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36 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 25
Religious values: Religious
II lost 35kg in 8 months!! I was in Indonesia now doing weight loss programs that work. Soon I will be model material...another 10 kg to go.. I NEVER SHUT UP AND I DON'T LIKE QUIET PEOPLE!!!I LIKE YOUNGER GIRLS WITH A LOT OF ENERGY (POSITIVE ENERGY ONLY) "Quiet people are hiding something" IF YOU ARE NOT NICE AND KIND AND HAPPY, GO AWAY!!! I WILL BLOCK YOU FAST!!! I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR GAMES!!! Bad women deserve bad men, and bad men are for bad women; but good women are for good men, and good men for good women, for they are innocent of what people say. There is forgiveness for them and a gracious provision." (an nur:26) I WILL BLOCK YOU IF YOU MAKE FUN OF MY AGE OR MY PHYSICAL APPEARANCE OR TALK TO OTHER GUYS WHILE TALKING TO ME....IF YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND THEN DELETE ALL YOUR GUY FRIENDS...I WILL DO THE SAME...................IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT A FRIENDSHIP WITH A STABLE NORTH AMERICAN THEN DON'T BE TROUBLED TO REPLY TO ALL MY MESSAGES EVEN IF IT FEELS UNCOMFORTABLE AT TIMES!!! YOU MUST MAKE A EFFORT!!! IF YOU DON'T ANSWER MY MESSAGES OFTEN AND I SEEM TOO TALKATIVE FOR YOU THEN DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ME....I AM CLINGY AND ANNOYING SO BE PREPARED!!! I NEED CONSTANT ATTENTION LIKE A INFANT!!! I WILL BLOCK YOU IF YOU DON'T MAKE A EFFORT TO SATISFY MY CHILDISH NEEDS!!! YOUR RIGHT!! I AM CRAZY AND HARD TO HANDLE!!! I HAVE INHERITANCE MONEY COMING IN FROM THE HARDWORK OF MY CANADIEN BLOODLINE..THE RELATIVES WOULD NEVER WANT ME TO BEFRIEND A LIAR AND I OWE MY RELATIVES MY WORD THAT I WILL FIND A TRUE AND HONEST GIRL..A GOOD PERSON TO BEFRIEND IS MY ONLY OPTION.....I AM GUIDED BY THEM AND I WILL SUCCEED!!! WE ARE CANADIENS AND WE KNOW HOW TO IMMIGRATE KIND AND HONEST INDIVIDUALS..... IF YOU ARE NOT FROM SOUTH EAST ASIA DON'T MESSAGE ME!!! I AM PART CHINESE FROM MY BLOODLINE AND ENJOY THE ASIAN CULTURE THE MOST OUT OF ALL COUNTRIES!!!I have a big family in Ottawa,Ontario, Canada!! I am in a oil and gas driven province temporarily called Alberta, Canada!! At the moment, I am living away from my family in a isolated province working seven days a week with not many close friends..my family is in the capital city of Canada and they want me to return but I am having so much fun racing fast cars, motorcycles, getting into fights and working long hours in the rough area of Canada(a testosterone driven rampage)....It would be nice to take care of my parents, aunts and uncles when they get old, however, I am still being wild and reckless in western Canada at this time in my life....My childhood friends are police officers,government personel and teachers....I have business owner friends as well as real estate investors as friends too....My relatives in Canada are all doing well by being honest with their dealings..They are all counting on me to find a girl overseas that is honest and truthful ....I can't let them down!! I am forced to carry on the tradition of sticking together with honest humans..I have been a volunteer for the police in Canada since 2010. I do respect authority but break the laws here and there!!I am a 5th generation Canadien citizen! My passport is the 4th most wanted in the world!! Canadiens are known as the nicest people in the world so try not take this message in the wrong way!!I am at work as I write this long and crazy rant. Don't think I have too much time on my hands for you or anything for that matter. This message is not aimed at revealing my abusive behaviour towards others!!! I am merely yelling out loud to myself not at a single person....so don't be too afraid or hurt!!! Thank you master! MY CREDIT SCORE IS 760 POINTS....IN NORTH AMERICA THAT IS VERY GOOD!!! I AM RELIABLE WITH MANAGING MY FINANCES!!! I am a entrepreneur.......I collect motorcycles and cars and own a driving school. I teach english part time in foreign countries(Only to young children as I am not the best at English myself)....I am getting a gtr r35 race car...I am a ex athlete. ...have athletic body like a runningback in american football...graduated college in 2006....eat healthy....talk a lot .. love comedy, etc....I am a type A person and kind of aggressive towards bully's....get in many fights,etc as I appear to be kind and polite and soft spoken then when people scapegoat me I let it go for a little while for fun, and then I usually hurt them and they become surprised and hopeless as I am skilled with physical gifts. I am certain that I can beat 90% of anyone's friends and family in street fighting....my relatives are professional fighters and I had a scholarship for sports in 2011. Just letting you know if anyone plays games with me I will teach them a lesson that they will never forget....even if they try to play mind games with me I will hurt them...if I go to jail thats ok!!! I am very good at all sports.and..motorsports....I am outside all day...have a tan year round....go to warm countries in the winter...I don't party drink...just work everyday I leave Canada every year for the winter.. Country of Origin: Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada Gender: Male Age: 32 Height: 175cm (5' 8.9") Body Type: Stocky Looks: AVERAGE Hair Colour: Dark Brown Eye Colour: Green Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Home Language: on-negotiable In His Own Words About Him I am not sorry if you get offended by my tone of voice or aggressive behaviour. DEAL WITH IT!! LIFE IS NOT A DREAM AND A DREAM MAN DOES NOT EXIST.....STOP WATCHING T.V. AND DEAL WITH "LIFE" ....I am not cool I guess, JUDGE ME IF YOU WISH.......Goodluck with your kind and nice men as I don't hide anything and my upfront type behaviour patterns will not change!!!I am a serious person that works everyday and known to be exceptional at my job. I am an ex athlete! I am doing a fitness challenge and teaching English. I am a driving teacher in Canada and own my own driving school. I TRAVEL!! I can be anywhere in asia to meet friends, potential dates, marriage, etc. I don't lie!..very honest...not to judge my own character! I love Allah ..I am willing to learn more about Islam as I am a new convert since 2014- My personality is type A......My likes are honest people who don't sell out thier values......My dislikes are liars and pretend people....I have too many hobbies and interests to list.....I travel for fun and I relax by doing physical activities....My outlook on life is the devil is lurking around to destroy good people so be careful in your actions....kind of pessimistic but only the strong survive. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME IS ALLAH FIRST, OTHERS SECOND, MYSELF LAST....THIS IS THE FIRST DATING SITE I HAVE EVER PAID FOR BUT SIGNED UP FOR MORE BUT DID NOT PAY MONEY AS IN THIS SITE.... AND ALSO THIS IS THE LAST TIME I SPEND MONEY ONLINE"THIS BETTER WORK"....I ONLY DATED THREE GIRLS IN MY WHOLE LIFE...NO SEX..I AM WILLING TO BE A GOOD MUSLIM AND HAVE 4 CHILDREN WITH THE RIGHT PERSON..RAISE THEM MUSLIM AND BE COMMITTED.....I ONLY GOT INTRODUCED TO THIS RELIGION IN 2014...I don't want children for at least 2 years....
44 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
Religious values: Religious
30 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 28
Religious values: Religious
41 London, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 36
Religious values: Religious
32 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 29
Religious values: Religious
Thanks for browsing my profile. Saying something about myself eh? Kk I got this: So I’m like this cool Canadian-Afghan kid who loves life, is full of energy and is looking forward to an even awesomer hereafter ☺ (yes I totally just made up the word ‘awsomer’) So don’t let my grammar fool yah – I’m actually a nerd and love education and am grateful to be wrapping up my medical degree this coming May 2015 at UofT. (I’m basically your Muslim halal version of McDreamy ;) – yea I like watching medical dramas too lol– House, ER, Grey’s, Mindy Proj) My actual interests have little to do with school and medicine at the moment. I’m the eldest of 4 and I love playing the parents and keeping supremacy over my younger cats and having fun with them! I actually just finished a 3-way wrestling match with my younger brother and sister before writing this. I also love spending time socializing and hanging out. Alhamdulillah I have a great network of brothers here that I’ve met through highschool and university MSAs. Our typical hangouts are playing pickup soccer at the park, going to the cinemas to catch the newest flick, bonfires (with halal marshmellows and hotdogs) by the beach, catching up and hanging out at each others basements with video/board games, going out to eat at the newest halal restaurants (love hakka and afghan especially), etc. etc. Obviously I’m looking forward to having a partner now to do these things with : ) Another things about me is that I love to travel and have had the chance to go quite a few places with family and friends. Basically any time I’ve got at least a week free and some cash in my pocket –I’m off to the airport to see the next country on my list and to be amazed at the wonderful creations of Allah! So far I’ve gone to Umrah and to see Masjid al Aqsa in Jerusalem. I’ve gone to Europe (Germany, Holland, UK). I’ve been to Tanzania on a public health project. I’ve been to South America and I got the US (Cali) all the time to see my cousins. I also look forward to seeing the rest of world soon and frequently iA! In terms of religion – Alhamdulillah I’ve been fortunate to attend Islamic school (Islamic Foundation School) all throughout my childhood and have stayed close to my religious roots. Its literally the MOST important thing for me because lets face it – there’s no point in living if we’re not always conscious and building towards our future after death. That’s really what drives most of my decisions (incase your wondering how I think) → If I do this… will it make me closer to Jannah? If yes – done. IF no – gotta re-evaluate . Simple as that! I love continually enriching and learning of the deen so I’d love someone who’d love to go with me to Islamic conferences and events, to the mosque often, and to take Islamic classes – my dream would be to master Arabic and specifically the Tafseer of the Qur’an. I think that’s enough about me for now no? Please message me if you’d like to know more.
37 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Seeking: Female 24 - 33
Religious values: Religious
28 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 26
Religious values: Religious
Well, maybe more the princess part than the knight part. Assalamu alaikum! Let me warn/inform you a little about myself. I have a very strange (but clever) sense of humour which can often be quite offensive or vulgar. I have the ability to avoid being offensive, but I prefer not to avoid it. I guess I'm pretty intellectual. I love philosophy and art, but I tend to think that most people suck at both. I'm extremely curious, intelligent, and knowledgeable. My interests are many and varied, which sorta spreads me thin. I usually have a pretty high opinion of myself I'm happily unemployed, kinda lazy, and not attending school. I spend most of my time on a computer. I usually avoid socialising and going outside. My favourite activities include thinking a lot and sleeping. I genuinely don't think any of these things are bad,,,except maybe the laziness, because I'm pretty ambitious. I'm very understanding, trustworthy, and peaceful. I'm tons of fun if your idea of fun is just joking, talking, playing around, and not going anywhere, I'm a very creative, original thinker. I really love the sciences, especially theoretical, or especially when I could use them to acquire super powers. I am what they call a 'hopeless romantic'. I enjoy looking at clouds, but don't do it often enough. I think I'm quite handsome, but that's a matter of personal preference. I'm neither overweight nor underweight, but I'm not very physically fit either (though naturally dextrous and bit strong). I'd like to become more fit eventually, though. I'm tall and somewhat hairy. I change my head hair and facial hair now and then, but mostly I'm too lazy to shave. I believe the Qur'an is wholly true and complete, not requiring supplementation with other teachings. I'm aware most other people place extra importance in hadiths, sunnah, and so forth, so I don't need you to tell me. But feel free to bother me about it anyway if you want.



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