's mind if she mumbles and died, the mind of the whole nation has been slaughted and died. She is a mother, sister, wife, daughter, mother, and a halo, and she is the inspiration for poets and is the girl of men. Women there is once a woman's age a book that you should read with your mind first and clear it without looking at his or her packaging before you judge its content. At the heart of a man, a thousand doors enter every day, but when a woman enters one of them, they are all satisfied. When a woman shy, a beautiful fragrance unmistakable in the nose of a man looms. The woman loves her man not because he is the strongest, the most beautiful, nor the richest men, but because he is weak, strong, and love not a show of power but a constant warm giving power. The intelligence of a woman does not lie in her ability to love a man in her, the smart woman is not the one who makes it difficult to forget her, and it is the smart woman who makes her impossible to forget her. Words about women ancient equestrian, spinning and women were the same environment in which the heroism, poetic, and beauty cooperated. Women prefer to be too beautiful to be smart because they know that men see more of their eyes than they think of their mind. In the life of women three men: The father, the man you respect, the brother, the man you fear, and the husband, the man you love and love. Three things that increase women's generations of literature, science, and good creation. Men are made of women, if you want great men, you should do with women, you know them, what is the greatness of the soul and what is the virtue. A woman has something to do with life. A good woman is like a mother, sister, and friend. The man is a loyal wife. If the beautiful woman is a jewel, then the utopian woman is a treasure. The best weapon against women is to love them. Men remain young as long as they find the woman they love. A woman laughs when she can, but she cries when she wants. Buy from the house of the rich Goda, and from the house of the poor wife. The mirror is a tear and a smile: A tear from the sky of thinking, a smile in the field of self. Women love first with their eyes, then with their heart, and finally with their mind. Men buy glory, greatness, and fame, but they are the women who pay the price. The most beautiful women in the world are the ones I love. The rich decoration of the vineyard, the minister of the poor is the conviction and the minister of the blind woman. Life for a young girl is a summer and a dwell, for a girl who looks after her appearance, for a woman marriage, and for the wife is a cruel experience for a man who loves her eyes and a woman with her ears. If the man's heart is poisoned, then the clouds of fog will make the woman appear. The tears of the woman are a flood in which the most dazzling swimmers sink. Women are eviction of thought from their minds, to be replaced by imagination. Women are more sacrifice than anyone on the ground. A woman is a powerful object that boasts of its own vulnerability. The greatest thief under the dome of the sky is the beauty in the eyes of the woman. It is the sour woman who knows when to ignore, when to monitor, and when to confront. If she loved the woman, she sacrificed herself for her heart, and if she hated others. Women live to be happy with love, and men love to be happy with life. Women only stop talking to cry. A woman is the greatest creature if she knows the fate of herself. When you speak to a woman, you listen to what her eyes say. A woman may forgive you cruelty and injustice, but she does not forgive you not to care about it. A house with no woman as an object with no soul. A woman's happiness is lost if she cannot consider her husband her best friend. The love of a woman is her revenge. Women's tears are much equal and cost a little. The treasures of the entire world are not equal to the virtuous woman. Women's heart is a pearl that needs a skilled fisherman. The ambitious life of men and the life of women men. Women and Rodermalkens are beautiful spirits that have created for us, and all of us who like to smell these roses are half of society, and they are the ones that give birth and rebirth to the other half. A mirror like a soft grass, does not break in front of a storm, but bent in front of a breeze. The glory of the woman is her beauty and the glory of the man. The woman is a nurse with her print, earning her only the wounds in his heart. The heart of women and the poet is never separated by young people. The mirror as the moon lights only with the men's suns. Three types of men do not understand young women, elders, and adults. A valid woman forbades the fortress. Women have been sentenced to the ornaments of men literature and women's gold decoration. Women's advice benefits only women. A man without a woman as a head without a body and a woman without a man with no head. Women do not grieve for a minority, but rather for a large number of others. The beauty of the sky in her stars and the beauty of the woman in her hair. Gold accounts for women. The heart of the woman sees more than ten men's eyes. Nothing raises the women's fate as a fudge. Women know the value of their happiness with their husbands only when they are separated in the hand, making the woman home beautiful and the world happy. For men, ownership is an end, but for women it is a beginning. The mirror is a wonderful bee that loves flowers, gives you honey, but may make you happy. A woman is blowing her heart to a man with ease but difficulty when she wants to recover it. The greatest woman taught us how to love and hate, and how to laugh as we cry. I am not sure if I am going to be in a position to do so, and I am not sure if I am going to be in a position to do so I'm not sure if you're going to be able to get a job, but I'm not sure if you're going to get a job, I'm not going to be able to get a job

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