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I'm happy

im happy that i found a good girl she is that what i want thank you very much for your help


I met my half

Finally I met my half trough this site.


I have found my soulmate

I thank the people how made this site for I have found my soulmate and we are know married.


We married in Tennessee

We married in Tennessee he is a wonderful husband.


Thanks Muslima for helping me find me second half!

We started chatting in February 2014 and got married in May 2014!! I am Egyptian living in USA .. And she is Tunisian living in Tunis... I took 2 weeks vacation. I went to Tunis and had 3 days wedding party and 1 week honey moon :) It's been the best experience of my life Thank you Muslima! (Hatem & Rania)


True love finds you

Thanks a lot for everything. True love will found you in good moment. Keep your hearth and his heart to be couple forever.