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45 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
I want to find a life partner to create a family and have a couple of children in future. And I want my wife to be my best friend and lover. I was born and live in Berlin, Germany. I am Turkish. I have never beenmarried and have no children. But I love children and enjoy spending time with my nephews, seeing them grow. That is why I also want my own children soon after I find a life partner. I am self-employed,being a freelancer in Online Marketing industry. I have a University degree in Economics. I am ready for marriage and I am able to provide for my family, to give my wife and children everything they need. I am a generous person, and I love making gifts to those I love, bringing them something unexpectedly, just for no reason, only to see them smile. I am a simple and easy-going man, yet I have a deep and sensitive soul. I am a gentleman; I have traditional family values. In a relationship I am loving, caring, supportive, reliable, respectful and romantic. I respect women and want my woman to be my equal. My interests are: philosophy, spirituality, art photography, traveling, cinema, Pilates. I like meeting my friends in my free time or playing with my nephews. I also like going to Art galleries and reading books. I am sometimes strong and sometimes sensitive. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. I believe in seeing only the good in people and the world around me and keeping positive outlook. I love deep and intensive communication. I hope that I’ll be able to talk about everything with my wife, and there will be no lies or secrets between us. I am Taurus. I will be happy to start our communication if you feel you want and seek the same things. I hope that in about two years I will have a family and we will plan having a child:) I hope my family will be harmonious and everyone will feel happy in it.
30 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 19 - 29
Arabic: I am a long black hair and tan and he worked for and was held in Berlin, Germany and authentic Tunisian and Ameri, 22 years old and I want a child be suitable, and I am a Muslim, and not so much I want to be a girl like honestly, I don't want lying and I am very proud own heart and is known as sincere and then that I liked will continue my life with that is ahbtna so that I am ok, the heart is popular for both know me only in Tunisia or in Germany and thank France:Je aspire et Brun et MES cheveux en Noir et travaille et maintenu en allemagne Berlin specifiquement et authentiquement tunisienne et Je Ai 22 ans et Je veux UN enfant (a federation EST age de maniere appropriee et Je suis UN musulman et PAS beaucoup Je veux une fille proceedings honnetement, Je NE veux PAS mentir et Je suis Tres jaloux et Je veux UN honnete et obtenir pour eux et alors savoir que Je aimais, Je vais continuer Ma Vie rester avec cette Ki EST love me, donc Je suis bienveillant me aimait sais fois seulement en Tunisie ou en allemagne, Grace englesh:I long and brown and my hair black and worked and held in Germany BERLIN specifically and authentically tunisian and I am 22 years old and I want a child is old appropriately and I am a under and not a lot I want a for teachers and head's homes with increased resort honestly I do not want to lie and I'm very jealous and I want an honest and get to elevated them and THENs that I loved I will continue my life with that Ki is love me so I'm kind-hearted loved both elevated me only in Mr. Tijani Haddad, Founding Editor, Tunisia or in Germany, thanks Italia:Ho a Lungo e marrone EI Capelli neri e lavorato e tenuto in Germania Berlino specificamente e autenticamente tunisina e Ho 22 Anni e voglio UN figlio e Vecchio English appropriato e sono UN musulmano E, UN Sacco voglio UNA ragazza come onestamente, voglio mentire e IO sono molto geloso e voglio UN onesto e arrivare a conoscerli e poi Che Ho Amato IO continuerò La Mia Vita con quella Ki e love me, quindi sono di, Buon Ricordo, is renowned for Cuore Amato me so Solo in Mr. Tijani Haddad, Founding Editor, Tunisia O in Germania entrambe, Grazie
46 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 27 - 44



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