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24 Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
40 Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 24
assalaamu alaikum dear sisters for ideas. Profile of a brother. Bissmi 'llaahi oua salaatu oua salaamu alaa rasouli 'llaah ********TO PERSON ******* Age: 38 (thanks to allah I look very young) Size: 181cm Hair color: Dark brown Figure/stature : Athletic /continent : Africa (maghreb) State: NRW Location change : No live alone: Yes (with 2 cats W/M) you have children: No you want children: Yes very - (with the right inshallah. Several to increase the ummah with righteous children inshallah) **** RELIGION * since when you are (conscious) Muslim: But the process started about 10 years ago. Read Quran (Arabic) or a translation: More Arabic (after all, you have enough to do with it - if you read Tafsir, the hadithe and the learned explanations.). German version to explain it better in German. You carry a beard: Yes, alhamdulillah long what you do to train yourself in Islam: To form constantly (without any training on it. You are small in the know despite knowing) , e.g. kitab attaouhiid, Thalathat ousoul kashf ashoubouhaat Quran instruction siirah if it goes directly from the shouyoukh. Unfortunately too little in EU. But alhamdulillaah there are enough explanations of tapes as by sheikh al-albaani sheikh ibn alouthaimin sheikh ibn baaz sheikh Saiid raan sheikh saalah ( but not learning the direct…) *** INTERESTS ***** How do you spend your free time: Reading, studying, entertainment, and I do nothing much to think about, to do good things (to clean up) and to do other things like brothers and sisters. (I'm more of an eagle than a canary) how do you like it at home: Clean (very exhausting for me as a man to keep it) and in front of it I like it when it smells like boukhour. What is your favorite food: I have almost all the halal cuisines of all cultures, must say the Moroccan is most important to me. Sushi, thai (not spicy) healthy, no sweet food (find food should be salty and desert sweet) * FEATURES ** Strengths: i discovered many of my strengths after i realized my weaknesses! Enforcing, thinking, mercy, being patient in the radar of Allah, is not one that quickly gives up when I see meaning in something. There are many things that my future wife can discover with me in which inshallah can (is also better). Weaknesses: Can be lazy, can quickly become fiery (it's more about efficiency than showing its weaknesses). a weakness many have is also its nafs better to control (may allah help) that I like especially: Obedience of the woman (for allah) to her husband in the halal (After all, it's 80% all together today.), a good cook, a woman WITH A (warm) HEART in the right place, humor, a look I like inshallah (because I want to see my wife in jannah again. Will she be 70 times nicer than the hoor aleyn.) And if she is enthusiastic about ideas and wants to learn it (I can support inshallah, after all, she is supposed to be the teacher of her children)"I don't like that very much: (I stay related to topics here) when sisters mean to quran and sunnah but don't even know the criteria themselves, let alone to act on them. For example, quran and sunnah expect and unfortunately don't meet when! Or quran and sunnah when it is in the live prosit, but when it turns negative - which Allah's tests are, you don't handle the things to quran and sunnah. Unfortunately, you use others to fake the solutions. The rule is, you know before talking and acting! and if you want to know, then first believe and not already have something specific in your heart and look for it in the idea! May allah save me and give me a good sister and mother of the children, which is also very counterproductive is a hidden emancipation/feminism designed by shaitan specifically for our sisters (Ouallaahi shaitan has invested a lot and how to help it is not necessarily to know all his trix, but the sister is to know and make the concur of the before, so his plan is useless - as allah said the list of saitan is weak - but with that follow quran and sunnah). Do you not observe the high divorce rate despite ideas know?. (Please understand exactly what the rights and obligations in Islamic marriage are with the understanding of Muslims.) Families in Islamic marriages destroy a lot of things that they do not act properly, interfere (e.g. the husband forgets the family and not the father of the woman or even her mother. After all, the man in front of allah also bears the responsibility) or because they prefer tradition of sunnah. (As said quran and sunnah. The sister or brother should have the courage to keep his family out with kindness but clear) ** EDUCATION/OCCUPATION * Education: Martial arts teacher/security industry Study: Wing tsunnung Academy/sound engineering (alhamdulillaah abandoned) Job: Current employment: Martial arts leher + soon further education Other knowledge: (Insllah if you met private in the halal with ouali) but a few, tajoueed knowledge, several languages... ** WISHES FOR THE FUTURE PARTNER******V what characteristics should they have: (I think some of them mentioned above.) Feminine (not only externally but also internally), NICE, good heart, calm mind, good-natured. Attention paid (well-kept) Age: Until 28 approx. appearance: (At least khimar but best is niqab) Let me please inshallah. The more she lifts her husband's charms, the more barakh will make allah beautiful. Sports would be good in inshallah. The most important thing is that we master the trials of this life through quran and sunnah and grow together in it and give it to the children. Until allah takes us (on the effort and the aqidah) again , she is said to have Hijab/Khimar/Niqab: best niqab or get away from there khimar should be the least. Other wishes: (Correct) aqidah should know her (without exaggeration ub in takfir or sufia or shia etc). Inshallah without children. Baaraka llaahu feekum.