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62 Birkhadem, Alger, Algeria
Seeking: Female 48 - 70
من يدري انا هذا الموقع نلقى نصفي الثاني حتا انا وانا. كهل؟ مكتويي مرحبا راه هنا؟ بالعربية المفهومة في المغرب العربي، نجيكم من لخرباغي كاش وحدة تكون مستقلة ولو عندها أطفال صغار. ، ، نتزوج بيها مرحبا ميهمش تكون ارملة او مطلقة فو ق 40سنة. تسترني ونسترها.الأفضلية للمغربيات ولا المغتربات المغاربيات المستقلات.بحكم انني عندي مدخول لباس بيه تماك. لتعجبني نبعثلها فلاش اذا كانت مهتمة بالزواج كيما بغيت ولهذا بلا منضيعو الوقت لي تشوف روحها لازمني ابعثلي فلاش ولا مساج اةالبغيت. Actuals جاوبني بفلاش نفهم. والله على ما أقول شاهد right to the point I will be very frank and sincere, without playing with the feelings of others, I am looking for a woman masture to rebuild my life, preferably moroccan who is independent, alone or with his young children, to make a long way together in the halal, announces very serious. Ready to move to other countries, Arab or European. Ready to live with my in-laws if possible. I do not put a profile picture currently for security and hacking reasons, . For the phone number send 5 by 5 digits to be able to read the message. To your clavierا ميهمش تكون ارملة او مطلقة فو ق 50سنة. تسترني ونسترها.الأفضلية للمغربيات ولا المغتربات المغاربيات المست قلات.بحكم انني عندي مدخول لباس بيه تماك. لتعجبني نبعثلها فلاش اذا كانت مهتمة بالكيما بغيت ولهذاRetire el agua del agua. جاوبني بفلاش نفهم. والله على ما أقول شاهد Directo al grano Seré muy franca y sincera, sin jugar con los sentimientos de los demás, busco Una mujer madura para rehacer mi vida, preferiblemente argelina o marroquí que sea independiente, viva sola o con ella. niños pequeños, para recorrer un largo camino juntos en halal, anuncio muy serio. Listo para trasladarse a otros países, Árabes o europeos. Listo para vivir con mis suegros si es posible. Tus venosus no pongo Una foto de perfil por razones de seguridad y piratería. Para el número de teléfono envíe 5 por 5 dígitos para poder leer el mensaje. Teclados
50 Oran, Oran, Algeria
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
One can surely say I am a sweet and cheerful person. I also think I am honest, able to understand and support woman who hasn't lost her belief that true love exists and is worth waiting. People say I am kind and have sense of humor and I know they are right it doesn't matter for me if the person is poor or rich. The most important is inside not in the wallet. Meeting me one day you will see that everything that is written here is true and then you believe in god first and in love and me! I'm glad that you're reading about me!I am who I am only because I have been working on me and my personality for my whole life. I've always had aims to reach and goals to achieve. When I want something I will never stop till I get it. I am stubborn and persistent, but I am proud of these features. Thanks to them I have what I have and I am who I am. I never give up and I never let down people I care about. I consider myself to be a strong and mature man, . I've seen life and you will always have topics to talk about with me. I have very positive character and attitude to life. No matter what happens, happens for better! This is the truth of the life I believe in a happy future!. I am a good listener and I love the history.I love.I loooooove my religion and my creator allah the greatest. I was born muslim ,I grew up muslim,I will die muslim inshallah with. there is no god only one god ,and our prophet mohamed peace be upon him is messenger of god . in my mouth and it will be my last sentence between my lips in my life. I lost no any time of prayer and I did it in the mosque and the same for other The basic teachings of Islam. I am muslim. Cultured. Confident. Sociable. Independant. Loving. Ambitious. . Spiritually connected to diverse peoples. Charitable. In essence, a gentleman.
45 El Khroub, Constantine, Algeria
Seeking: Female 27 - 35