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Education: Masters Degree
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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim When we talk about the purpose of our life, We see nothing matches with it except worshiping one Allah. We can look a little bit why? If we use our common sense and look at our surroundings, We don't find anything without purpose either it is men made or not, example a more >>

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim When we talk about the purpose of our life, We see nothing matches with it except worshiping one Allah. We can look a little bit why? If we use our common sense and look at our surroundings, We don't find anything without purpose either it is men made or not, example a pen, a mobile, or mountains- to make balance of the earth, the list is long. We also see the purpose of a thing generally is not changed over its life time. Who actually makes the purpose of a thing ? Is the purpose made by itself or is it made by the maker or creator? Obviously the answer is second one "maker or creator". When it comes to us, Human being, logically we must have a main purpose of our life. When a person says about his or her own purpose other than the truth, it does not match, For example if one says my purpose of life is becoming a doctor and so on, we have to understand, one can obtain it in a certain stage in life, which does not indicate the main purpose. At the same time we human can control other being and,or we can also destroy them, which also means their purpose and our purpose are not same. So the most logical answer to me is, the one who created us and gave us a main purpose" Worshiping one creator, Allah, without any association" which is commanded to start from early stage to death (children at the beginning stage is considered angle). Ohh, are you among those who have doubt or who don't believe creator? Here I share some proof and logical information which may help you to rethink about that. First of all, we start with the Big Bang theory which came just about hundred years ago, Before the Big Bang it was thought that the universe has no beginning and no end. This theory mentioned the whole universe came into existence through "EXPLOSION". The word explosion actually destroys the thing itself and other as well, Example explosion of a bomb. So it is illogical that the perfect design of the universe came into existence through explosion, the theory mentioned, except the creator, Allah did it because if the creator, Allah, wish to do or create something, He just says "kunfayakun"meaning BE and it is. In addition, Is it logical that something came from nothing, without maker or creator? The universe was considered as jointly together at the beginning. So is it logical that such a big thing with combination of dust cloud and energy came from nothing, without creator? Example a bomb before explosion is not made by some one? It is not just enough that the universe was existed rather everything between the heaven and the earth, which depends on each other or they are correlated with each other, must have a designer. Furthermore, it is just to remember that the universe is set on the air.if we look at the distance between the sun and the earth, the distance is about 150 million km . And the earth is moving it’s own access. If the earth goes closer to the sun or the earth goes far away from the sun, in either case we will die because of warm or cold, Or if the earth moves so faster than its normal, the day and night would come so quickly, On that case, everything within the earth would have a negative consequences. At the same time, various seasons come as the earth moves around the sun. If we look within the earth, about two third of the world is water, among them about 97% water is occupied by the ocean, which is salty. One is the rain cycle, in which about 97% water comes from ocean, provides us pure water instead. All living creature need pure water. Without rain cycle how all creature will get pure water? A little bit error even in a single process, mentioned above, is enough to make devastation. Today we have a scientific definition called “ENTROPY” meaning gradual decline to disorder. In other word a process or system must be controlled to maintain it’s standard otherwise it automatically tends to disorder or chaos. If we say nobody is controlling them in that case science contradicts science. I ask who is the controller? However, when we talk about evolution theory, I ask does the soul come from evolution theory? There is no proper explanation where the soul came from, how it came into the body and developed it, when we die, next few minutes body still functions but nobody is able to put the soul back to the body so that the person could get life, though we have organs transparent systems in the medical sector. In fact all people together are not able to create a single soul of a small insect. The list about this is long. When we realize that there is creator, the number starts from one to more. If the creator is more than one, on that case all will be either similar or different from each other. If all are similar, then one does not need another. Nevertheless, if one is different from others, Then the universe and everything within that, will no longer last because of their different preferences. Also, if the creator is created, then the creator will no longer be creator. Moreover, if one thing is not divided into parts, it means the number is one. So logically the number of creator is one. If we have already understood the existence of one creator, Then why and how he created everything, what he likes or dislikes us to do? how do we know about these and so on and on? How the creator will communicate with us? Does He communicate with us through nature or through other being? The creator provided us all detail answers through revelation. The final revelation is the Quran. If the Quran was not from Allah-one who is flawless, it could have many contradictions, intelligent people could able to write chapter like Quran, Quran laws could be changed over time and situations, Prophet Muhammad (sw) could not follow it strictly during his life, Prophet Muhammad (sa) could not stand and fight in the battle field just for a message. These all prove that the Quran is from Allah. Besides, at present rules or laws or guidelines are everywhere. For example, rules of the highways, accident is still happening though rules are in the highways. Imagine if there are no rules on the highways, what will happen? The same thing is applied to our life. The Quran was sent by the creator to Prophet Muhammed (sw) as a mercy and the guideline for the whole of humanity. In fact, we do not see humans life guideline other than revelation. People usually take guideline from Education, Maps, newspapers, Internet, looking at other people, or by him or herself and the list is long. These information are not adequate to solve all the problems, Otherwise the war, oppression, killing, suicide, the list is long,around the world, could not be existed. Nonetheless, There are many criteria that prophet Mohammad (sw) was not a false prophet if we look at his entire life. We can easily differentiate him from other normal leaders around the world. Normal leaders usually deny their own mistakes, pride themselves, have extravagant life style, have beautiful and rich life partner, raise themselves, run behind materialistic thing, which were not happened to Prophet Mohammad (sw) lifetime. Rather we find the opposite. Prophet Muhammad (sw) did not raise himself in the Quran rather Allah indicated small error made by the Prophet Muhammed (sw) in the Quran. These all prove that the Prophet Muhammad (sw) was a true prophet. Allah has given us this portion of life to test us who are good in good deeds, in the eye of Allah. All these good deeds are only mentioned in the Quran and in the way of the Prophet Mohammad (SW). Based on our deeds in the day of judgment, we will be put either in hell fire or in paradise, the final destination. May Allah save us all, Ameen. Aziz, Studied Umeå University, Sweden.

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