Al Manşūrah Egyptian Men For Marriage

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hassan is from Egypt

hassan (39)

معرفة الرجال كنوز Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 22 - 35 for Marriage

Everyone is serious Frank يكرة lying and deception is a believer that you reap what you sow deception cannot be other because God will send to you from fool you, praise my Lord للله اكرمنى of leftovers and travelled several Arab countries and you thank God configure myself and now settled in Egypt and I draft the supermarket, thank God, and the rest at acquaintance if God willing,

علي  is from Egypt

علي (38)

ملف علي عبد الغني Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 28 - 45 for Marriage

احب الهدوء الاستقرار هادى الطباع لااحب النكد احي المرح والهزار باحب الخروج والتمشيات طيب جدا ولكن ازعل لو حد زعلني وافرح لو حد فرحني انا باشتغل شغلتين هندسه الكترونيات وفحص السيارات ومعايا سياره باشتغل بيها توصيلات والحمد لله حالتي متوسطه.... وعايش ف


Mostafa  is from Egypt

Mostafa (28)

و بشر الصابرين Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 19 - 27 for Marriage

I love creativity and simple lifestyle, i love fishing and nature. Recently i decided to face my big challenge and start my own business and it is going well. I love Watching movies on weekends scifi, romace,adventure and action is my favorite. Looking for girl have passion in life and love to learn new skills to be wife in donya and jannah inshuaallah.


Mohamed is from Egypt

Mohamed (25)

Search for the perfect Partner Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 18 - 38 for Marriage

My name is Mohamed Shabana. I'm years old. I was born in Egypt (64) I work as Freelancer Intrepreter. I have Nava's Place degree in Arts from The Higher Institute of Languages, Department of English and German as a second language. I have pre-master in mail Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Department of English, Mansoura University. I study Master sqrl golf. I live alone in my own house because my parents Jesus' return,my father Jesus' return years ago and buried in systems project, my mom Jesus' return years ago) I have one brother and three sisters and they are all walked out. My favorite Imobiletool contacts backup, playing football, and running I'm a reciter of the Qur'an Justin and a Singer who singing Islamic songs. I saved 25 part from Qur'an when I was 12 years old.

متولى حجاج is from Egypt

متولى حجاج (41)

اين الحب Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 22 - 37 for Marriage

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the compassionate friend reply to my dear Jewaira's first, I would like to know myself, I, Metwalli pilgrims from Cairo governorate of Mansura itself the owner of the Office is to import and export لسانس languages he translated it I have 36 age I'm 186 cm and 86 married before ونفصلت without children lack of understanding very رومنسيى love LOVE love flowers all الونها واشكلها as much of it is not a bad الوثامه love الاناقه adore calm discussed many of love and did not find it رومنسيى I love embroiled viable recoverable from sacred المترابطه comprising the love and understanding

علاء is from Egypt

علاء (46)

الحب سر الحياة Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 25 - 38 for Marriage

I am a modest person loving me others Hadi natures loving fun-loving stability I do not like unhappiness Higher audio -dunam appreciate women and their role in life love مشركتها in all matters of life -dunam friendly clear hypocrisy-loving sports travel and touring and appears on the Sunni physical cases very modest and I do not have private residence BBC

hossam is from Egypt

hossam (36)

مسافر بلا عنوان Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 22 - 26 for Marriage

Look for the stability, love and tranquility and some of the madness also examined the League denounced in Helwan Kle of Ayr Racecourse which I would like to do a workout, travel and exit and excursions like entering the kitchen to make some food items my family very مرتبطه captured with each individual privacy my father and my mother alive God it allow them Les وميحرمنى them and to invite me sister and brother with me in Qatar working I of Egypt Medina Al-Mansoura وعائيلتى of cascading Al-Sharqiya


samir is from Egypt

samir (67)

looking for wife Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female for Marriage

I was a teacher naw ilive in London I want live at (ECRP) I am polite handsome andgintlman I like reading and watch TV ilive in UK show 15 years with ihave 2 doturs presents a stellar live in ilive was recalled thay marradge show premiered with time and imess family life

فارس is from Egypt

فارس (42)

الفارس Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 18 - 44 for Marriage

A quiet man وغيور committed to love the honesty and clarity and i hate الكدب dishonest people i want to marry انسانه relaxing vacation وملتزمه لايشترط older persons and the most important thing for security calm my life to marry from Morocco, because the did not marry from Morocco does not know the meaning of life فالمغربيه know how dazzles واللهجه اعشقها flesh light جدافبتمنى marry مغربيه and ready to live in Egypt it


Muhammad is from Egypt

Muhammad (39)

May Allah Bless me with a Real An... Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 18 - 29 for Marriage

It is real diffict to describe oneself , but .. I can say that I am a Muslim, who loves Almighty Lord ( Allah ). Religion for me is the essence of my life and I am trying to do my best to be obedient to Allah. I am a simple ,downn to earth person who loves to live a peaceful and simple life. I am looking for the friend, wife and soul mate who will help me to succeed in winning Allah's blessings and guidance.

Ahmed is from Egypt

Ahmed (37)

if u want to live alone u will di... Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female for Marriage

Extremely organized person, Good abilities for synthetic and global views over concrete situations, Problem-solving attitude, Responsibility, Self-respect and self-reliance, Strong referential values of fairness, equity and dignity, Ability to establish and maintain good working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds, Ability to live and/or serve in hardship locations Analytical skills and competences Analysing route causes [in a timely cost-efficient manner ]of the issues raised during daily financial operations and providing reasonable solutions My Dreams Live every time in diff country with diff people,learning varios about everything

ahmed is from Egypt

ahmed (42)

Searching for wife Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Male 20 - 27 for Marriage

i am a pharmacist , i am working in ksa as a med rep in riyadh , i am 32 years old , i like sport, shopping,travel and music , i still have many deams to be come true in the rest of my life with the one who will share it with me in sha2 allah

khaled is from Egypt

khaled (33)

I wish i find my other half Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 18 - 22 for Marriage

it's too hard to describe my self but i just say that i'm aman who love his religion more than his life and i search for agirl who can make me more close to my God and encourage me in my practical life also i have abeautiful emotions which i can't give it to any one excipte my wife, I practice sports like football and ping pong and i like cooking and i believed that life is co-operation between man and women also i love reading quaran very much and also the different books .

محمد is from Egypt

محمد (28)

محمد Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 19 - 32 for Marriage

-الاسم محمد احمد مقلد -من ضواحي المنصوره -السن 28 سنه -بكالوريوس خدمة اجتماعية -بسافر الخليج والان بمصر -الشقه جاهزه متشطبه لوكس -ابويا مهندس زراعي وامي مدرسه -اريد زوجه بنت حلال وتخاف الله فيا وفي اهلي وانا مسافر بس دا كل طلبي و علفكرا انا


elhawa is from Egypt

elhawa (63)

elhawawshimohamed Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 35 - 52 for Marriage

Mohamed a simple man 0 0 2 Hearted 0 100 To create and ordered me to my Lord, and the Lord Himself, which will go down in me nine five six five and my luck 0 one of five with me the appreciation and respect and love and tenderness will be me wife and sister and niece greetings Watts August


Zakaria is from Egypt

Zakaria (39)

ان صلاتى و نسكى و محياى و مماتى ل... Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 23 - 45 for Marriage

Ask me..!!!!!!!!?not I don't know I speak about myself ... But I am proud man and salary and love, mutual respect and sincerity in dealing I cannot انافق or polite and love الرومانسيه and deeply pained because of the most delicate of things, but does not show any trace of it and the patient to be honest معقوله love system and النظافه easily اتاقلم love grassland and Al-Mahmudiya village southwest cannot sleep I am thinking and always see forward love quiet life and I love Allah and His Messenger.....


mohamed is from Egypt

mohamed (36)

Honest, cheerful romantic search ... Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female for Marriage

Peace be upon you the beginning. Simple, quiet, romantic, fun, Sadeq, good-hearted, adventurer, bold social, thank God, zealous ambition, bold, Hanoun, families are happy people happy when I see their happiness in their eyes because i made them smile, I by happiness to people always without taking anything bidder from the most beautiful things in the treasures of the earth, a little remark. The reason for my tardiness in marriage is القسمه 1988/89 first, secondly hussa people who, unfortunately, but marriage is مشاركه وبدايه snl said it stands beside other assisted by up with him to safety is of the happiest things in life with love and by happiness Wall of hope, sincerity and love because the sincerity and the fulfilment of one of the most important characteristics of love and belonging to those you love. Peace be upon you start. Simple, quiet, romantic, fun, honest, kind-hearted, enterprising, daring, social Thankfully ambitious jealous, bold, affectionate, the secret of my happiness is happiness to people when I see the joy in their being remade by because I made them smile, intimacy happiness to people always without taking anything tender the nicest things treasures on earth, NB.. the reason for delay in marriage is divisible and share the First, Second, my circumstances the physical Sorry, but the marriage is the participation and the beginning of the journey of Giza it stands next to the other and help him even up with him to safety is one of the happiest things in life with a loved one and build happiness wall of hope, sincerity and love, because Sincerity and fulfillment of the most important qualities of love and belonging to heading who love him.

khaled fathy is from Egypt

khaled fathy (36)

khaled fathy Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 21 - 42 for Marriage

My name is Khaled fathy - Master in medicinal plants and on Loch Lomond - inshallah i will immigrate outside (ECRP) after PhD or immigrate and return to coplete PhD later. alhamdoullah I am working in pathology have considered and alhamdoullah I have a flat


Khaled is from Egypt

Khaled (36)

Hi.. Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 20 - 40 for Marriage

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم اجتماعى احب كل الناس اتمنى اعيش قصه حب بحرص على اخذ من كل بلد صديق اعمل فى مجال الاستيراد والتصدير كثير السفر اعشق البحر طيب ولا اميل للعنف اتمنى ان اجد انسانه مناسبه يكون لديها قلب واحاسيس صادقه ان شاء الله سوف اعيش على هدف اساسى وهوا ان اوفر لها المناخ المناسب لكى لا تفارق البسمه والطمئنينه قلبها ان شاء الله وشكر


ممدوح is from Egypt

ممدوح (34)

تعارف ثم زواج Al Manşūrah, Ad Daqahlīyah, Egypt
Seeking: Female 20 - 80 for Marriage

I know that you are هاتقرا what type you site owners /العضوه what EMERGENCE OF INTEREST BBC الاقيك you made me ماخفيه whatever discussed by both membership is not my name or why it's like that, I said I ماتحطش ياعنى contact information, especially me, I said that's fine, why hide me العضوه friendly is not the first time, this is the way I want to stop my membership زباله accent "a method without

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