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Muslim Women Dating

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Deena is from Jordan

Deena (36)

Positive Thoughts, Happy Life `Ammān, `Ammān, Jordan
Seeking: Male 36 - 48 for Marriage

I love music, movies, long walks outside, travelling to new places, reading and writing. My family and close friends are my main priorities in life. I consider myself an optimistic and positive person who looks at life with a sense of humor. I dislike pessimists and negative people.


jzaena is from Saudi Arabia

jzaena (28)

being sweet is in my system Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia
Seeking: Male 28 - 35 for Marriage

a fragile heart was broken before i dont think it could endure another pain. a hurting mind in need of emotion. my only dream is to marry a man who love me and whom i loved too but i always end up hurting. well maybe its destined to become more stronger and be a better person. my faith keeps me even more stonger to be patience at all times by the help of our almighty creator of the heaven and earth and every little big things in this world!

Elenna is from Ukraine

Elenna (28)

без игр пожалуйста Luhans'k, Luhans'k, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 33 - 58 for Marriage

i am a full of life and try to enjoy every moment of my life. You will see a furious optimistic person in me because I try never to be sad and believe in happy future. I do not like to argue and try to understand and support. ...as for me, a serious step is to take the religion of Islam..it's important step..

Yvette is from Turkey

Yvette (35)

HI Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
Seeking: Male 34 - 46 for Marriage

I consider myself a spiritual woman with principles and values??, romantic but realistic and objective, consistent with what I think, say and do. I am honest, direct, sincere, cheerful and very positive. I do not like drama nor violence or abuse of any kind. I am loyal, funny, love to laugh, have fun, adventurous. I like sports (some favorites yoga, snow skiing, scuba diving, biking, skating). I love everything that has to do with the sea, the beach, sailing and I love to travel. I like to go out to dinner, a drink or coffee, events, concerts, movies, cultural activities. I love music, dancing occasionally. I consider myself a very social woman, I love the people, my family, psychology and always seek the bright side of things and situations in life. I am selective when choosing my friends because I like to surround myself with positive, realistic people, who provide constructive things to my life. and others.


Nusrat is from United States

Nusrat (32)

Friendly Husband New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Male 35 - 40 for Marriage

i am a muslim unmarried woman from Bangladesh.i have done my Bachelor in Medicine from Bangladesh.Now i am doing USMLE in the USA.My speciality is psychiatry..I love to Travel and like to know about different cultures.I am an open and broad mentality person.

naranidah is from United States

naranidah (31)

shy till i get to know you bette... Lenexa, Kansas, United States
Seeking: Male 36 - 52 for Marriage

Salamalikum, I was born in the united kingdom, resided in Malaysia for few year, and then lived the rest of my mast ers in good old USA after wish i came back to the the united kingdom it was so painful when i lost my dad he was the best thing i ever missed in my life, so i had to take over his company in the UK, things has not been easy t o be a boss lady handling so many things ever since have been single and most men i come across are not here to sho w real love but to take advantage and so i was to give the online a try for the 1st time . I have lots of relatives b ut am the only daughter of my parent . I came from a religious family. I always had a religious side of me, and plan s to work on it to the best as I can and i know one day me and my husband will visit meka the holy land Inshallah. I'm family oriented and wish one day I can have my own big family, as well as adopt Inshallah. I have studied two subject s of vocational school petroleum engineer and business-Comp. Adm. I'm a smart and hard worker, like to attend to havi ng projects, a task. I enjoys music (especially Country, slow rock,), sports, movies and life. I enjoy a good meal wit h good conversation. I enjoy reading, writing, playing chess, scraping, movies, cooking, photography, sightseeing, tra veling, working out, and out doors and indoor activities. I speak a few different languages but not completely fluent but my own motherly language A romantic evening for me would be a quiet meal at a nice restaurant and a easy walk hand in hand. I am passionate, loving, respectful, open minded, honest I’m a perfectionist and a neat freak, like to have things clean, in order, and complete. I’m extremely romantic, creative, and spontaneous a helper and a problem solver I have a big sense of humor and a big heart along with it. I'm old school with a modern flair. There is a lot about m e, but I think this is enough to start with. I guess this is good enough till we speak

racha  is from Morocco

racha (20)

racha bn Marrakech, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco
Seeking: Male 21 - 36 for Marriage

La Vie M'a appris ... A dire adieu a des Gens que J'Aime, Sans Les supprimer de mon Cœur, a sourire aux personnes qui ne M'aiment PAS pour Etten Leur montrer que Je suis differente de CE qu'ils pensent, a dire que tout VA Bien quand CE N'est pas style habitually used, afin que Je puisse croire que Cela VA changer, a me taire, pour mieux ecouter, a apprendre de MES erreurs, Après Tout, Je peux toujours questionably mieux, a Lutter contre l'injustice, a sourire quand CE que Je desire Le plus, C'est crier Tous MES chagrins AU Monde, a pardonner inconditionnellement parce J'ai Deja EU besoin de CE meme pardon, a Rêver eveillee et ouvrir Les yeux devant La réalité universellement reconnue, a profiter de chaque instant de Bonheur. A pleurer SANs avoir honte de me montrer, a regarder et entendre Les Etoiles, bien que Je ne sois PAS en mesure de les comprendre, a apprecier Le Charme du Soleil couchant, Sentir La douleur d'un adieu et d'une fin ... et croire AU lendemain ...


khouloud is from Morocco

khouloud (19)

be your self even others will not... Al Haouz , Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco
Seeking: Male 22 - 32 for Marriage

a muslim person who try to keep her principales on,whatever the metters she can face, i"love travelling and discovering a new things , i adore reading and designing, i participate in the collective works evrytime i have the possibility to do that

Yasmeen is from United States

Yasmeen (27)

New experience..why not! Schenectady, New York, United States
Seeking: Male 28 - 40 for Marriage

I love the sea but not the ocean. I can't open jars. I love photography but i cant do it.I also love belly dancing anything vanilla,big duvets, puppies(but not dogs),fat cats and guess what I am not a chocolate eater . I love beautiful handwriting and I look too high up to ppl who can do it right. I find pistachios and papayas very funny looking. I love to sing in secret, I love sarcasm and i am really good at it. i HATE stupid ppl I love shells and the beach,and rearranging furniture. apples only the crunchy ones. I save everything i download on my desktop. I love Photoshop, Disney, Italian cuisine, and passport stamps. Love makeup, salty hair. I love beauty marks, cold freezing water bottles, orchids, and to paint when in the mood. Make me laugh and I will love you forever . I love marzipan, the smell of baby powder, matches and benzene.I try my coffee with a spoon first hate it when my tongue burns (I dont drink coffee btw). I wish I could moonwalk. I am a messy perfectionist and have a compulsive need to touch interesting looking textures (art galleries are torture to me). I'm scared of depths but not of heights. I do like the dark and closed doors. Ask me about my dreams and u'll get lost. I hate repeating myself so I just ignore,but i love good cheeses and manicures. I fall asleep easily and wake up confused. oh and i ove video games. Here I am crazy as a wave calm as feather in an un windy day.

rachmi is from Indonesia

rachmi (35)

Be nice ! Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 34 - 41 for Marriage

I am still running my private school in jakarta. Also taking care of my own orphan house in my parent's hometown. So, My life concern in social activities. My hobbies are baking, cooking, reading and travelling. I am not such a rich woman, so never think that you can earn money from me.

saida is from Morocco

saida (51)

je cherche el bonheur Fès, Fès-Boulemane, Morocco
Seeking: Male 45 - 58 for Marriage

newspapers Salam alaykom Je M appelle saida J espere passer Le child domestic workers was de Ma Vie En couple car Je n Aime PAS La Solitude Je suis tendre Calme the J Aime Etre Claire excuser Doi Moi Je ne veut PAS parler de Doi Moi proceedings SA mais seulement pour me connaitre UN peut J Aime La Vie Tranquille romantique SA me fait Plaisir de aider Les AUTRE a Etre heureux J Aime Bien M occuper de Ma Maison et de mon accompagnon et Je suis en Bonne Sante et hamdollah

Yousra  is from United States

Yousra (30)

Willing to lie about how we met Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Seeking: Male 29 - 41 for Marriage

I'm the fifth of six kids, born in Abu Dhabi. My parents are from Somalia and Yemen, and I speak English, Arabic, and Somali. I grew up in the UAE and completed my undergraduate and master's degrees in the US. I love my nieces and nephews, and spending time with family is really important to me. I enjoy cooking, going for hikes, and listening to music. I have an optimistic, positive personality, and I'm a loyal friend.

Stacy is from Jordan

Stacy (24)

i need a man for a serious relati... `Ammān, `Ammān, Jordan
Seeking: Male 26 - 37 for Marriage

Im someone who cares beyond the sea and sky,Someone whom you can count on when the world seems unsound,And someone who will take you out from the rough waters and will lead you towards the ligh..I am a fun loving girl who is looking for a serious relationship. My hobbies include watching dramas and exploring the city! I am also a huge foodie! I am a very easy-going person. I am an independent and young soul looking to share what life has to offer

linda is from Indonesia

linda (34)

honest Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 33 - 45 for Marriage

I'm simple, loving, kind, caring, honest and helpful. I love my family as well as my friends. I'm responsible and trustworthy. I'm very diligent and industrious. I'm also serious in handling relationship. I'm very positive in everything I do. I'm fun and easy to be with. I'm loving, sweet and kind by nature. I'm understanding, loyal, thoughtful and responsible. I really love spending quality with my family and friends. My family is my life, motivation and inspiration to move forward.

Rachida is from Morocco

Rachida (24)

Rachida Marrakech, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco
Seeking: Male 26 - 37 for Marriage

newspapers Salam alaykom concernant Ma description pour questionably court, disons que J'ai decide de forcer UN Peu Le Destin pour tomber sur l'homme rester avec lequelle J'ai L'intention de partager Ma Vie. A Cote de CA Je suis Tres attentionne, plutot serieuse et Aime tout CE qui pour apporte de la joie AU quotidien Je cherche quelqu UN de pose avant toute chose musulman pratiquan qui par La Suite souhaite fonder UN couple/Famille dans UN Avenir proche inchallah. newspapers Salam alaykom

Mor is from Turkey

Mor (39)

Not perfect but mr right. Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
Seeking: Male 37 - 49 for Marriage

I'd say I'm an ambitious, sarcastic, open-minded and I get along with everybody.Someone who can hold a conversation and can express who they truly are and likes to laugh,is something I am very attracted to,love to hang out,don't have to be a romantic date i'm not desperate,lol..just want to live,love,enjoy life ..so there's no harm in chatting.,we all are in here cause its just easier than to walk up to someone in a public place.Anyways just got out of a relationship.so drama and games not something on my wanted future.I'm here cause I lost touch with the world,so I'm taking baby steps..good luck to you all.hope you find what you're looking for.

Deydokht is from Iran

Deydokht (33)

All we need is Love... Tehrān, Tehrān, Iran
Seeking: Male 32 - 43 for Marriage

سلام، من به دنبال یک انسان به معنی واقعی کلمه می گردم ، کسی که بعد از خدا تکیه گاهم باشه هر دو عاشقانه همدیگرو دوست داشته باشیم و صادقانه در کنار هم زندگی کنیم ، زندگی کوتاه هستش و من نمی خوام بیش از این تنها بمونم ، کسی که بتونم ازش یاد بگیرم و با احساس باشه ، متنفرم از حسابگری و دروغ تنهایی شایسته آدمی نیست ، تنهایی مختص ذات خداست

Bassma is from Morocco

Bassma (20)

كل ما وقع لنا الا ماكتبه الله لنا... Oujda, Oriental, Morocco
Seeking: Male 23 - 33 for Marriage

There is a beautiful saying says? That did not know me fakrmna good thoughts about improved probably rest only known by the try it have also produced great probably want your life! ^I am a girl i am 20 years old from the city of Jeddah, my hobby cooking, swimming and reading. My presence at this site is not, I mean, my desperation of reality, but I think here at the time more than conversation I wish that halmwqai help me to meet the other half of my life, God willing, I wish everyone success, and I am serious in my research on the young man is estimated marital life, loves recomened it to anyone, and children, and frank and sincere wlaykdb wlaykhwn. And I want to be more than me because I want to and you want to, by God, as he wants to thank God, and Allah is the guardian of conciliation and thanked.

Rose  is from Egypt

Rose (34)

Finding someone i share a special... Al Ghardaqah, Red Sea, Egypt
Seeking: Male 37 - 45 for Marriage

If I had to describe myself my friends and family would say am pretty down to earth I treat people the way I would like to be treated ,that being said I enjoy life never take things for granted,honest ,hardworking and dependable.I have passion for out door,love to travel, keeping a healthy life style(workout)


Sanella  is from United States

Sanella (23)

Looking for the perfect muslim gu... New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Male 25 - 36 for Marriage

salam alaikum My name is sanela I am TRUN 24 this year I live United States of America live with my mom and my sister my parents divorced i Graduated HighSchool I don't somke or drink I am muslim my whole family is muslim I have a good prsonally honest respect kinda loveing careing funny like to make my family and friends laughing like to go shopping like to go to the movies like seeing different places I get alone with everyone belive in Allah my favorite book to read the quran I like all kinds of Sports both of my parents was bron in their country like to my country music and other music like to hag out with my family friend love spending time with them I am a really smart girl I don't like playing games I don't like people waste my time at all i don't like someone who like to lie and cheated or playing games with me I am a serious girl and I don't need people fool around with me I am not like other girls that other people think I am my whole family know me really well then other people I love enjoyed my Life Alhamdulillah hopefully inshallah I would like to get married start a beautiful family inshallah I want someone to like as a woman not to mess around with me or try to fool me I don't need that bs in my life I don't have time for that I hope this website will work for me if not I will delete it as soon as possible I will give it a try I am not say for sure but hopefully it will work only allah knows who could come into my life allah knows everything I want someone to treat me like a princess I don't like people disrespectful to me and my family my family come first then anyone salam alaikum

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