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52 Alexandria, Al Iskandarīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 40 - 60
"We are not going to be able to get the money out of it," he said, according to the source ................................................................. ..................................... I have a lot of people who have a lot of work to do, and I have a lot of work to do, but I am very sorry to see that there is no human being who tried with all sincerity in the intention and search for a dream, but I do not believe that it is a good thing I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm not going to be in the same way I offer myself, my services and my assistance for reuniting a family separated by divorce for the third time I am a legitimate analyst, Halal, I mean a full marriage and a full cohabitation of any human being released for the third time and then a desire to work a child analyst's marriage returns back to her home and her children more important thing is providing a furnished flat, modern rent and I am not sure when the divorce is decided, and I am sure there is a subject at the time of divorce, I mean, we do not have one or two months in the flesh, and each one goes to his state and our Lord makes this service available to the ladies of Alexandria governorate only.... If there is any absolute woman or widow from outside Egypt from Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria, and Ouza Teiji gets a residence and works a project of welcome, we marry and help some difficult living these days, and of course we all know that this is a very good thing in the world. I am humble thank God and very sincere, with a good love from the other and a love of love for the curse and rotation because the shortest and most successful way of relations is caused by truth, truth and truth, and salvation, and I am sincere, a romantic and loving person who loves to practice the intimate relationship daily, and if I have the opportunity, and the suitable circumstances are possible, I will be more careful than Once a day, the heart and soul are good, and with the love of mutual interest that lurk the system, cleanliness and commitment in myself, and everything I love to help others as much as possible
41 Alexandria, Al Iskandarīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 23 - 45
I'm married and I've three children, I work as a software Developer self-employed, I want to marry an European Muslim religious woman ,, Thanks to Allah i'm very comfortable with my wife and my children, But working conditions in Egypt is a little bit difficult, therefore I want to marry And work in Europe, Including obey our prophet in polygamy and work there, This is a legitimate and right for every Muslim man,, I'm loving the family life very much and playing with kids whenever possible ,Because i think if you gave your kids care and some of your time now you will get this care or may be more than you imagine when you become old man, Who correspond with me will be in my heart and mind and become my princess , Really become my princess not words to say only , As the case with my first wife, I'm praying to Allah preserve her to me ,,,, Very important things you must keep it in your mind: ======================================= I'm here not for making friends or playing with women's hearts ,I'm serious for marriage. Please if you are not serious for marriage , Don't call me …… Our prophet Mohamed (صل الله عليه و سلم)Said: "Love to your brother,What you love to yourself",, Another important thing you must know that i'm not belong to any groups of the Islam except "Muslims" i'm MUSLIM only without any addition, you must know that , I hate all groups in Islam (Brotherhood, Salafi, DAESH, ANSAR ELSHREAA and etc they are many groups and all of them are wrong), All of them are called "KHAWAREG" Our prophet (صل الله عليه و سلم)said about them "Elkhawareg are the dogs of the fire"..... this was an important note you must know about me, I love Egypt so much, love my city Alexandria, I love my army and our president and every Muslims except "Muslims Groups" ... Thanks to understand that.... we can use -(Live:amr.job),,, Or - google ID – (goldeneagl)(2002) … If you want know more about me … Please don't hesitate to ask or send a message, you won't be loss anything,, May be i'll become your future husband .... Who can know what Allah does for us if we obeyed his commands.
29 Alexandria, Al Iskandarīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 19 - 27



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