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35 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female
35 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 20 - 31
F . book is Hamada Mohamed.Salam Allah Alikum.serious for Marriage inshaa Allah.My Name is Hamada Mohamed. i am very very very serious for Marriage,OK?Please , i need only good and honest woman ok !!.i am so happy and successful in my life,but i need my Dream woman for Marriage and to live together forever in Happiness,Love,Romance…etc . am a modern and open-minded Muslim, faithful, intelligent, honest, loving, romantic man. I enjoy out door sports, eating, swimming, long walk-in maintain a clean, healthy, active, and good-quality lifestyle, which I am ready for Marriage inshaa Allah. Hamada Mohamed from Hurghada,Red Sea, Egypt. جاد متدين أكره الكذب والنفاق أود التعرف عن امرأه حقيقيه للزواج تخاف االله بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم أ اولا وقبل كل شيئ اناانسان عادي مخلص وصادقة في تفكيرها تحب الخير تبحث عن شخص مسلم ومخلص وصادق مثلي أنا مع غيره قبل نفسه طيب احب الصراحه والصدق وخوف الله في معاملتي احب ان تكون زوجتى تحب العمل وانا مجد , لاادخن .!! ,أنا مثابر مكافحة احب الحياة والناس ولا اظلم احد!! أنا لا احب المشاكل واتفادها بشدة اهتم بنقسي وببيتي اعشق الجو الاسري احب الرومانسيه جدا !!! والنزهة والطبيعة اتابع الاخبار العلمية لا احب النفاق أنا بسيط جدا بطبعي احب الحب والجو الرومانسي الحلال فقط !! القلب وبحب فعل الخير وأحترم المراة وأقدرهاويقدر الحياة الزوجية انا طبيعتي رومانسي وانجذب دائما للحب والحنان والعطاء المتبادل ويحب طبيعتي وشخصيتي واتوسم فيمن يجدني التي يبحث عنه ان يتقي الله في نواياه التي لا يعلمها ال الله المولي عز وجل لاني وبمنتهي الصدق والامانه موجوده في هذا الموقع المحترم من اجل الزواج و ايجاد من اكمل معها الحياه سعيد, امن, مطمئن فى رعايه و حفظ الله ....ولكم وافر احترامي الله احفظ الاسلام واغفر وبارك جميع المسلمين الأ رض الأخ فى الأسلام / حماده محمد
30 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
38 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
Good intentions in marriage 1. The same إحصان 2. إحصان Muslim woman 3. Much of the Agency to comply with the order of the Prophet ( prolific allies to تناسلوا I "grunt's you to the Day of Resurrection) 4. Show years of Islam unalterable 5. الاستكثار of Al-hasanat, a lot of the atomic bow down وتركع God then they would be in the balance of their father and he (may Allah bless him and grant him salvation) (boy to win his father) 6. The maintenance of a Muslim woman وإغناءها or need 7. Cruelty wife 8. The intermingling of distinguished and Muslims 9. Marriage بثيب (widow or absolute may not have had the opportunity in marriage what marries the first time would marry بثيب married not often stripped enumerates the opportunity to those women in marriage 10. The protection of society and community diseases which are too prevalent widows and divorcees without Mature couples for psychological and gravity of the women and the community 11. The introduction of pleasure to full beds after it suffered the bitterness of the presence of Absolute this family 12. If the second wife of absolute Bao Xishun who stands the good guys men help in the reduction of the inferior view considered by people of divorced women 13. If the good guys men multiculturalism was encouraged other men multi- 14. calculate pay with expended in the second marriage and spent on the second wife of food, clothing and housing 15. مراغمة the unbelievers and the increase of the number of Muslims 16. Show the greatness of the Islamic legislation in the solution of social problems resulting from the death of their husbands or divorce and uniqueness of the divine laws invalid ballots 17. Rich request marriage as the almighty ( marry those among you who are slaves; if they are needy, Allah Out of His grace ) ولقول Ibn Abbas nay for those not rich requests marriage 18. Enjoy laid good God created us وأحله of women 19. marriage with the intention of charity and the second wife feels the nicely decorated the offset by good after بطلاقها downstream or the death of her husband is the love of God in the heart of the love of Al Sharaa 20. Work to make the second marriage typically فيكسر psychological barrier by the media to the Muslims of the second marriage 21. The change in the idea of people from the absolute and persuade them that it is not always responsible for divorce but may be husband or the circumstances surrounding the first marriage and divorce is by God and not a sin accountability of women 22. The education of women that this matter initiated by God and that there is a difference between jealousy made God in women and Hates the woman revealed by God of the initiated and wishes that Allah did not down this legislation manifold فيحبط work Almighty that is because they hated what Allah revealed, so He rendered their deeds null.) It is that the wishes of women not to marry her husband by but may not wish that Allah did not lower this legislation Manifold
24 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
30 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 19 - 35
27 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 19 - 30
42 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 36 - 48
40 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 22 - 40
36 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 20 - 34
34 Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Female 19 - 31



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